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Originally posted by InformerFiDead

I was talking about Anno as a concept since the 1st game (which Ubisoft didn't add much to), which is far from an Ubisoft original even by the points you mentioned.

Just like EA shouldn't be able to claim that Apex Legends is their game. It's not, they just publish and fund it.

But whatever, your boss probably got some big money for letting them say that! xD

Well, no one made the claim that Anno 1602 was a Ubisoft game. Anno 1800, on the other hand, is 100% a Ubisoft title, and thus qualifies for the "A Ubisoft Original" branding.

You are confusing first- and third-party publishing here. EA is for example the publisher of "It takes Two", which is developed by an external developer, Hazelight. So they are indeed "only" financing and publishing it.

Apex Legends however is of course 100% an EA game. Whose else would it be? Respawn is a fully owned part of EA, and all the people working on it are EA employees, just as it is the case with Anno 1800 and Ubisoft. It is literally the same company doing all the development that is also handling the business and publishing side.




Originally posted by Nobodyletloose

To clarify my position, which I agree now, is improper, is Anno 1602, the original first Anno, was developed by Sunflowers Interactive Entertainment Software. Ubisoft did indeed publish it as well as Sunflowers and a couple others. That was also my stance and conclusion regarding Far Cry, for it being originally Crytek property.

I see originality as the source of the original IP idea. But I agree, it’s improper and this was great insight! Thank you!

That is why Anno 1602 or Far Cry 1 would probably not be called "A Ubisoft Original" :) I believe the first Anno game properly published by Ubisoft was Anno 1404, with the previous games being published by Sunflowers, who worked with a wide variety of distribution and publishing partners around the world.

This was back in the day when games would sometimes have a different publisher per region, or even per country, while things are thankfully much more globalized these days (which means that Anno 1800 is called Anno around the globe!).



Originally posted by doitrodiz

wait what about DLSS then?

We currently have no plans to add support for DLSS.


Originally posted by plathree

Why didn’t they fix the tree painting tool. There were lots of posts about the bug. Do we have to report it officially?

It's something we are aware of.


Originally posted by DirtAndDirt

That's pretty cool, i love what you did with Anno 1800, and I'm longtime series fan!
Is there any plans to maybe add an AI some season pass soon?

There's no plans for new AI characters to be added, sorry.


We haven't announced anything regarding FSR-support for Anno 1800. We do however have a Game Update coming out this afternoon, slightly later than the usual time.


Originally posted by magdakun

Now i have to revisit that trailer again just to see it, dammit.

You can never watch Anno trailers too often!


Originally posted by Nobodyletloose

Sort of is, sort of is not. They have publishing rights but even Far Cry is a “Far Cry” from them being a “Ubisoft Original” since Far Cry 1 was built in a new engine (CryEngine) and developed by Crytek.

It seems you are confusing some terminology (like publishing rights, which doesn't factor in here), so allow me to clarify.

Anno 1800 is of course 100% "A Ubisoft Original", just like every Fra Cry game since FC 2:

- Ubisoft owns the brands (and have since 2007, in the case of Anno)

- the games are (minus some outsourcing of course) full developed by Ubisoft employees in Ubisoft-owned studios

I sometimes still see a bit of confusion and inaccurate claims around this (like "Ubisoft is only publishing Anno"), but that is not true.

If a game being developed, financed and owned by a company doesn't make it their original game, I don't know what would :)


Anno 1800 was actually the first game to use the "A Ubisoft Original" branding back in February in our Season 3 trailer, so I am somewhat offended people didn't notice back then ;)

21 Jun

18 Jun


Originally posted by BattleOverlord

Price range?

We will have more details on how we plan to release this closer to its launch this holiday season.

17 Jun


Originally posted by ChivalrousPerv

Thanks for the response.

Will it have any affect on the main game/sandbox?

As in is there any bonus/item that will be unlocked for use in the main game or sandbox mofe

That's currently not planned, it'll very much be its own thing.

But keep in mind, we're far from having finished this little addon, so there still are open design decisions.


Originally posted by ChivalrousPerv

Is this mode something that is spread across all the sessions? Or is it a single map/single island thing?

I always thought the 2070 eco balance system would be good for islands with excessive industry.

This will be smaller, additional game mode dedicated to this theme and mechanic. Not an alternative way to play Anno 1800, that would be completely out of scope for a Game Jam + considering we're planning to release it this year.


Originally posted by Avalyah

From the wording of the post it seems that this separate mode would be a small one with a single island. Is that the case? Or it will be possible to play a full game like right now, just with the added eco features?

The former. Keep in mind, this is the result of a Game Jam and we have only limited time to develop this mode - for now we're busy with the remaining Season 3 content :)

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