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Hey Anno subreddit,

As you may have seen from last week’s Union Update, the time has come for me to hang up the mantle of the Brand Manager for Anno and to set sail for new adventures.

Before doing so, I wanted to thank all of you (especially of course the admins and mods) for creating such a fantastic and friendly subreddit, which has been a real boon not only for us on the Anno Team, but the community overall.

It is so cool to see how warmly newcomers to the community are welcomed, and how helpful everyone is with their pointers and help for getting started. You all had a part in making the game successful enough to allow the team to create four seasons of post-launch content, which is a huge accomplishment.

Speaking of the team- you may not see them, but there are quite a few team members lurking on this subreddit and keeping an eye on the latest community creations, from especially creative builds to impressive new mods. Rest assured that those tend to make their rounds very quickly on the various Teams groups in the studio 😊

Speaking for myself, I think that the sheer amount of time I spent on here during my own free time speaks volumes about what a lovely vibe this subreddit has 😊Feel free to say hi when you see me on Twitter or lurking on here, as you can bet I will be keeping an eye on the many cool things the team is working on for Anno.

Thank you all, stay awesome, take care of each other, and I’ll see you,

Marcel/ Com_Raven

- Formerly Senior International Brand Manager for Anno <3

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