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This person was already banned some time ago by RMT, at that time he already had that youtube channel (pro90 - https://www.youtube.com/@Pro90/featured) in which he even asked his subscribers to sign a petition to remove his ban.

However, all this time he has continued to play, uploading content to youtube as if nothing happened.

He promotes his discord as a means of contact.

So what's the deal, some can RMT and some can't? If you buy you get banned, but if you sell you don't? Do you need to date a staff member to not get banned? If you are not a guild master it doesn't matter if you RTM?

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When trying to report another player, your best option is to reach out to our customer support with any evidence you want to provide.

You can reach them via https://albiononline.com/profile/support or by directly mailing them at [support@albiononline.com](mailto:support@albiononline.com)