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HI, can somebody know the country i am from, just from seeing my in game name? (i have more than one incident, people are asking me are you from ABC country? I ONLY USE English language throughout the game, and my in game name is a Japanese anime character name , so how people knowing where i am from , is there a tool/site where u can check ,with character name? is privacy a joke here? SBI please answer !!!

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no, there's no tool that will connect your character name with any sort of private info from our end. Obviously, we're not sharing that data with outside parties for privacy reasons.

Without knowing the exact context of where these questions appear, it's difficult to judge how people draw that conclusion. In some cases, some language / writing patterns in English allow at least an educated guess for a native language. Most obvious one would be for example Russians often using ")" as a smilie without the eyes.