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This should be fixed now, please let us know should you still encounter issues.

Maybe it's time to restart development of Settlers 🙂

Just to clarify: We're not working on The Settlers, never have. That game is developed by a different Ubisoft studio (as it has always been the case) and what we are doing or not doing has no impact on the projects of our colleagues in Düsseldorf and vice-versa.

And I think the Circus performed rather badly in the last two votings, it does not seem to be a community favourite 😉


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There it is again… specifically pointing out the year, rather than last one overall… 👀🤞🏻

Well the question was specifically about the three CDLCs for this year!

25 Nov


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Awesome news!

Is this the last of the Cosmetic DLC? I for some reason remember that we would get 3 CDLC, but I am not sure if that's right

Indeed, it is the third and last one we had announced for 2021 (as voted by players).


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As the Anno brand manager rubs their hands and thinks, "Ha! Always keep them wanting for more!"


I think when you are at the point where your fans are actively asking to give them more content to buy, you know that the team has made a lot of good choices, so we always take that as a compliment :)


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Is there any information on what the quality of life changes will be? Or we have to wait patiently for the blog post?

There may be some teases along the way on twitter, and during the stream on December 6th.


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We can impatiently wait for the blog post 😏

That's the spirit!

24 Nov


Almost makes one sentimental to hear things like "last DLC"...


Considering the Circus theme has performed poorly in both previous community votes, it's unlikely we would add it to a future voting, should we end of doing another one 🙂

We will of course let our community know in time how the future of Anno looks like - no matter if we're going to develop more content or end the postlaunch support for Anno 1800.


That thread is correct, we gave away the Open Beta reward. But as I stated above, there was also a reward for participating in the Closed Beta, and that one has not been made publicly available, to my knowledge.
We gave away the Twitch Drops of the first Season, but not the ones for Season 2 and Season 3.

There is a special ornament as well as company logos when buying the History Collection (or some of those when only getting one of the individual History Editions).

23 Nov


Overall, autumn was a more quiet period when a lot of work was put into the content for the end of the year, especially the new game mode based on the Green Game Jam.
There are still a few weeks to go till the release - but no worries, we'll have some first news on Thursday and the DevBlogs for the upcoming content will follow in the next weeks.


This looks amazing - and so nostalgic, how you recreated the style of the original buildings. Awesome work!


As Asterix said, currently there are technical constraints that prevent us from adding some kind of "active pause" to the game - certain reworks of our systems, which this would require, can't be done to the live version of the game without the risk of causing issues. However, we keep the feedback in mind for future projects, yes.

22 Nov