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Today’s hotfix is aimed at addressing stability and performance issues, along with some balance fixes.

Be sure to dig down into the post below to get all of the smaller details before hopping in-game and checking them out firsthand.

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Thanks again to our amazing community members, all of whom have helped to make Age of Empires what it is today!

—The Age of Empires Team

🢂 Download on the Microsoft Store

Remember that you’ll need to update your game in the Microsoft Store:

  • Open the Microsoft Store.
  • Click the [∙ ∙ ∙ ] symbol next to your profile picture.
  • Select Downloads and updates.
  • Press the Get updates button to automatically detect, download, and install the latest changes to your game!
  • Open the game. The title screen should show you on Build 82587.

If you are unable to launch the game after downloading the update, make sure you add (or re-add) the Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition client or folder as an exception to your firewall and antivirus program.
That’s it; you’re ready to play!

🢂 Download on Steam

Remember that you’ll need to update your game in Steam:

  • Open Steam.
  • Click on Library to see your games list.
  • Click Downloads at the bottom of the Library window.
  • [If the new build does not download automatically,] click the Download Now button to manually download the new update.
  • Open the game. The title screen should show you on Build 82587.

That’s it; you’re ready to play!

🢂 Download on the Xbox App for Windows 11

Remember that you’ll need to update your game in the Xbox App for Windows.

  • Open the Xbox app.
  • Games that are installed show up on the left side of the app.
  • Hover over the game or click it, and then select Update.
  • [If the new build does not download automatically,] hover over the game, select More Options (…), choose Manage. Under the Files tab, choose the option to Check for Updates.
  • Open the game. The title screen should show you on Build 82587.

That’s it; you’re ready to play!

Please note that custom mods may not be compatible with the latest game update. If you are experiencing issues launching or playing the game after downloading the new build, try disabling your installed mods before trying again.

Still having trouble? Visit our support site!


Stability & Performance

  • Game no longer crashes upon closing the title after exiting a Multiplayer match while a monk holds a relic.


  • Fixed an issue where command group selection wasn’t firing unless shift group appending was enabled.
  • Toggle Idle Pointer hotkey now works properly.


  • Fixed an issue where trees were invisible and un-targetable on Xbox when the Small Trees option was enabled in the settings.



  • Bombard Towers now have 100% accuracy instead of 92% accuracy when Greek Fire is researched, as intended.


  • Fixed an issue where units may not be added back to a formation after killing a target or going idle.
  • Fixed an issue where walls always had lower selection priority than nearby objects.
  • Fixed an issue to prevent Villagers blocking themselves when building palisade walls or stone walls, leaving gaps and sometimes staying idle.
  • Units no longer stop attacking enemy foundations once the building is complete.
  • Villagers no longer continue walking to Town Centers and garrison when the town bell has been activated again.
  • New sheep no longer get unintentionally killed by Villagers when ungarrisoning from the Town Center.
  • Collide & Correct has been disabled to prevent units from accidentally scattering.

Civilization Balance


Organ Guns
  • Fixed an issue where Organ Guns would largely ignore hill bonuses/penalties
  • Fixed an issue where converted Elite Organ Guns would deal the damage of unupgraded Organ Guns unless the player had researched the Elite upgrade themselves
  • Fixed an issue where Organ Guns missed shots would only deal half damage instead of the intended full damage
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Organ Gun projectiles from dispersing properly
  • Fixed an issue that caused Organ Guns projectiles to pass between units without hitting them
  • Increased projectile dispersion from 0.25 to 0.6
  • Reduced the number of projectiles from 6 to 5 (7 to 6 for Elite)
  • (Elite) Organ Gun gain +1 damage against Skirmishers



  • Up-path-distance 0 now returns the correct value instead of always returning 65535.

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