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01 Dec


Since you said you did a clean install of Windows, maybe the folder protection settings changed?

It could be that the game/ can't access the folders where it needs to write its data to (C:\Users\Public\\4169\mods).

29 Nov


Originally posted by playwrightinaflower

Does the ingame mod browser finally work on GeForce Now, and/or are there plans to make it work?

We had a look into the topic, but the way the mod browser and the integration works is not compatible with how Geforce Now handles user files/folders. So, I'm afraid it won't work for Geforce Now users.

28 Nov


With a rise in handheld devices for gaming, from the Switch over powerful mobile phones to the Steam Deck, it's certainly an interesting topic for games nowadays. And as you also said, we did do some experiments quite a while back for Anno.

Right now, however, we don't have any plans for a dedicated version or ports of our game(s) for handheld/mobile devices.

27 Nov


Originally posted by thekunibert

Thanks for the insight from a technical POV. If active pause isn't an option because of the reliants on ticks per action taken, wouldn't it be possible to just slow down time by a lot more than the current 0.25, say 0.01. This would not pause the game of course and if you leave your game running overnight would still not be a good idea. But it would at least take the constant feel of pressure from players, especially newer ones.

I believe there's a mod that does that and comes with a few downsides because of the underlying system explained above. It's not just slowing down gameplay, but also your interaction with it.

The "slow speed" we implemented basically is a compromise, since slower speeds worsen the user experience.



I'm prefacing this by saying that we would not work on this anymore either way since we're done in terms of development for Anno 1800.

Even that aside, however, I'm not 100% sure what your main goal with this would be - is it the performance aspect? Or are you hoping/expecting also other changes/improvements to the multiplayer?

21 Nov


It's not an Anno game if there's no food and drink.

Beautifully put together, those menus!

20 Nov


Crazy impressive on all levels - big fan of the seasonal gameplay element, very curious how that feels when playing.

15 Nov


Originally posted by Kero131

Thanks for the reply. My issues persist though, I have the game through epic and have been playing for years without this issue until I returned to the game this week. Should I go to ubi support?

Probably best to check with Support, yeah. They can gather your system specs and investigate - and will forward the issue to us afterwards.

13 Nov


Originally posted by Kero131

I am still having this issue, was there a post anywhere that details a fix?

Yes, the issue was fixed on June 28th last year:

We're not aware of any major memory leak issues right now.

06 Nov

05 Nov


Originally posted by Ocular_Myiasis

u/Ubi-Thorlof is there any way to check this issue again? More people are experiencing it and while it seems to be very rare it is quite annoying in multiplayer

Hey - I added a small update further below in the thread a few months ago, but yes: We've found the problem and will fix the desync issue in a little over a week on November 14th.

Let me know afterwards if you're still encountering it.

02 Nov


Originally posted by Puzzled_Middle9386

No discount?? Thought the announcement mentioned one.

Edit: Seems to be reduced on Uplay, maybe steam wont get it? Feels bad

There's also a discount on Steam, it just took a bit longer to appear compared to the other platforms.


Originally posted by Tummerd

Awesome, thank you so much!

I have been out for a while (and I dont know if you can answer it) but so you still do polls for the cDLC? Or are they set up by you guys internally now)

I can understand if it cant be answered though

Due to planning reasons (we have to plan much further in advance now and align it with the plans for our other project) we are not doing polls anymore, but as you can see we are still looking at the previous poll results and are also taking community feedback into consideration for next year's topics.

01 Nov


Originally posted by Tummerd

Where can I read more about the recently added cosmetic bundle pack?

There is a small note about 3 more cDLC to be added in 2024, is there a bit more info about that?

So far we have not given any details on the CDLC for 2024. We might have a teaser before the holidays, but for more info you will have to wait till next year.

The Cosmetic Bundle 2 includes CDLC 7-13 (with 13 releasing on the 14th), and the three CDLC for next year.

24 Oct


We'd be happy to see some creative mods from our community!

If there are any questions on the contest, please leave them here or in the comments on the Anno Union.

Thank you for sharing the helpful resources, Taubenangriff.


Originally posted by fhackner3

Another important thing. If you are not living in EU, apparently you can't enter the contest (I guess because of the shipping cost of the prize..) but you maybe you can team up with someone that does live in the EU.

Just before this spreads: Not related to shipping costs! There are some other legal restrictions that unfortunately made us consider limiting this contest to Europe only - sorry to anyone outside this region.

We'll have other types of contests and/or giveaways in the future who are open for a wider audience as before.

09 Oct


Originally posted by SuperTrix5

An item like costume designer for furs many use, something of this sort for bear furs would be good, so they can be stacked better for production increase to match the larger skyscraper populations now.

Currently the new replaced input for bear furs to beef, the radius effect is still bugging on the item, its not replacing the input good correctly as its still looking for hunting area effect. its a bug over sight, when the good is replaced, for beef, the radius effect needs to stop complaining no space available so production doesnt happen with beef.

the radius effect is blocking production even using beef. base producttivity is 20%, cant stack them with the replaced input of beef - using Bait Specialist item.

so its kinda pointless to have a replaced input when the radius effect over rides it any ways, so its not an option to even use get no boost from it, because radius is still the problem space wise. other then small 25% boost which is nothing not ...

Read more

Phew, that was from over a year ago! Needed to catch up first.

So, the building processes beef additionally, it's not a replaced input.

Generally speaking, it's "normal" that you may not be able to fulfill all needs everywhere (e.g. bear fur) to their maximum. There are certain limits to production and logistics.

All that said: We don't see this issue here in particular as a major problem, there are no plans to address this in the future, I'm afraid.

06 Oct


Originally posted by LucianoWombato

This is actually misinformation. As the developers assured there is no and will never be such thing as a first-person mode.

I can confirm this, the reports about a first person more are widely exaggerated

19 Sep


Originally posted by lolKhamul

But isn't that just what everyone is just saying?. Anno 1800 profits from 32GB RAM, as in it will utilize more than 16GB if they are there and it will result in certain benefits, be it better 0.1% lows in framerate or loading times.

I dont think anyone is arguing that you cant run the game on 16GB. Because that would be a pretty false statement.

I've seen some comments occasionally suggesting that you need more than 16GB to play, and OP was asking if 16GB are sufficient, so, I felt this little clarification wouldn't hurt. I didn't mean to imply that I commented to counter a common misconception or anything.


Originally posted by xenonisbad

How much memory game can use says very little about how much memory game needs.

Very much this. If you have available RAM, Anno gladly uses it to load objects, textures etc. faster since it can keep them in the RAM. If you don't, loading things might take longer, e.g. when switching from one region to another.