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On Monday the 20th, we opened our doors to the Albion East server. We would like to welcome all new players, and help them get started in the world of Albion!

Please feel free to ask your questions in this thread while other Albion players will try to answer them. If you are not new, feel free to share your knowledge with us or even post some guides that helped you on your journey!

We are planning to post these threads regularly to allow our new adventurers to catch up and get a foothold in Albion.


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On Monday the 20th, we opened our doors to the Albion East server. We would like to welcome all new players, and help them get started in the world of Albion!

Please feel free to ask your questions in this thread while other Albion players will try to answer them. If you are not new, feel free to share your knowledge with us or even post some guides that helped you on your journey!

We are planning to post these threads regularly to allow our new adventurers to catch up and get a foothold in Albion.


  • No direct recruitment. If somebody explicitly asks, you can directly respond to their comment.
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Originally posted by mordidadeviralata

I'm pretty lost in the game, I've just started with ~16h (but 10 of those were just roaming around trying to gather stuff for crafting). I'm T4 varying between 1h spear and bow. Yesterday I found out about fish sauces and made like 50k from it, which is the most I ever had.

The thing is: what should I do now? I know it's a sandbox game, but I don't even know what options I have now apart from wandering around killing mobs or getting silver just for the sake of it

As you've said Albion is a Sandbox and has so many options. It's mostly a matter of what you're most interested in.

Do you like the economic aspects? Then starting up a crafting profession or looking deeper into the black market could be great.

Do you like fighting off mobs and progressing your character? Then you should look into Solo Dungeons or Roaming Mobs.

Do you want to be social while doing it? Then maybe joining a group or a guild to do Avalonian Roads, Group/Static Dungeons, Avalonian Dungeons or World Bosses could be fun for you.

Do you want to try out PvP? Then looking into The Mists or Corrupted Dungeons is a good start, they have beginner difficulties without gear loss as well.

Want to check out larger scale PvP? Then your first step could be joining a faction and a group to tackle outposts on the royal continent or join the bandit event. Again, joining a guild could be a good next step if you want to experience small- or large-scale in the outlands.

Want to just chill? Doing farms or laborers on islands or simply gathering resources could be a fun activity for you then.

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Originally posted by BRHHC

new player! feel free to add me i mainly pve love dungeons and learning new stuff IGN: BRHH

i have been looking into islands and animals i have stuck on finding a spreadsheet or infomation on what creatures drop what babies! i have looked on the wiki but when you go onto the baby it only tells you about it not how/what drops them

Hey, you're right that the Wiki is missing some information in that regard. We're working on improving those articles and keeping them up to date. You can find most animals in the articles Farm Animal Wiki and Baby Animal Wiki.

The only one not added to it is the Moose Calf which is dropped by the Moose in T6-T8 forests.

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Originally posted by Amy_The_Goth_Goddess

Need answers with cited proof of the following:

1) Best method to fame farm for solo guildless players with zero risk, or even reasonably low risk. I found this that shows a near max geared player using an 8.3 satchel and combat fame credits AoE'ing down mobs meant for groups of players and making massive amounts of combat fame credits, which when converted to a weapon specialization came out to 20 million fame per hour, allowing the individual to 0 to 100 a weapon in under 2 hours. I have yet to find a better method anywhere else. Yes I am aware this drains silver from the satchel and auto respec but it's still cheaper than card swiping and buying tomes of insight, and some of us have crafting alts that make way more than the cost of the satchel so it's totally worth it. Anyone know of a faster and better method? Yes, you could use similar gear in a black zone but that runs far too much risk as the gear is worth probably 50 million or more.

2) I want to know exact numbers of how faction warfare works. For example, if you use the test realm and solo a faction outpost, you get 10,000 faction points. If I do it on the live server, regardless of the time of day, i get 2-3k instead. Why is this? The stars of the zone don't matter, and yellow / red zones don't matter either. What determines "defense of the land" bonus points being awarded? On East I downed a few people in a blue zone and got 13k points. Later that week I'm barely getting 900. There is no spreadsheets, formulas, or wiki articles about any of this stuff.

3) Everyone always harps on "risk vs reward" and I've been cross referencing several youtubers results (Only videos showing uninterrupted footage of gathering with no edits or cuts) compared to their murder ledgers. I see black zone gatherers are making 1.2m to 1.8 million per hour but accounting for their deaths every single one of them are only averaging about 800k per hour at best. When I compare youtubers who farm yellow and blue zones I see a wider range of 800k per hour to 2.2m in some extreme cases of RNG (Tome drops, baby drops, multiple 4.3 nodes being specifically timed for respawns.). When I compare both safe and risky content it doesn't make any sense to ever bother gathering in the black zone as a solo guildless player. The numbers simply don't lie. I've tried both and the leisure of listening to music and watching youtube while gathering in a blue zone outweighs being hyper vigilant to my surroundings in the black zone. So why do so many people say that risk = reward? Are they just newbies themselves or is there some super secret method they're not sharing?

