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09 Apr


Looking majestic!

08 Apr


Not a DevBlog, but there will be a blog with a vote today, yes.

07 Apr


Originally posted by TarjaSilver

Are you able to buy a code from Amazon to use on steam?

Currently, you can only redeem the Pack for free if you have a Prime membership, which also works if you play the game on Steam. Starting later this year, you will be able to buy it normally via Steam.


There won’t be a Steam link until the Pack launches on stores later this year. We haven’t announced a date for that yet.

Up to, that's the worst case scenario
I've seen plenty of players already who had it available right after claiming

If you own the Season Pass, this is after all correct- you "own" Tourist Season, it simply hasn't been released yet.

Once it has a date, you can be sure that we will let everyone know about it, but that is still some time off.


Originally posted by mkiller635

Isn’t it Prime gaming reward? I have seen “Twitch reward” 2 time now and wonder if it’s something different?

It is Prime Gaming, yes, not to be confused with the Twitch Drops.

06 Apr


Originally posted by justMeat

The artists have done some great work. Will these be sold directly? I didn't realise when purchasing the game and seasons passes I'd need to give money to Amazon to get hold of all the content. If it were just a small promo I wouldn't be too bothered but this is quite considerable.

As mentioned in the announcement, the Vehicle Liveries Pack will be regularly coming to stores later this year.


Originally posted by laxkid7

Hiw do i get these? I get from prime gaming but what exactly is it? Like do i habe to buy the game from there or do i have to by a dlc from there? Cuz i have my game on epic games

If you have an Amazon Prime membership (or a free trial), you have to connect your account with the Ubisoft account you play on Anno 1800 on.

Then you can redeem the Vehicle Liveries Pack for free.


Originally posted by aithemed

Anyone knows when is the last day I can claim them? I cannot subscribe to prime gaming this 2 weeks.

As fhackner3 pointed out, it runs for a full month until May 6. So you are in no rush.


Originally posted by RoNPlayer

Dazzle Camouflage would be fun, although they are out of the timeframe;

Dazzle camo, huh? 👀


Originally posted by fluffytom82

I'm in the same timezone as Ubisoft (Germany) and Amazon Prime (Netherlands)... It's currently April 6th, 9am.

I don’t think that the Prime Gaming team is located in the Netherlands, tbh.


It should go live at 6pm CET today.

04 Apr


Originally posted by grimgaw

I think it would look pretty weird if a trailer said „Coming March-June 2021“, to be honest, and it would lead to more confusion and questions from players.

Q2 (as in second quarter of the year) works and is hemisphere inclusive.

But do you mean Q2 of the Finance Year, which in our case would be July-September? Or Q2 of the calendar year? :)

When do they post?

(GMT +0)
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