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Hello wealthy City Plot Speculators!

As you might have already heard, with the Lands Awakened Update City Plots will be introduced to the Outland Rests.


Each of them will have their own set of Plots as well as crafting bonuses granted to them.

Base Local Refining Bonus will be: 15%
Base Local Crafting Bonus will be: 18%
Special Local Crafting Bonus will be: 15%

Each rest will have its own unique Item Specialisation:

Arthur’s Rest: Warrior Weapons + Plate Armor
Merlyn’s Rest: Hunter Weapons + Leather Armor
Morgana’s Rest: Mage Weapons + Cloth Armor

However, they won't be available right away.

We decided that it would be much fairer for everyone if everyone had an equal chance of getting these plots at the start of the next auction cycle.

For the time being, the plots will be claimed by one of our GM Accounts: “AlbionSYSTEM” and will then be up for auction 18 days after the launch of Lands Awakened.
This also means that they will stay empty until then.

If there are any questions regarding this topic, feel free to ask the feature owner in this post: forum.albiononline.com/index.p…/156748-Usage-Fee-Rework/

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