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29 Mar

    Dors on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hi there! When you say it wont load, do you mean that you see our logo and then it's just a black screen?

28 Mar

    Dors on Steam - Thread - Direct
Yeehaww, Crewmates! It's time to wrangle all you Crewmates and Impostors who like to horse around instead of doing your tasks (remember to do your tasks, Ghosts!). Before you ride off, here is what's happening in v2023.3.28:

Fun Stuff
  • New Cosmetics! Check out the in-game store for several new cosmetics including hats, nameplates, and visor. Better yet, they’ll only cost BEANS! And lucky you – an Impostor sabotaged some of the pricing on the nameplates so they’re cheaper than they should be. We’ll get that fixed up in the next update but for now, enjoy!

  • APRIL FOOLS DAY IS COMING. Can you hear it? The sounds of hooves echoing in the halls of the Skeld and across the alien landscape of Polus?

    That’s right – an improved Horse Mode is returning for April Fool’s from March 31 – April 2! That...
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    /u/ on Steam - Thread - Direct
A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

27 Mar

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