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Hosted by sieste, OrnLu, and NOVA, RMS Cup 2 is part map contest, part Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition tournament. Long before the tournament began, map creators were getting their time in the spotlight because this tournament features the largest map pool contest in Age of Empires II history. After 99 submissions, 10 maps were selected, granting each map winner a slice of the $4,000 contest prize.

Check out the maps below, or download the map pack to get these custom maps in your game!

Download the Map Pack

After the maps were chosen, the 1v1 tournament began, with world-class players battling it out on these exciting maps. Only the top eight players remain in the RMS Cup 2 Tournament, fighting for their share of a nearly $20,000 prize pool.

Only two will be lucky enough to win the most coveted prize of this tournament: two qualifying spots to Red Bull Wololo Legacy at Heidelberg Castle in October. Catch the conclusion of this exciting event this weekend, July 29 through 31, live on https://twitch.tv/ornlu_aoe and https://twitch.tv/novaaoe!

Map Contest Winners

Border Wars by Cebdos
Brahmaputra by HenkDeSuperNerd
Fractal by Whistler
Koala by HenkDeSuperNerd
Le grand fossé by Keldim
Low Tide by Wolf Silver
Mount Kailash by TheMadCADer
Quebrada de Cafayate by Huehuecoyotl22
Ring of Reeds by Mingudai
Spiral by MyteaLlama