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Heyho, it's great to hear you enjoy the soundtrack of "Land of Lions", our friends at Dynamedion (who are responsible for the soundtrack of the last few Anno titles) will be pleased

No promises, but we can have a look if there's a way to also release the DLC soundtrack on our channels, e.g. Ubisoft Music on YouTube

Welcome to the Anno community :)


Yes, this has been reported already, thank you for the screenshots! :)

Hey Arnold, du bist immer noch im Englischen Forum.
Bitte stelle deine Fragen hier auf Englisch oder schau im Deutschen Forum vorbei:
Hello everyone,

thank you for pointing out the threads on reddit.

Since the release last week we're getting feedback and reports across multiple channels and are going through it for the next update.
As it's been the case before with Anno 1800, in addition to the big Game Updates we're also releasing smaller updates in between to address bugs and other concerns.

As soon as we have more information on the next update, we will of course let you know.


27 Oct

You can find the full release notes for Game Update 9 here.

26 Oct

You can find the full release notes for Game Update 9 here.

24 Oct

23 Oct

Thanks for letting me know. Do you have a quick screenshot of it not being available in the building menu where it once was?
If you have previously owned the Chess table, you should still be able to build it now.
If that's not the case, could you just take a quick screenshot of it not being in the building menu anymore?

All rewards (except for the beta rewards which only previous owners will keep) should be available to every player.
Hey, if your game is otherwise up to date, the download is approximately 4.3GB (for GU9 + Land of Lions).

Hey, could you (or anyone else having this issue) upload their savegame for me?

We'll investigate them internally :)

22 Oct


Originally posted by GigabitGuy

I think the deadline is set to accommodate the large german fanbase, as the game is released just as most people gets off work, german time. Also the americans are pretty much waking up with it 😅

It is entirely unrelated any of that, and is due to releasing the DLCs on stores like Epic Games Store and Steam, in addition to our own Uplay.


Originally posted by sonstnixgesehen

Ah sorry I wanted to say Thursday (so today). I just wish they would have communicated the release time..


- every Anno 1800 DLC always releasing at 6pm

- us saying it is coming at 6pm last week during the stream

- us saying it is coming out at 6pm in the release notes on Monday

I honestly feel that w did communicate it.

21 Oct


But when is it out?

When do they post?

(GMT +0)
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