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Hello everyone!

As it’s now been a couple of days since our last post, we wanted to give you an update on what we’re currently working on. As you’re aware, we’ve already been rolling out improvements for the Mists throughout the week to improve rewards and allow players to leave the Mists more quickly, and to improve some basic mechanics such as removing zerg bubbles and protecting PvP loot for the killer.

We really appreciate the feedback we’ve received from you so far. We’re now approaching the limit of what we can do with quick server-side updates, so our next update will be coming tomorrow (November 25th) in the form of a client-side patch. Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

Further Reward Increases

Wisp Enchantment Rates

The enchantment rates of Wisps in the Mists aren’t meeting our projected goals, so we’ll be roughly doubling the enchantment rates of Wisps found within the Mists.

Mythical Mobs

We’re also giving Mythical Mobs a chance to spawn in all enchanted Mists, rather than just higher tier enchanted Mists as they do now. In conjunction with the above enchantment rate change, this should increase their frequency by +440%.

Mob Camps

Mob camps in the Mists will now take twice as long to clear to create a bit more stickiness for player traffic. Additionally, the mobs there will spawn twice as fast as they did before since more of them will be required to complete the mob camp’s objective. These objectives now also award some Might and Favor upon completion.

Arcane Spiderlings

“Arcane Spiderlings” will be making their way into the Mists to generate another point of interest to kill, fight over, and loot. You can expect the same things from these as you would from Crystal Spiders in the open world (Might, Favor, and loot), but these smaller versions will not advance Guild Might Levels for Crystal Spiders.


Dismount Cooldown

In the Solo Mists it’s currently very safe to just stay on a mount next to other players. This enables the mounted player to stay close to other players that are in combat with each other. This strategy discourages engagements, as the combatants fear the mounted player will dismount to attack the winner.
To combat this, we’ll be extending the dismount timer to 10 seconds if you dismount near players that are in combat with one another or have been within the last 20 seconds.
This change only applies to Solo Mists.

Mount Health Decrease and a Note on Mount Armor

To further combat the security of Mounts, we’ll also be reducing the mount health cap to 900. While we are fully aware that mount armor is an issue as well, capping mount armor is a bit more difficult and we’ll have to address this in a later patch. This is coming, though, as we continue to tone down mounts that are meant to be durable for Open World gameplay but prove to be far too durable for Mists gameplay.

Other Mists Changes

Unstable Roads Portals in the Mists (not Brecilien!)

We’ve noticed that some players are having trouble finding their way back to the Royal Continent through the Mists themselves. To help combat this, we’ve changed enchanted regions in the Mists to always guarantee an “Unstable Roads” portal. The Unstable Roads portals in the Mists, which disclose their destination should you get close enough, are capable of teleporting players anywhere in Albion - including back to the Royal Continent.

We’ll continue to monitor travel to and from Brecilien as there are further changes we’d like to make to this in the future.

Roads of Avalon

Treasure Protection Radius

We’ve seen many complaints about Treasures in the Roads being too easily looted by a single player who skips most of the camp and kills only the boss protecting the chest. To address this we will extend the protection radius to encompass a larger portion of the camp.
While we’d like to extend this even further, doing so would likely result in the inclusion of roaming mobs outside of the camp so we’ll be working on a more permanent solution in the near future.
The long-term intention is to include most (if not all) of the camp, while preventing the consequence of pulling in mobs that are not associated with the camp.

Roads Hideout Grace Periods and Power Cores

With the Grace Period of Roads Hideouts expiring soon, Hideouts and Headquarters within the Roads will start taking damage soon. To address feedback that cores have been too difficult to find, we’ve increased the amount of cores spawning in the Roads of Avalon by 15%, while also extending the time they take to decay from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

High-Value Dungeons within the Roads

We’ve heard your feedback about the High-Value dungeons within the Roads. While we are planning on bringing back the high rewards of persistent Group Dungeons and Avalonian Dungeons within the Roads, this will take a bit more time so we’ll restore these in a patch in the very near future.

Thank you again for all your feedback, and we look forward to getting all of these changes to you very soon!

- The Albion Online Team

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