4) Can we get mob respawn times, node respawn times, and so on? I've only found one youtube video where someone bothered to time respawn rates but what about open world mobs, static mobs, and so on? Is there a wiki page for that?

Hey, thank you for your questions.

I checked the video you mentioned in your first point and there's an error in the calculation. To convert fame credits into actual fame gained you would need to divide it by 1,6 since auto-respec converts 80% of your fame into credits when you are max spec but also 80% when you are max mastery so that's a total of 160% fame credits for 100% fame. With an offhand that would even be 164% so we would even need to divide by 1,64.

That means the calculation would need to be 5242188 / 1,64 * 2 which equals 6407546 fame per hour ( about a third of what was mentioned in the video). Additionally a satchel of insight was used which approximately doubled the fame so the actual value is closer to 3m fame per hour.

Additionally you were lucky enough that there was a daily bonus to static dungeon fame of 15% and 10% for the special event food. Those events or the mists of albion buff can happen regularly so I won't take this away from the calculation.

Given that you can get this amount of fame from a single red boss in the avalonian roads (without using a satchel) or about 10% of it from a spiky boss in the open world I would say that this is definitely not the most efficient way to fame farm.

Is it good fame? Yes.

Is it the best fame possible? No.

Does it completely drain your silver due to the satchel and auto-respec? Also yes.

To point 2 I can't comment much since those are mostly game mechanics that work in the background. There's certain reasons to why they won't expose them in detail so that it's less likely to be abused.

I can't comment on the blue/yellow zone silver rates but I can assure you that top tier gatherers can make upwards of 5m silver in resources when gathering just a couple enchanted T7/T8 nodes. Same or more is possible for gathering in high tier zones in the roads of avalon.

The node respawns have a certain time range in which they respawn. For example I recall hearing that a flat T8 node has a respawn timer of 12-24 hours. But that information is provided without guarantee.

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Originally posted by Top_Tanker

Fairly new player (west) wanting to get into ZvZ and endgame pve tanking. I spend most of my time in BZ open world / solo dungeons.

Currently guildless, which is why I want to find solo farming options using as many tanking pieces as possible.

How do I progress my account in solo content as a tank?

Is my best option to just take a ZvZ build and switch the chest to leather/cloth to improve clear speeds in solo content?

Thank you in advance.

Hey! You're right in the assumption that solo fame farming in your full tank set is not as efficient as simply using a dps weapon.

You've already figured out that putting on a different set of armor and going out more pve-oriented can help you reach that goal but obviously it can't compete with a full PvE build.

You could try to take part in faction warfare and spend your faction points on the chests. They contain some non-tradable tomes that can be used on your tank gear.

The best solution in terms of directly speccing up your gear would be to join a group or a guild where you can do group content in that specific set you want to level. This can be group/static dungeons or even some more pvp-oriented content like Hellgates or the Crystal League. They both have a non-lethal difficulty as well.

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Originally posted by Amy_The_Goth_Goddess

I don't see how there's an error with the way the youtube calculated it. It shows his before and after combat fame credit amounts with 30 minutes of grinding. Multiplied that by 2, he farmed over 10 million combat fame credits. When I take combat fame credits and put it into a weapon specialization it converts at 1 combat fame credit to 2 fame, meaning 10 million combat fame credits = 20 million fame going towards a weapon specialization. Maybe the games leaderboard calculates it before all the conversions but to a player looking to max out a weapon from 0 to 100 which requires around 37 million fame rounded up, this means a player can use this method to level 0 to 100 in under 2 hours. I'm getting the info from 34:06 in the video, and even rewinded it to check if the numbers were correct.

On the notes of Ava roads and spiked circle bosses I found these to be unreliable fame per hour as I am constantly killed when attempting them by players or they're simply already farmed. I can maybe find one boss monster in black zones on West per day with a 12 hour play session. I'm still not convinced open world or ava mob farming is better than statics for solo guildless players.

If you follow the same logic you could also say that players are making 40-60m fame per hour in the blackzone if they convert everything to fame credits and they put all these fame credits into 1 weapon.

There is a certain risk when traveling to the black zone or ava roads but you're not forced to wear the kind of gear as shown in the video. You can already get big amounts of fame in just 4.1 gear. The video has shown 14m silver lost per hour which equals so many sets.

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Originally posted by FluidMap233

What is a good T6 build for longbow static dungeons

For group content you can try Assassin hood, Cleric Robe (although other cloth armors can also do well) and then any leather shoes for refreshing sprint. You may need to use a Lymhurst cape or the energetic passive if you run into mana issues.

