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Originally posted by Eldiabolo18

Cool, but not happening. They mentioned when docklands came out thats it‘s almost impossible to change the islands/ habour area which is also why they haven‘t increased habour area for docklands.

We continue to be quoted as having said "it's not possible", which is not what we have said ;)
Let me quote from the article where we addressed this topic:

"Reworking and expanding the construction space in the harbor area for all islands would have a significant impact on the game’s balancing and can further lead to issues impacting the stability of the game, AI navigation, and in certain cases, even corrupt savegames."

18 Sep


Hey there everyone, thanks for your posts! My apologies for merging them all together - I understand you probably weren't discussing the same thing.

We're only able to give official support for Anno in English on these forums, and we encourage only English discussions, too.

For support or discussions about Anno in German, please go to our German forums:

Alternatively, we also offer official support at our support website, in German: ...

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17 Sep


This is a currently known issue which we're investigating. We hope to have a fix with the next Game Update.

16 Sep

15 Sep


I appreciate that a free upgrade would have been great for players, but the reality is that we spent more than 6 months working on the History Editions, and that development time does not come cheap.

So the choice for us was to charge for the History Edition, or it would not have happened. I know that some other developers have handled this differently in the past, which is great!

But I hope that players can appreciate that one important reason why Anno is still going strong (arguably stronger than ever with Anno 1800!) after 23 years when many other classic strategy franchises have sadly stumbled or fallen, is that we always try to make economically responsible decisions that will hopefully allow us to bring our players more Anno to enjoy for years to come.

So I understand if some players are not happy with this decisions, but think that it was the right one for the long-term health of the franchise.



14 Sep


Originally posted by Takarazuka012

The new production buildings that came in season 3 are considered multifactories and orchards and not regular production buildings. If an item says it affects production buildings then it will not affect multifactories and orchards because those are categorized as different types. This is not a bug and the developers gave a decent amount of background about why they chose to do this. A lot of it comes down to balancing because they know that a lot of items in the game are really overpowered and wanted to rethink how season 3 production chains could be balanced with items a bit better.

I like this guy, he gives clever replies.

13 Sep

10 Sep


Originally posted by Zepings

Hey ty dude! i was watching one of your vids while wainting for the answers, i will wait then, kinda dissapointed but at least it does'nt impact the gameplay...

We're currently having a look at this issue but I can't say more yet at this point.


The history edition does not add new content, that line is likely referring to the included Venice expansion.

09 Sep

    UbiCecce on Forums - Thread - Direct

We have received an update from the Ubisoft Connect team that a fix has been applied for the issue mentioned above. The issue with the Game Update 12 rollback should be solved now.

Please be aware there also are general connectivity issues with Ubisoft Connect which might impact you, resulting in an "incompatible savegame" warning mid-game (can usually be resolved by restarting Ubisoft Connect), issues in multiplayer and with the cloud synch feature.
For those, please follow the Ubisoft Support news on Twitter and the ...

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Originally posted by halfcabin

Start the launcher in offline mode? Holy shit you're a genius! You must have an IQ of 450 to think of that one! Someone get this guy on the phone with Elon Musk, we'd be on mars 10 years ago if this guy was in the situation room.

They don't allow you to play Anno 1800 in offline mode, even the campaign, do your own research before you spew bullshit.

Why would I buy a game that doesn't let you stay connected for more than 10 minutes when I was testing it out?

While I understand the frustration about the current issues with Ubisoft Connect which also impact Anno 1800, the part about the offline mode is simply not true. Anno 1800 can be played (sandbox + campaign) when using Ubisoft Connect's offline mode.

07 Sep


Hey @klugerjunge1806 🙂

On this forum, we prefer to stick to English, but we've got our official German forum here: ...

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    UbiCecce on Forums - Thread - Direct

We're still investigating the issues some of you are facing with the "update loop" which is downgrading your game version and blocking savegames with the new content. 
We'll let you know as soon as we have news. 
A workaround for the time being is to deactivate automatic updates in Ubisoft Connect after the correct update (roughly 2GB) has been downloaded and then to restart Ubisoft Connect. 
If you have already created a ticket with the Ubisoft Customer Support, please attach your "launcher_log.txt" file which you can find here by default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\logs 
You have also reported several new bugs to us (e.g. with campaign quests, items and the anarchist defectors), which we're currently looking into. 
We'll let you know as soon as we have news regarding the next Game Update. 


Originally posted by danielpirat

I think Anno1800.exe is the normal one. And Anno1800_plus.exe is the one used when you have the Ubisoft+ subscription.

This is correct

06 Sep