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I'm hoping someone might be able to help me; as my topic says I just bought the Season Pass 3 but in the DLC list where it shows the purchases it does not mark the Season Pass 3 as owned and prompts me to buy agan, however all the other DLC I own are correctly marked as owned (which I bought previously in December).

I am aware none of the DLCs for the Season Pass 3 are released yet, so is this normal until a part of the season pass is actually released? Although it does state there are some ornaments available now, so I am little worried it's not actually activated/purchased correctly.

As far as I can tell my order went through correctly as a DLC for another game has activated though. Thank you in advance for the help and apologies for the stupid question.

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23 days ago - /u/Ubi-Thorlof - Direct link

You can check in-game: If you can build the 3 new ornaments, the purchase went through fine :)