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Originally posted by deluvilla

Is it a good idea to bring materials to Caerleon to craft Gathering Gear/Tool and sell them there?

While Caerleon does have bonus return rate for gathering gear, it might not be the best place to sell the equipment. There's few gatherers that start out from Caerleon on their gathering spree so for max profit or simply to sell larger quantities you will probably have to transport it back to the outer cities.

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Originally posted by wasaviJP

When do you use a demolition hammer?

I know it can break furniture, but in what situations would I use it?

And sorry for the many questions, what should I do to prepare for a hideout PvP?

I'm not a native English speaker. sry bro

Demolition hammers are used for breaking furniture as you already mentioned.

Their main use is breaking open world objectives such as castle gates to conquer the big castles in the black zone or destroying hideouts placed in the open world.

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Originally posted by cgriff03

I just got dc'ed while doing a dungeon scroll. I spent 50k on it, whats gonna happen when i log back in? is it just 50k down the drain?

Unfortunately instances like that despawn upon the player being disconnected.

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Originally posted by FFXIVSprout

New player, just started the game. Bought and island and got a house. What are the best two laborers to get? Thanks!

The best ones are the ones that you can feed yourself. Gathering laborers generally give more rewards than crafting laborers but their journals are also harder to fill.

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Originally posted by Mr_Oger

How big is GCD? 1 sec? Lower?

Global cooldown should be 0.5 seconds currently.

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Originally posted by Deeznuts11i

There is debuff -50% dmg in corrupted stalkerbut idk what triggers it

can som1 explain?

That's a debuff you get if you're wearing a healing weapon and you cast a healing Q-spell.

It was introduced to combat healers going full heal abilities with just a mage cowl as their damage source.

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Originally posted by EpicCookies

Is buying silver from gold viable?

If by that you mean exchanging your Gold into Silver and vice versa then sure. The gold market is player-driven and allows you to exchange it either way depending on what you currently need.

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Originally posted by placehore

Is there a decent resource for things like builds, metas etc. for PVP, Arenas, PVE. It feels like there isnt a lot of good info out there and reddit/albion forums dont seem near as active as the playerbase. It sucks to go into this so clueless and its hard to tell which Youtube videos are accurate when theres so much from months and months ago

A lot of players recommend Murder Ledger. You can filter for the top 1v1 builds. Maybe that gives you a good starting point on what to search for. Regarding the meta in small or large scale your best bet is to directly search for videos/streams that deal with the topic.

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On Monday the 20th of March, we opened our doors to the Albion East server. We would like to welcome all new players, and help them get started in the world of Albion!

Please feel free to ask your questions in this thread while other Albion players will try to answer them. If you are not new, feel free to share your knowledge with us or even post some guides that helped you on your journey!

We are planning to post these threads regularly to allow our new adventurers to catch up and get a foothold in Albion.


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Originally posted by herogrim08

How I wish there is an in-depth guide for each weapon in albion. Like a brief description of each and in what content it's good to use on. It's a big help not only to beginners but also to some more experienced players who are looking to switch things up. Just a suggestion.

Can't promise anything but we're planning to work on making more beginner-friendly information available.

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Welcome to all new players!

Please feel free to ask your questions in this thread while other Albion players will try to answer them. If you are not new, feel free to share your knowledge with us or even post some guides that helped you on your journey!


  • No direct recruitment. If somebody explicitly asks, you can directly respond to their comment.
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Previous beginner megathreads:

Check our or devtalks regarding the next major content update:

Most recent official guides:

More useful resources:


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Originally posted by DetherocYe

We need more megathreads like this pinned

We'd like to do that but there were simply too many news/announcements that needed the attention recently.

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Originally posted by Gts_Live

I just started playing again after being gone 3 yrs. I remember in places like Deepwood Enclave and I think Trinity Hall that there were 2ndary portals that would open up to other areas in the dungeons. I havnt seen or come across these at all. We're they removed or moved??

I assume you're talking about different floors in Static Dungeons.

There used to be different layouts of T4 dungeons. One of them was pretty much a mimic of the T7 undead dungeon. As far as I know just the other layout stayed which has only one floor. The T6, T7 & T8 Static Dungeons still have multi-floor layouts.

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Originally posted by SexySkeletons

Are there daily events for bonus fame on refining resources? (Like the one we have today for gathering hide)

Next to the events you have a daily production bonus that changes with every maintenance. This one can have a higher resource return for crafting specific items or refining resources. Since you can repeat the crafting process more often you will get more fame this way.

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Originally posted by Real-Dragonfly713

Hi, As I looked on wiki, the difference between craft in island and city (with focus) is 6% RR. But in city they cost due on nutrition . Is there any good formular that I can compare craft on island vs city which is better?
I craft potion so it is pure , no city bonus .

