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Latest Patch NotesGame Update 8 Release Notes (about 6 hours ago)

Originally posted by kaanemek

and what is exactly the great Orient. a war ship or a trade one?

Only one way to find out how you can get one, and what it is :)

Originally posted by DrAvatar

Is any of the previous DLC required for it to work?

All DLC works by itself, or in any combination with any of the other DLCs.

Originally posted by DrAvatar

Will old saves be affected by this DLC or do we need a new game to get these new farm modules?

You will be asked if you want to activate the DLC the first time you load a save game.

Announcing the Anno History Collection

about 3 hours ago - /u/Com_Raven on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by MichiganJack

Hurts my soul. I just bought the entire collection back in December 2019, had I've known this was coming out 6 months later I definitely would've just saved my money. Now the question is will customers who have just recently purchased the game (or already own in on Ubisoft) get a discount of some sort?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no discount available.

Announcing the Anno History Collection

about 3 hours ago - /u/Com_Raven on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by JunXxX

39,99€ is a hefty price...

Value is naturally a very objective thing that everyone measures differently, but I like to think that 4 games, each of which you can spend hundreds of hours with, for 40€ is a pretty good value, assuming you enjoy the series, of course.

Announcing the Anno History Collection

about 3 hours ago - /u/Com_Raven on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by rainbow6play

I expect that they integrate the campaign, etc into the Venice add-on and fix the memory bug. I really hope there is more as well. And I would be really grateful, if they release a patch to the current version to at least fix the memory issue.

This is no easy patch :) Changing to 64-bit means also completely changing the system requirements to be much higher than advertized when people bought the original games, and that it would potentially not run for many of them.

Announcing the Anno History Collection

about 3 hours ago - /u/Com_Raven on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by ElReptil

I don't believe that it is standard practice to ignore a gamebreaking bug for over a decade and then charge 15 € for a fix when you finally get around to it, to be honest.

I would not call a basic limitation of how 32-bit software in how it can address memory a bug.

"4k Resolution" in Anno History Edition

about 3 hours ago - /u/Com_Raven on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by fhackner3

this is really bad.

Ive been playing 2070 a bit like that, its tiresome.

As with many things, I think you will find that it's worth waiting for the details from the official source, rather than people trying to rile others up online. Who knows what you may find out :)

Originally posted by Tonton_Ip

Wow so many things coming with this one ! That's huuuge ! You can feel the attention given to the feedback in this post. Anno Team = Best Dev team ever

Thank you, we try! <3

Originally posted by Fade-Into-You

'We have added the functionality to change the “skin” (aka the textures) on ships and trains (in the Oil Harbor) via a button in their object menu."

So we can paint selected ships custom color/skin if we want to?


No, it means you can select one from the available skins for each ship and train. As mentioned in the text, only the flagship and train have skins for now, with two more being unlockable for Bright Harvest owners.

Originally posted by sun0fking

When is more images and sutff about the dlc out? Im sho hyped for it

From tomorrow afternoon onwards, select streamers have access to the DLC, so keep an eye on the Anno 1800 category on twitch to see who may be playing the DLC already.

Game Update 8 Release Notes

about 6 hours ago - BB_CR on News - Thread - Direct

Game Update 8 will release Tuesday, June 2 at 6pm CEST/ 12pm EST/ 9am PST.

The download will roughly be 1.8GB.

Game Update 8 adds support for our ...

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Originally posted by morpheus713

Is this also the case for the old games (Anno 1602 and 1503)?

Yes, all four games will have multiplayer via Uplay (in the case of 1503, for the first time; in the case of the others, replacing their previous MP solutions).

Originally posted by The_Wkwied

I remember the heartbreaking news when they announced the multiplayer will not be added. This is amazing news!

I'm buying them all. On Steam. Because Praise Gaben

That might be tricky, as only 1404 History Edition is coming to Steam.

Originally posted by HealthyAmphibian

Having to pay $15 to unbreak a game is pretty messed up.

edit it doesn't really matter if it took a bunch of work to fix, it's basic decency/good business to unbreak the products your customers paid for.

It's less of a case of "unbreaking the game", and rather "11 years after this game came out, software has changed and 64-bit operating systems are now normal, so we can take advantage of that".

I don't believe that it is standard practice to spend months of work updating and improving games that came out 11, 14, 18 and 22 years ago, to be honest.

Originally posted by Wardinary

I assume they've made no changes to the gameplay itself. I would have liked to have seen some small QoL upgrades from later games that would make a huge impact on these games. Things like the ability to drag to build multiple houses/field, and the possibility to copy layouts.

There are some changes like that, like multi-placement of buildings in 1404 for example. We will have a blog detailing all the changes made to each game in the coming weeks.

Originally posted by b0ssb4ch

Hello /u/Com_Raven thank you for the awesome news.

I'm a bit confused about the new Anno 1404 version being available on Steam. There is already an Anno 1404/Dawn of Discovery game on Steam right now so does that mean the current owner of this game will get a free update to x64 version or will there be a new entry?

If it is the later, I cant find the store page so I can wish list the game. Would you mind sending me the link. Big thanks.

The new version will be available on Steam from launch on June 25 onwards. Hope that clears it up :)

Originally posted by b0ssb4ch

Are we allowed to buy individual updated version from the collection? I'm only interested in Anno 1404 and 1701


Originally posted by CrazedChihuahua

Does writing "an Uplay" indicate that it's pronounced oo-play and not you-play, and that I've been saying it wrong for years? Real question!

That is an excellent question! I guess sometimes old habits are ahrd to shake :p

26 May

Originally posted by Avalyah

Are there perhaps any performance optimisations done, especially in 1404? It used to get much slower late game and I don't know whether it was just because of the memory leak or if there also were other issues.

The porting to 64-bit should in general improve the performance, yes.

Originally posted by 01Sszecret

Any plans to bring this to GOG, seeing as the regular versions of these are already available on the store?

No, as the multiplayer is handled via Uplay, and needs an Uplay account.

Originally posted by Wywulf

will the game owners gonna get free update ? im so confused

edit : i just saw comment on website, guess we not and not even a discount ^^

There is no upgrade available, no.

Originally posted by M4deman

Any details on this now? :)

Not yet, but we will have a separate blog post for each of the four games over the coming weeks to look at them in detail.

Don't get me wrong- it was very important for us to preserve the original gameplay, so don't expect any huge changes. Think items like multi-screen support, or building multi-placement.

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