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This game will further unleash its huge potential if u increase diversity of building models. Now we made huge progress with all the beauty dlcs, but still not enough. U can achieve this by collaboration with modders like city skyline. Or try to get more people into modding

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ahhhhhhhh yes, so likely the number is way more... oooooopss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are indeed a bit higher than that ;)

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Like some others have already mentioned, we're not going to do DLC for DLC (i.e. no skins for skyscrapers, Artistas or tourists) - and we're indeed nearing the end of development of Anno 1800, the remaining two Cosmetic DLC aside.

I can already tell you, however, that we're not planning to add more residence skins outside of the "Vibrant Cities" Pack that we already released.

We are, of course, happy if some modders want to take this topic into their own hands and continue to work on model variations or skins - as some have already done.

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