The best measurement to resource efficiency is checking the overview map. Royal cities have a base bonus of 18% for all refining/crafting (before any other bonus is applied). This means that repeating the same craft process you'll be able to repeat it 18% more often. As an example, if you had resources to craft 100 times, on the island this number wouldnt change while you would get 118 crafts in the city.

The 6% resource return you mention is the difference of resources you get back when using focus. I assume it's something like 43 & 37% you refer to. While it's true that it seems like it's just 6% difference when you try to go from 37 to 43 it's actually a ~16% increase.

If you want to maximize your return you probably want to craft in Brecilien as that city has another 15% bonus return for potions or you could even wait for a daily production bonus for potions :)


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Originally posted by arianeariane

I can't find any answer to this, so I'll try my luck and ask it here - where can you craft journeyman armor? Like the helmet, the foot armor etc.? I'm only seeing weapons in the warrior forge in any place and I'm trying to unlock tier 4 crafting ability of my character. For now I can only buy them in marketplace but i'd like to craft them

Crafting stations have multiple tabs. You can find armors in the second tab as seen in the screenshot.


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Originally posted by Frosty-Asparagus-787

How much silver do you lose on knockout in yellow zones?

Also... if you get killed in a red zone do you lose your gold too???

You don't lose any silver. You lose 5% durability on all equippable items. A part of the money that's lost this way is dropped on the ground and can be picked up.
If you die in PvP your gear takes 30-50% durability damage and can be looted by other players. Some of the items may trash.

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Originally posted by Real-Dragonfly713

Hi all,
I am a bit confuse about hideout and HQ.
What is the difference between them? Is that we can build HO as we want but we cant declare HO as HQ if our guild dont have enough point?
Can someone explain what guild have to do to place HO then HQ?

Hideouts are under the influence of the territory owner. This means the owner can launch an attack on the hideout and destroy it.

Headquarters in return just need to be fed power cores and stay above their zone threshold. Their downside is that the guild needs to reach a certain amount of points and access can only be granted to guild members. They're also limited to 1 per guild while there can be multiple guild hideouts.

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Originally posted by DAANHHH

Wouldn't the light crossbow build be better with a cryptcabdle and a mage cowl? Maybe a Carleton or a Thetford cape?

For raw damage output definitely. The basic builds aim at being very affordable though so they're preferably without any expensive artifacts. Everyone can increase tier/enchantments and add artifacts if they're fluid enough!

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Originally posted by sgth2

I created an account using the Albion client from their website only to find out weeks later it’s on steam. Is there a way I can spend my steam wallet to buy skins for my non steam account?

Steam can only be linked to a single account so if you haven't created a character through steam yet you should be able to log into your desired account through steam. Keep in mind though that prices for Gold, Premium or Vanity might be higher through third-party clients such as steam because they take a share of the purchases.

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Originally posted by YamiNoRogue

Hello Im pretty new ingame ive gotten tier 3 stuff already and dont know from here where to go? I Like fighting Dungeons and Getting Loot Rather than mining and stuff im fine with crafting and alll that but id preffer not to if i can I Just dont know where to go now i dont see the Adept Stuff in Mountain Cross so i guess i have to head to a major city wich will have abunch of players gathered (Potato pc so yeah..... Potato pc + Lot of peopl = crash )

i just dont know where to actually start off with dungeon running and all that

Hey. You're correct that you will need to go to a major city to craft T4 and upwards. The starter towns just support you up to T3. You can source materials yourself or buy them or the finished item through the marketplace. Low tier items are usually very affordable in major cities.

If an item uses an artifact like you mentioned then you can also buy those there as you would usually loot them while defeating enemies or opening chests but since there's a lot of different artifacts it could take long to get the desired one.

I'll link a steam guide here that explains a lot of the different activities that you can do in the game. Keep in mind that it doesn't contain the latest update yet: What to do in Albion Online? [Updated July 2022]

Feel free to reply here if you got any followup questions!

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Originally posted by sgth2

I already have fame in my non steam account. Do you know if it counts as RMT if I make a new account on steam and use steam money to buy gold for silver and give it to my main account?

If you own all these accounts and the steam money is obtained in a legal way you should be fine. To be 100% sure you can contact our customer support (support@albiononline.com).

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Originally posted by Real-Dragonfly713

This is not a beginner question but I asked on discord and everywhere but no one seem know or want to answer it. So if mod can, please enlighten me:
What is the mechanic of Storage Season point of High quality map (inner ring)? I mean what is it? why is it?....

Season point storage is a mechanic that was introduced to make holding territories at the end of a cycle meaningful and promote fights between top guilds over high value objectives.
Essentially a percentage of points that a territory generates are moved into the storage (inner ring takes highest % while outer territories don't take any). Once another guild conquers the territory a part of the season points is given to the new owner guild and another part is destroyed. The guild that holds the territory at the end of a cycle (day before invasion day or last day of the season) gets the full point payout.

