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14 May


Originally posted by AdmiralBumHat

Random Anno question: Can you fix the Anno 2205 world market/council servers please. They are down for a month and support said that they are investigating and will be fixed as soon as possible…a month ago.

I don't have more info than that either right now, but can try to chase the issue tomorrow. Issues with the online services are usually out of our (dev team) hand since there are specialised teams here at Ubisoft.


Originally posted by Dravidos

u/Ubi-Thorlof Do you think the activation problem of the new CDLC will be resolved today? I was very excited to be able to play with him and I had managed to have the afternoon free.

Can't give you any timeframe for that, I'm afraid. Depends on how fast the exact cause can be identified. It's likely that it won't be fixed until tomorrow. Sorry for that.


Heya, since a few of you tagged me separetely:

We're aware of the current issue with the Cosmetic DLC not unlocking within the game despite the purchase having gone through correctly. It's under investigation, but we do not have an ETA yet.

Apologies for the current inconveniences, hope to have good news soon.


Originally posted by empathetical

Went and looked and it requires a purchase even tho I bought and have the Definite Annoversary edition... Was expecting it to be unlocked. Damn that's annoying

Should definitely be part of the Definitive Annoversary Edition.

If it's not, it's a mistake, and we'll need to have a look.


Originally posted by Takarazuka012

/u/Ubi-Thorlof that's not how you spell Steampunk 😏

We are special

06 May


See, the Queen is more into modern architecture, not those boring old castles. If you had seen her giant palace back in the capital, though!

25 Apr


Originally posted by Moorbert

i think it will bring cosmetic dlcs as well.

Correct! :)

Gold = base game and all gameplay DLC

Definitive = Gold Editon plus all Cosmetic DLC

23 Apr


Heya, the giveaway is over and the 10 random winners were drawn (see here:

We'll be reaching out to them today via direct message :)

19 Apr


Yes, the telephones in Anno 1800 are single-use only. We can probably blame the investors for that.

18 Apr


Hey everyone! Hope you're having a fantastic week!

Anno 1800 just celebrated its 5th birthday this week and we want to extend this celebration to the Anno subreddit as well, so: we're giving away some keys for the game!

To participate, simply leave a comment letting us know what's YOUR favourite memory of Anno 1800!

Since there are plenty of different player types here on r/Anno we will leave the choice of the prize to the 10 people we are going to randomly draw (see rules below).

With the weekend so close, we'll draw and contact the winners next week Monday.

Good luck everyone and thank you for being such a wholesome community!

Rules for the giveaway, please read:

  • Only adults (18 or older) can participate & win
  • We will randomly draw 10 ran...
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17 Apr


Originally posted by TheseEmployup

Late reply. Maybe you see it. Maybe you don't. My desire at this time is to play Anno 1800 with my wife, And maybe my Daughter. were not always home at the same times. other games we play I simply host a server that sleeps when no one is active and wakes when anyone joins. Without a dedicated server option this is impossible. I have to host our game and my family can only play if I am there to host.

Obviously it won't come to Anno 1800 But think of us in your future games :)

Hey, thank you for some context for your personal use-case! Having some kind of "always-on" game that each of you can jump in and out at any time does indeed like a great solution for your situation.

Anno as a whole it not really built around supporting such a system (in contrast to e.g. Minecraft) but it might be something we can explore for the future, if time/resources allow.

04 Apr


Originally posted by PineTowers

Yep, it will be released next year and will be called Anno 2025


02 Apr


Heya, while you can't add AI players to an existing game, during setup of a new game you can add AI opponents.

In the setup screen where you also invite other players, keep the "options" button on your controller pressed (as displayed at the bottom of the screen). This should open a menu where you can select AI opponents.

11 Mar


Originally posted by Kaankaan7

why not a frostpunk style building skin pack? i did really get such kind of impression. And building covering snow mod would be nice

Not sure where you got that from originally, but we are not planning something like that for Anno 1800.

As a fan of Frostpunk myself, though, the idea it kinda cool.

03 Mar


Originally posted by pedrofromguatemala


and I hope it stays this way until we're ready to reveal our new project. Let us have the joy of revealing it ourselves when the time is right ;)


Originally posted by pedrofromguatemala

still zero word, rumor or leak about a next anno? its been a while


29 Feb


It's intended as a basic indicator telling you if your warehouse is filling or emptying for a specific good.

It's useful on a basic level especially in early game to see if you're e.g. running out of fish and might need to add another fishery to meet demand.

For a more detailed view, check the statistics screen (Ctrl + Q).

28 Feb


Certainly great to see the poll and read through some comments in this thread here.

And OP put it very well: we have both players not being a fan of huge islands and players who'd prefer us to get rid of islands and just give them large landmasses to build cities on.

For us, islands are an essential part of Anno and provide one of its core challenges: space management. The "standard" will therefore very likely remain normal islands (which, after all, also exist in different sizes) - however, that does not mean we're ruling out huge islands at all.

We certainly did learn some lessons from their implementation in Anno 1800, though, and also monitored discussions like this to hopefully find a solution that addresses some of the feedback.


To be honest, I don't fully understand what your idea is.

Do you want to allow players to decide what the needs are that need to be fulfilled? To replace e.g. fish with canned food for Farmers? Or give investors some beer instead of chocolate?

Or is it about categories, i.e. "they want food, but I can give them whatever I want as long as it's a food item"?

In both situations, there's a big balance question, since the efforts to create specific products of course greatly varies (i.e. champagne vs fish), which is currently reflected in the way these products are assigned to specific population tiers and the effects they have for the respective population tier.

That would require a very flexible system that has different values for each product for each population tier - and there are many open questions like: do Investors even get any bonus from fish, considering its super low production effort?

12 Feb


Sorry for that, and I'm not sure we can do something about this anymore now, but here's the Anno Union page in question in case you haven't found it:


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