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Hello everyone!

Among the feedback you gave us regarding the update, we became aware of an issue regarding the spawning of cores in the Avalonian Road system.
Data showed that roads with cores had no connecting portals. When the roads would get connected through a portal, the core had already decayed.

This means many hideouts and headquarters in the Avalonian Roads have grace periods ending despite less power available than intended.

Therefore, we are doing the following:
  • We manually give an additional 14 days to all currently placed hideouts and headquarters in the Avalonian Roads.
  • With Patch 1, we will significantly increase the spawn rates of cores in the Avalonian Roads.

Because the additional time is set manually, we request players to check if the time was added to their hideout.
If our team has missed a hideout or headquarters in the Avalonian Roads, please contact us through our support team via this link.

- The Albion Online Team

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