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Originally posted by Lowash

All of these basic builds say they don’t fare well in large-scale group content… what as a new player can I work on to be able to do large-scale stuff?

These basic builds are mainly aimed at good PvE clearing and sustain. Group content is more focused around individual roles where you have tanks for CC, healers for sustain, supports for utility and damage dealers completely focused on doing area damage to enemies.

In my opinion the best thing you can do to prepare is to join a guild and check their guild loadouts. Most guilds usually have a variety of loadouts for different roles that they will ask you to wear and fame up. If you know what role you wanna play some people could probably help you out and suggest some builds for it.

6 months ago - /u/HellementsAO - Direct link

Originally posted by bestfapper

I think right now I'm really only playing for PvE content but I'm having trouble even clearing tier 5 CDs. Any reason why? Also anytime I get invaded I basically just consider it a lost since I die really easy. Any tips?


Your build is meant to be an "all-in" engage. When facing another player you want to first stack bleeds on your enemy before you use your helmet and jacket in combination with adrenaline boost and lastly your E ability. Your Electric Field & Whirlwind deal damage around you for their duration and the Adrenaline Boost will increase your movement speed and damage during its duration. You can also use potions to come out ahead in combat encounters. Most players would prefer healing, gigantify or resistance potions.

For PvE your build should be pretty good if you switch to the 2nd Q. It might just lack some energy sustain

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Originally posted by Junior-Yellow5221

So I know to really farm fame efficiently , you need to go into the black zone. Every youtuber ever just chills around there , farming mobs in peace. But i just tried for the first time , with 4.2 gear, and almost immediately got Oneshot. Is yellow zone really that much worse to farm? Are there places in the black zone "safer" to farm ? Or do I need a different build? (Was running Battle bracers, Fiends cowl, Cleric shoes)

By the way , anyone got any really like reliable sources for builds and or information ? Like spreadsheets or something? YouTubers just suck man , with their clickbaity titles and information months out of date and they always seem to play against the worst players on this planet

ps: Red zone is the same i suppose

This is a bit tricky and I'll try to answer this from my personal experience.

When entering a zone there's many things to look out for that give away if players are actively ganking or fighting in that zone. Each of these can be an alarm sign:

  • Player kills on the minimap
  • Blobs (red circles that give away larger groups)
  • Dismounted players that are not engaged in PvE
  • Meeting other players that are not running PvE builds (these players are either part of larger groups or actively looking to PvP)

A few tips on top:

  • Use the invisibility shrines to get a bit deeper into the black zone and skip the first two maps.
  • Make sure to keep your mount next to you and respond to any alarm signs above.
  • Try out mists, grouping isn't possible here so you are less likely to get attacked by multiple players.
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Originally posted by thoughts_of_stuff

I have a couple of questions!

How do you just throw away items? Or can you only sell them?

Why am I only able to craft weapons and not armor? I have the requirements to craft and everything, just never get the option on any of the smiths.

To craft armors you need to select the 2nd tab on the crafting station. The first one will list weapons, the second armor pieces and the 3rd is for studying items.

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Originally posted by LordSui

If i have a Stack of 10 pickaxe for example, the game Will use their durability evenly, to keep them stacked? Or It Will auto divide one pickaxe and eat through their durability.

The game will use one of them and eat through the durability. But the good news for you is that with higher tier these tools get a lot more durability so you'll quickly get to a point where one tool is sufficient for multiple hours of gathering.

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Originally posted by MadManOfMagic

What kind of item power can I expect to see in stalker and slayer difficulty corrupted dungeons? I’m sure it’s inevitable to run into some dragons now and then, but what’s the average item power you usually see in lethal CD’s?

I’m all about PvP and want to at least gear myself for an even match.

From personal experience I'd say you'll see mostly 1000-1100 IP in stalker due to strong soft cap and around 1300-1600 IP for slayer since it has 50% soft cap.

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Originally posted by FoxMarket

When dieing in black zones do i also lose silver i have on me ?

No, the silver that drops is actually a part of the silver you lost when your equipment got damaged.

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Originally posted by LiarsEverywhere

How much information about other players is it usually gathered during encounters, and how is it done? In other words, what do they know about me? I feel like I'm doing something accidentally right in the way I present myself because no one seems to attack me in black zones. People just walk by and ignore me completely. And I've seen a lot of players running around. Until yesterday I was so clueless I didn't even use the invisibility shrine before going in. The two times I've been attacked they seemed bored more than anything else, teasing me and playing around without really killing me. Like cats do to bugs. And I escaped (or was allowed to escape) both times.

