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The peaceful empire builder Anno surely is the ideal basis for a "there's only war" setting, fully agree

30 May

26 May


For us always great to read posts like yours, hearing stories that go beyond "only" enjoying a game. Very glad to hear that our game has helped you through some tough times, and our best wishes that things will improve for you!


Not the kind of thread I expected to see on the Anno subreddit, but okay


Originally posted by BedNervous5981

What’s up with those vertical lines?

It's from a wallpaper collection we released a while ago, some of them had these kind of borders around them.

25 May


CDLC don't have an enable/disable option since having them in a multiplayer game is not a problem, in contrast to DLC that add new features or regions.

Of course, should there currently be an issue with this system that results in desyncs when CDLC content is used, that would be a bug we would need to investigate.

We'll try to reproduce the behaviour on our end. Is it happening every time you use CDLC content and does it affect any kind of ornament/skin?

24 May


Like some others have already mentioned, we're not going to do DLC for DLC (i.e. no skins for skyscrapers, Artistas or tourists) - and we're indeed nearing the end of development of Anno 1800, the remaining two Cosmetic DLC aside.

I can already tell you, however, that we're not planning to add more residence skins outside of the "Vibrant Cities" Pack that we already released.

We are, of course, happy if some modders want to take this topic into their own hands and continue to work on model variations or skins - as some have already done.


Originally posted by fuddingmuddler

ahhhhhhhh yes, so likely the number is way more... oooooopss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are indeed a bit higher than that ;)


This has strong "No, I'm not selling" vibes.

Cool idea to leave a memorial of sorts for the beginnings of the settlement!

23 May


Originally posted by ChMalfet

Are you talking about ancient Egypt? 6003 BC? :P

I honestly don't know who invented the first boats, but I guess the ancient Egyptians are high up on that list :D

22 May


Originally posted by Cornfapper

Whenever people invented the first boats

This guy knows what's up! :D

17 May


That does indeed sound interesting

15 May

12 May

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