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No tagging in bug reports, thank you, bye.

Sad the story came to an early end.
Gotta be honest, though, changes to the AI are not super likely at this point except if things are completely broken.

23 May


Originally posted by ChMalfet

I believe this is normal. The same is true for other tree-related ornaments - you can randomly get a tree, or grass or bush every time the game starts, but it does not mean it's not a bug :P

This is correct


Challenges are indeed "gone" since the switch from Uplay to Ubisoft Connect.

Achievements, however, are still very much a thing and we're adding new ones with each new DLC (related to said DLC).

19 May


Originally posted by DaLexy

Then (ab-)use your power and make it happen anyways

Halloween will come and we need something fitting for it.

You don't want me to work on new ornaments, believe me.

So, with limited resources for development, an additional CDLC is, unfortunately, not possible anymore for this year.

18 May


Originally posted by DocBullseye

I distinctly got the impression that they really wanted to make it, so... I don't know why they don't just do it. Did they promise to always have a vote or something?

Just to clarify here: While Marcel/Com_Raven and me really love this theme and therefore kept talking about it e.g. in the video we released 2 weeks ago, this is by no means representative of the opinions of the rest of the team.

We just (ab-)use our powers as the ones responsible for communication to keep up the joke ;)

17 May

16 May


Originally posted by Macroprudential_

Oh cool!

I think I speak for a lot of fans, when I say that it really shows that a lot of you in Maimz are really involved with the game! :)

There is definitely a lot of passion for the Anno community on the team! They may not post, but a lot of people are actively lurking on Discord, Reddit or the forums to read what our players think :)

15 May


Originally posted by Jack_Spears

Took me 24 years to realise that the years in the anno games always add up to 9.

Further proof that we can never be too old to learn new things!


Originally posted by Macroprudential_


Btw, do they force you to work at 1 am? Blink twice if you need help!

Actually, spending time talking to the community is strictly speaking not part of my job at all, it’s just something I do for fun when feeling like it 😃

13 May


The seasons are not randomized, the buffs/debuffs always happen in the same order.


Love your posts, keep going :D

12 May

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Hey @Bloodlex2, thank you for your response and I can confirm that I have now forwarded your suggestion over to our development team accordingly.

We do very much appreciate your input there and if you have any queries or run into any difficulties, feel free to reach out at any time!

11 May