Things I believe could explain it:

1) I'm a newbie in T6 gathering gear, T5 horse, and T3 sterling cape. Low overall fame. Very low PVE fame. No PVP record whatsover except for dying naked exploring, before I started gathering in black zones.

2) I have no guild.

3) I usually only gather around 300k worth of resources before teleporting back.

I'm wondering, if I change some of these factors, will I be attacked more often?

There is surely a lot of information advanced players can gather from you.

  • It starts with your guild or rather no guild, which gives away that you don't have any hideouts or territories that offer you a safe zone (means easier way to gank).
  • Your gear gives away what kind of content you do. PvE gear usually means you are an easy target without a lot of extra loot, escape gear means you may be carrying something important and group PvP gear might mean that you're not alone.
  • An addtional check on the stats can give away how experienced you are in PvP or in terms of crafters or gatherers, how much you might have in your backpack.
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Originally posted by Vast_Function3900

New player with T4 gear atm, i wanted to ask if there are more items/gear to reduce cooldowns? (not including horn or torch, cause i want a double handed magic staff)

As far as I know there are no weapons besides offhand but for gear you pretty much have an option for every piece of equipment:

  • Assassin hood - channeled ability that greatly reduces your cooldowns.
  • Royal jacket - An aura that reduces cooldowns and gives attack speed, can give the bonus to allied players as well.
  • Any leather shoes - refreshing sprint slightly reduces cooldown while giving a decent amount of movement speed.
  • Food options: Omelettes are the biggest one for cooldown reduction, you also have specialized omelettes like ava or crab that give other bonuses for a slight reduction. Then there's Eel stews which are a mix between stews and omelettes. Theoretically some fish but omelette is always the better option there.
4 months ago - /u/HellementsAO - Direct link

Originally posted by djn91

What are places I can use focus if i dont own an island

Outside of personal islands you can use focus on any Crafting and/or Refining you do.

Also with the new awakened weapons, you can use focus to reduce the attunement cost of a weapon.

4 months ago - /u/HellementsAO - Direct link

Originally posted by djn91

one more question, is there a difference between farming on self owned island and on other peoples island?

No, there is no downside if you do it another players island. Just keep in mind that they could remove your permissions at any given time.

4 months ago - /u/HellementsAO - Direct link

Originally posted by MedicalAppearance366

I started to play today through steam and here is the problem I heard that steam isn’t that good for Albion so is the problem in it more like „oh ur just sometimes going to crush or ( from what o have heard ) not be able to create multi accounts” Or more like „you will suffer and die from irritation and depression “

Playing through steam has some disadvantages that may or may not hinder your gameplay:

  • You can only connect one account (so up to 3 characters) to it. For more you'd need to use the native launcher.
  • Purchases in the ingame shop are more expensive since steam takes a cut on every transaction. To circumvent this you could make purchases directly though the Albion Online Shop.

Apart from that the steam version works just as fine. You may sometimes run into issues if there's some steam-specific outage or bug but then you can still log in through the native launcher with your same account details.

4 months ago - /u/HellementsAO - Direct link

Originally posted by Antarioo

and another one. in the daily challenge page there's a daily bonus that takes 1200 and a green square with 50000 on it. but i've gotten like 100000 i think and it's not unlocked. it's not even showing a progress bar.

what is that?

The daily challenge rewards 50000 keys to the weekly/monthly challenge progress and 10 LP in case you don't have premium so that's likely that.

Focus refining/crafting can be a bit more complex than that. Be sure to check how local production bonus works and calculate how much different materials would cost you to craft to see if they're profitable. Depending on the local production and daily production the actual profit may differ a lot.

4 months ago - /u/HellementsAO - Direct link

Originally posted by tenpeiii

Hello guys, I'm a returning player I just have some questions. I used to farm a lot of solo dungeons to farm premium and silver, and it was returning enough at the time, it is still a thing to run solo dungeons in areas tier VI and VII?

I seen some portals droping from a blue wisp, is it worth to farm those?

You can still run solo dungeons in these areas although many people nowadays buy t8 maps and use them in portal cities. They will point to a map max 1 zone away so it's relatively safe to do from cities now.

This stems from a change that allows all spawned maps up to T8 to spawn in any black zone unrelated to the zone tier. The zones will still have naturally spawned and upgraded dungeons of the zone tier in addition.

4 months ago - /u/HellementsAO - Direct link

Originally posted by scrollbreak

I'm experimenting with the blackzone after playing yellow for a long time, how much do green dungeons usually give? First time I tried I got 100k over the whole thing from a regular green dungeon and that seemed pretty good to me. Second time I tried, just 15k (but that's not too bad compared to yellow zone dungeons).

How much a dungeon gives can be impacted by a lot of factors. First the tier and enchantment are gonna work as modifers to general silver and loot value. Since you can run up to T8 dungeons in any black zone unrelated to its tier you can still get relatively safe rewards this way.

