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Originally posted by SonOfAhuraMazda

Please sir, I need land of lions as well.

That is coming in Fall :)

Originally posted by Hennes4800

Sorry, but why is it that Ubisoft is a french company, yet in Europe we pay more than Americans would?

It is a general practice in the games industry for Dollar and Euro prices to be the same, regardless of the country the publisher may be from.

Originally posted by Sentient__Roomba

Of course, nothing more than whispers in the wind

It's crazy. Next thing people will claim that you can drive around tractors or do god-knows-what in the amusement park in Anno 1800...

Originally posted by Sentient__Roomba

Cannot wait for this! So pumped. I also loved their commitment here:

General fit: Despite rumors of an alleged first-person mode, Anno is of course played from an isometric perspective. This is of course also something we need to keep in mind, as not everything that looks cool when standing before it in real-life will translate well into an isometric game perspective.

Please keep in mind that the first-person mode is only a (persistent) rumor.

Originally posted by diggeDinger

For which Game? 1800? What?

Indeed, that is the only game we are currently releasing new DLCs for :)

Speaking of the build menu, some of you may be curious about what exactly is included in the Amusements Pack? If so, look no further:

  1. Ferris Wheel
  2. Rollercoaster
  3. Ticket Booth
  4. Ice Cream Stand
  5. Cotton Candy Stand
  6. Tin Can Alley
  7. Shooting Game
  8. Food Stand
  9. Beverages Stand
  10. Strongman Game
  11. Face in Hole
  12. Barrel Organ Player
  13. Balloon Seller
  14. Portrait Painter
  15. “Welcome” Gate (with a second variation of it)
  16. Bar Table

And the best thing is that you won’t have to wait very long at all for your very own amusement park to open, as our second Cosmetic DLC will already be out on August 11, at 6pm CEST/ 12pm EDT/ PDT, for a price of 4,99€/$.

The visuals are turning out very nicely, and we are ourselves very much looking forward to paying the game again once it is out later this year :)

06 Aug

Significantly improved the overall game performance, while paying special attention to ensure higher performance in late-game scenarios with more than 100k residents.

DirectX 10 can now be selected from the graphics settings, which also allows you to activate transparency effects.

Fixed a blocker that could prevent progress in the quest “Exchange of Cultures IV”.

Fixed an issue with co-op team mates not being properly displayed in the lobby after loading a save game.

Fixed a potential freeze when switching graphics settings from custom to high.

Corrected an Infotip for changing difficulties while setting up a multiplayer game.

You should no longer be able to invite a player into an already occupied slot in the multiplayer lobby.

Fixed various crashes and stability issues.

External link →

It is "Fall 2020", so I would suggest starting this weekend without it :)

05 Aug

It is coming this Fall, which means sometime between September 22, and December 21"

Originally posted by Jollymagistrate

Nice! I didn't realize it was official. :D

In fact, you (as in, the Anno community) voted for this one being the next cosmetic DLC back in April :)

Originally posted by del-usr

Is there a special hub or place where you get dev interaction or direct infos like Discord or Twitter?

I'm new into the Anno 1800 thing

There is our official blog, the Anno Union:

There is also a twitter and Facebook channel, plus some of the people are of course also active on twitter on their private accounts where they are happy to talk about the game.

Finally, there is a pretty active Discord where several people from the Anno team are also active from time to time.

As of today, we aren't planning any additional big DLCs after Land of Lions is out this Fall, no. We are still keen to do the City Life Cosmetic Pack, assuming that this month's Amusements Pack is popular with players (so feel free to help us make a good argument for it).

Anno 1800 has already received much more (and for much longer) post-launch support than any previous Anno game, and a certain point we need to set our eyes on the future of the team, and focus on our next project.

However, keep in mind that we had also not originally planned to do a Season 2 either, so things can always change. Game development is a very fast-paced environment to work in, that's for sure :)

Yes, all History Edition games have been updated to support widescreen (if they didn't already), and a wider range of resolutions up to 4k.

04 Aug

The characters in the game are indeed a bit roughly when it comes to polygons, and that is fully intended for two reasons:

1. You usually spent most of the time zoomed out, where you won't notice it, and crucially
2. It is needed for performance. Anno games can have hundreds of thousands (or even millions, for some of our most ambitious players) citizens whose needs and demands must be calculated, and can have hundreds of beautiful houses on the map. In addition, you can at any time jump to any place on the map, and even the other sessions without any loading times to interrupt your gameplay flow.

While it would be nice to have prettier characters, we think that the scope of Anno is more important, as we want you to really feel as if you are building a huge, globe-spanning empire.

03 Aug

Originally Posted by ammods
i'm part of the tester crew and have no access either,

You should have access though - could you try logging out and logging in again?
The link above should then get you to the forum.
Heyho - feel free to share a screenshot of the issue, but in case it looks like this (random video I picked from YouTube:, that's working as intended, or rather: this is how the game looks from up-close.

The first person mode is an Easter Egg, basically.

01 Aug

Originally posted by TheGoalkeeper

I am so glad it's coming only end of September. The summer is currently way to nice to spend it playing Anno the whole day. But end of September, there is enough time to dive into Anno ;)

Keep in mind I ddI not say it is coming in September- I just pointed out that you already know that it definitely won’t be before the 22nd, when Fall begins.

Originally posted by mannyharchester

Oh man, I had no idea Anno people were actually on this sub. Thanks for making so many great games!

We are :) Thank you for playing our games.

Originally posted by iamdanthemanstan

Did they give a release date for Land of Lions yet?

We always said that Land of Lions is coming in Fall, so I wouldn’t expect it earlier than September 22nd, for starters :)

31 Jul

Hey everyone, I sorted out your access @MrWhiteWizard and @BixelBG

If anyone else has issues with accessing the dedicated forum even though you're part of the test, send me a PM or just post here.
I'm also on the Discord, RazorBlade185 mentioned, so that's also an option (I need your Ubisoft account name, though).

Keep in mind it's the weekend now, though.

When do they post? (GMT +0)
Something missing? Let us know and we'll add it!