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Hey everyone!

During today’s maintenance, we’ve addressed some of the initial feedback for the Beyond the Veil update.

To begin, we’ve made some initial adjustments to respond to feedback about the rewards. The Mists should never outcompete the open world in terms of value, as this would drain players from the open world which is not healthy for the game in the long term. Despite this stance, we do feel there are opportunities to increase the rewards in the Mists.

Artifact Enemies / Mythical Mobs

Due to artifacts having a tendency to plummet in value if too many are given out, we have to show some restraint with how many of the Mythical creatures spawn, or else they will be easily found but not rewarding at all. To help them retain their value we wanted to collect some initial data to see how many of the enemies we spawn are actually killed.

They appear to be more elusive than we previously thought, so we’ve decided to triple their population for now. This will give the markets time to fill their stocks with these items while giving players more opportunities for value within the Mists.

We will continue to watch the rate at which these are found, as nobody wants to find a rare mob with valueless artifacts. Adjustments will continue to be made as we collect more data.

Baseline Loot Rate / Enchantment Rate of Wisps

While we definitely want to increase the baseline loot for the Mists, the enchantment rate of Mists entrances was also found to be too high and produced difficulties for both the baseline analysis as well as the matchmaking models. The enchantment rate has been lowered to more properly match our expectations, but the baseline fame, loot, and silver factors have been increased:
  • Fame has been increased by 11.1%
  • Loot has been increased by 20%
  • Silver loot has been increased by ~33%
We will continue to monitor this and make adjustments over the next few days to find a place for The Mists that feel rewarding while not compromising the role of the open world as the more valuable experience.


Resources in Albion will always be finite. If they were not, resources would lose their value and the value of crafting and items, in general, would be impacted. As such, the resources in the Mists are capped even if they do not appear to be. As the Mists have seen a very high amount of activity over the past 24 hours, their resource pools have been exhausted. This is a direct consequence of the high activity and we’ll need some more time to collect data on this for the long-term balance.

However, for the short term, we’ll be significantly increasing the resource output of the Mists while we collect this data. It will take some time for the resource pools to regenerate, but we’ll continue to monitor them over the next few days to make sure they can support this initial surge of activity.

PvP Standoffs

We’ve noticed more PvP standoffs than we’d like in areas marked by zerg bubbles and player death markers on the minimap. These draw numerous players to them, which then results in players not wanting to be the first to attack because they could be ambushed by the others waiting on mounts.

As an initial response to this, we’ve increased the zerg bubble threshold significantly to 10 players, which should almost never occur in The Mists. We’ve also made it so the player death markers will only show if a player dies while somewhat close to your character rather than on the other side of the map.

We will continue to monitor internal data and your feedback to further address these concerns as well as any other concerns that the community may have over the next few days. We’re already working on more changes that we hope to get to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your feedback thus far, and we look forward to seeing you in-game soon!

- The Albion Online Team