Then additionally the length and chest qualities have a big impact on what you will get on average. You also shouldn't neglect the fact that you pick up a lot of silver from the ground which adds up over the dungeon. Overall I'd say these dungeons should drop 100k+ on average, hitting a small jackpot from time to time is also not too rare especially if you are able to simply clear a lot of dungeons.

4 months ago - /u/HellementsAO - Direct link

Originally posted by DrRondelli

How that modifiers work and where can i find the stats about that? Please

I'm unsure if there's an article or wiki page about it but you can see the individual modifers when picking up loot from the ground or a chest. It will state the percentage in the top of the window.
Example of a chest in the black zone below:


4 months ago - /u/HellementsAO - Direct link

Originally posted by VidarHel

Is this game viable to play if you're EU based?? Given how it's heavily PvP focused, it seems like a massive disadvantage to EU players as the lowest ping I've ever seen is like 130ms. Is it possible to play with this kind of connection? If so, what would be difficult content? Would there be things that should just be flat out avoided at all times?

Personally playing with 120ms from europe and that has never really bothered me. PvP Is fine with up to 200 ping even because Albion has slightly slower gameplay than most mobas.

4 months ago - /u/HellementsAO - Direct link

Originally posted by Isaac_genshin

How do I get a horse or a mount?

If you've progressed your "adventurer" node in the destiny board you can purchase and equip any mount you want to use. You can also use the category "mount" in the marketplace for filtering.

There is the option of growing the animals yourself and then mounting them but that will require access to a player island so it's not really recommended for a new player.

3 months ago - /u/HellementsAO - Direct link

Originally posted by OilerP

Thats kind of what im wondering ty

As far as I can tell it works with bulk crafting as well where it will skip multiple levels if enough fame is gained.

3 months ago - /u/HellementsAO - Direct link

Originally posted by Real-Dragonfly713

Hi, I want to ask how can we know how many siphone we get from owning terri?

If you click on a territory on the world map you will get this info box on the left. Here it shows how many season points + siphoned energy have already been secured for this day, how many are theoretically possible and how many are available maximum in case a territory has 4 mages up for 24 hours.


As far as I know the siphoned and points will be given out at the end of prime time so for a 12 UTC territory that would be at 16 UTC but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

3 months ago - /u/HellementsAO - Direct link

Originally posted by PoppingPaulyPop

Thanks for the info, and the 5% dmg to equipment on death. Just under a week of playing, I have access to t3 tools because it requires so much farming to get to the next tool. The durability runs down pretty quick.

Weird case i ran into, I had a stack of 2 axes, died in the mist from a player, and the two aces went down to 95%. I was able to split the stack and restock them. Does that mean I can stack equipment as long as the durability is the same, or was it an edge case where they were stacked before they got damaged?

Yes as long as items have the same durability they remain stackable. The need to carry multiple of the same tool vanishes as you reach higher tiers. After T5 and onwards tools gain a lot more durability which means you never need to carry more than one of each with you.

3 months ago - /u/HellementsAO - Direct link

Originally posted by StormVivid4626

Watching a tutorial and I’m tier 4 attempting 5 and I got a Fawn (rare) while killing giant deer should I sell it for 60+k or keep it? I have a oxe already but I’m halfway through the tutorial (I need caerloen cape tho)

Those are some good starter money and are safe to sell. If you actually want to raise one later on you can always buy it again from the marketplace.

3 months ago - /u/HellementsAO - Direct link

Originally posted by Alyun9501

Can i get more lp besides waiting? I once bought 7 day premium for the first time and it gave me 500 lp

If you've already received the first-purchase bonus you can only get them from waiting. Premium users generate 30 LP over a day and non-premium users can get a smaller amount by finishing their daily bonus.

3 months ago - /u/HellementsAO - Direct link

Originally posted by MysteCakes

So I joined a guild and am able to go to the island and use the buildings.. but they need to be fed to be used? How do I make the food?

Theoretically you can craft it a cook but for the start it's probably recommended to just buy a bit of the favorite food of the station. You can check a station's favorite food by clicking on the management view picture in the top.


3 months ago - /u/HellementsAO - Direct link

Originally posted by Routinely_late

Hello, I'm a returning player and decided to make a brand-new account. Right now, my goal is to hit tier 8 in skinning, and I've got a couple of questions to help me make the grind more efficient.

I'm currently an adept skinner(tier 4) I have been using tier 4 skinning gear along with pork pie and have about 75k silver and I live in Bridgewatch
also, I have been farming in Steelhide Meadow since there are more animals there.

Should I try and join a guild and farm in black zones?

Also any estimations on how many hours it will take to get tier 8 skinning without and with premium

Any other tips for new players will be greatly appreciated

Thank you!

