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14 Jan


Originally posted by Lord_Waldemar

outdated? I have it right here on my copy of Anno 1404!

edit: happy cake day!

The times, they are a-chaaaanging!

And thanks :)


There are actually a lot of cities that are very angular and blocky, depending on when and how they were built. In Germany, we call it "designed at the drafting table", versus the more natural angles and curves of a city that grew organically over centuries or even millennia.


But that logo is super outdated! As is the name! ;)


Captain's Log: The crew is getting restless and demands more rum. I guess it's time to steer towards the next harbour soon to stock up. Let's all hope they can continue without their daily ration for a little while longer.

13 Jan

There are no plans to implement community mods into the game.

They are their own projects and we're happy to see what kind of ideas the modding community comes up with. Just keep in mind that mods are not officially supported and might cause issues or lead to bugs.

There might be a teaser or two in the game, but not all Easter Eggs are necessarily teasers :P

12 Jan

While I understand you're upset, we will not tolerate abusive behaviour towards other community members here in the forums. Please mind your language.

Regarding your initial question: We generally recommend buying game and any digital content on the same platform.

If you are having issues with a purchase or activation, please get in touch with with the support of the place you bought it from and/or the Ubisoft Support to investigate the problem.
We won't be able to assist you with account or store related issues here on the forums.


10 Jan

Heya, this is a currently known issue related to the switch to Ubisoft Connect and is planned to be resolved with the next Game Update.

06 Jan

04 Jan


Originally posted by Sylamatek

scratching neck Y'all got any more of them dev blogs

I appreciate a good Tyrome Biggums reference!


Yes! All current DLC except the Anarchist character can be dropped into an existing save game, and you will be asked if you want to do so a first load.

It is also our intention to stick to that model for the upcoming Season 3 DLCs, so you can happily build away.

02 Jan


Originally posted by HaynBryn

I bought the 1800 Complete Edition a week ago with the 50% sale along with Ubisoft Club Points discount after I finished AC: Valhalla and I already have 85 hours in. I got way too addicted to it. Soundtrack is phenomenal as well!

Welcome to the community :)


What a perfect way to start what should hopefully be another great year for Anno 1800! Thanks to the mods for their hard work, and to everyone in the community for making this one of the friendliest, most constructive places to discuss Anno on the web. It has always been a pleasure being your guest on here!

Looking forward to some great things together in 2021 :)


Originally posted by Kaankaan7

as i saw in some posters and newspaper article in town we have 3 clues about future: sky scrapers with elevators, beach resort and probably hot air baloon

We never teased hot air balloons for Season 3, no. Some people think so because of an old artwork from 2018, before the game even came out (and any DLC ideas were concrete).

01 Jan


Originally posted by Belthazor4011

The fact I dont really have great idea's makes me hope the makers do lol

Not sure if Brand Manager u/Com_Raven is able or allowed to say anything about it yet. But Im mostly curious about price. Because in my very humble opinion it seems impossible to make a pass as big as 1 or 2 without adding a new session. Which again IMO means pass 3 needs to be cheaper than 1 and 2 to make sense to begin with.

Without a new session the amount of effort required to make the season 3 pass (no matter how good it will be) will be less than the effort that was required to make Pass 1 and 2.

I am not gonna say more than what was said so far- there will be three DLCs, they are all inspired by community feedback/ wishes, and there is no new region.

And some people on this subreddit have some pretty good ideas, it seems :)

31 Dec


Just a small note- we said „early 2021“, not January. That’s two different things :)


That’s awesome news! Maybe we should look I to some way to celebrate that milestone next year...

When do they post?

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