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26 Jan


The street topic is an old discussion, I suppose - practicality vs. visuals. We'll certainly also discuss this topic again for our next project (as we have done also for Anno 1800) but there are also good reasons for keeping this system. We'll see.

On the other two topics: Both Crown Falls (Sunken Treasure) and Manola (New World Rising) offer significantly more building space than your average island, if this is something you prefer. However, ultimately, islands and the logistics tying everything together, are a core part of the Anno games and we don't think that getting rid of this would be a good idea. There might be smaller islands, there might be bigger ones, but having only one large landmass to build on is, in our eyes, not compatible with the "Anno DNA".


Originally posted by SoggyTowelette

Apparently my aging 5820, that was struggling on med settings didn't qualify for pretty waves crashing on the beach. My shiny new 13900k on maxed settings is getting pretty waves.

Gotta love pretty waves, glad you got them now, too :P

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Can confirm we're aware of this bug, it'll be addressed in an upcoming game update.

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Hello everyone,

As mentioned in the previous message, this issue has now been fixed with yesterday's patch, Game Update 16.1. You can read the full Release Notes on the Anno Union: ( If the issue still persist, please create a new thread in the Support section of this forum or contact Support directly.

Thank you again for your patience and happy city-building!

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18 Jan


Originally posted by Mariusod

Any information on how multiplayer will work for consoles. Any crossplay?

The multiplayer will work in the same way as on PC (up to 16 players total, coop with up to 3 other players) but there won't be crossplay.


Originally posted by LeKerl1987

The controls will be a nightmare.

Totally unbiased opinion from me (obviously!) but as someone who plays on PC 95% of the time, even I got used to the controls very quickly.

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