T4 and T5 resources are usually more abundant on the royal continent. Here they have a high enchantment rate and quicker respawns so it's not recommended to get to the black zone before gathering T6 materials or better.

2 months ago - /u/HellementsAO - Direct link

Originally posted by torgonecy

Quick Question, How do i get back to thetford? When i try to leave the mists, it always gets me / teleports me back to Brecelian

You can either use the travel planner to get back to the royal continent for a fee depending on how much you have on you or you can go into non-lethal mists and look for a portal to a royal zone.

2 months ago - /u/HellementsAO - Direct link

Originally posted by One-Hunter6905

Basic travel- I'm trying to get a handle on travel in Albion. Say I want to visit a specific black zone for example. My understanding is I would go to royal city with closest royal city portal to area- then thru portal and over land in that direction? Also- If I joined a guild, is there a quick way to get to guild territory or the same as I asked above?

I'm not sure if there's anything I'm missing like avalon roads etc. Most of this game mechanics are fairly convoluted and poorly explained with few written guides or non 5-7 year old search results.

Most of the time the way you described will be the best option. Roads of Avalon can have connections that are quicker and safer but they need to be explored first and the network shifts a lot so you may only have a short time frame in which you can use it.

You can set home in a hideout/headquarter and then quick travel there naked. That's what most guilds use and then they just regularly transport gear in and out.

2 months ago - /u/HellementsAO - Direct link

Originally posted by Royal_Analyst_4415

Hey guys, how's the state of fame farming right now? Still, do we need to put in 1k hours to get weapons to at least 75 to be viable in PVP?

That depends when you last played the game. There's now options for solo, small and big groups to earn a lot of PvE fame in the open world, various group, static or avalonian dungeons and of course the roads of avalon. If you're more into the PvP aspect there's multiple types of content where you can get non-tradable tomes of insight.

about 2 months ago - /u/HellementsAO - Direct link

Originally posted by Foxy-Natsume

Hello guys,

I want to ask about the island (My First island and never bought before). I bought island with 999,600 silvers and update until the island level 6. That cost a lot of millions. When my friend bought premium and bought the island that cost less than 100000 for island level 1and update is super cheap. What happens to Albion.

Note:I bought island before this latest update.
Does anyone know how to solve this ? Or did I get scam?.

Island purchase and upgrade prices for your first personal island have been lowered with the current patch: Crystal Raiders

  • Personal Island costs have been reduced for the first island you buy, or the first time you upgrade an island to a certain level, as follows:
    • Level 1: 20,000
    • Level 2: 500,000
    • Level 3: 1,125,000
    • Level 4: 1,312,500
    • Level 5: 1,500,000
    • Level 6: 2,000,000
about 2 months ago - /u/HellementsAO - Direct link

Originally posted by Foxy-Natsume

So if I paid so much silvers before new patch, I paid with high price island I got nothing back when patch changes ? How is that even fair. Someone who buy with lots of silvers got nothing's but have to waste not ever 10 times higher than normal? I mean, I am happy to pay another 2 millions for new island for others city. This may be fair for last patch players.
Sorry for bad English.

Hope u guys can do something about this.

Unfortunately that's how it is now.

about 1 month ago - /u/HellementsAO - Direct link

Originally posted by Lanky-Palpitation587

i am a new player as doing a lot of studying on how things work in this game what interest me is and also i question is that there is a term Ip(item power) and specs of weapons and armor so here are my questions -

  1. what is ip and why it is important , what is i have low Ip and what if i have high Ip?

  2. yes i know the specs which is corelated to the level of oping of the weapon tier or the tree stuff ( another term i mean you know all of this it is pretty common ) but what is with level 100 specs of a weapon or a armor why it is important and is it okay to not to have level 100 or is it good to go beyond that no. and what are the advantage of reaching 100 and disadvantage of not ?

pls tell i am searching through net but all i am getting how to reach but not why to reach

Item Power is essentially the strength of your gear. The more IP the more damage/healing/shielding/crowd control will your weapon do. Head/Shoe slots will increase your hitpoints while chestpieces increase health and resistances. 100 Item Power equals to about a 9% increase in damage and defensive stats so having more increases your chances in a lot of fights.

Whether you want to have 50,100 or even more spec in an item really depends on your goals. There's no clear definition of "low or high ip" but depending on the content a lot of players will say that anything below 1200 IP may be considered low. PvP/PvE groups in the blackzone usually run around 1300IP+ but it really depends there's also some that have a lot of fun running 4.1.

Your spec can have a big impact on your item power. If you get for example 100 spec in the whole tree (often called 700/700 or 800/800 you can get 300 IP and more added to that specific equipment which equals around 3 tiers of gear so someone in T5 with 300 bonus IP can be as good as someone with T8 and no spec.

Hope that cleared it up, else feel free to reply :)