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Our fourth and final Seasonal Event explores the inspiration behind the monsters of tales of old in Modern Monsters, part of Age of Empires IV’s Season Two.

Become a Titan of the Tides by destroying 10 enemy Villagers with Demolition Ships in a Skirmish or Multiplayer match, before saying That’s A Moray! as you complete the Great Stand on the Ugra River mission! Complete these and the rest of this event’s challenges to unlock seasonal rewards.

Many tales of old had some basis in truths. What were the modern monsters that inspired legends across the world?

  • Unlock new Coats of Arms
  • Unlock new Portraits!
  • Unlock a new Monument!

Event Rewards

From September 27th through October 18th, complete in-game tasks within the time limit to unlock exclusive rewards!

Title Details Rewards Image
Titan of the Tides Destroy 10 enemy Villagers with Demolition Ships in a Skirmish or Multiplayer match

Oarfish Sigil
From the depths of the sea, the oarfish looks as if it hails from a different planet entirely.

It can reach up to 56 feet long and weigh 600 pounds. There is no surprise that it may have sprouted tales of sea serpents across the world.

1000 XP 

That’s A Moray! Complete the Great Stand on the Ugra River mission

Moray Eel Portrait
Eels washed ashore could have understandably been thought of as baby sea serpents, furthering the idea that these creatures were real and terrifying.

1000 XP

None For You Herd Sheep to your Town Center using the Herd Sheep to Building ability 5 times in a Ranked match Manatee Sigil
Some believe the manatee of all creatures to be the inspiration for tales of mermaids and sirens.

1000 XP 

Ahead of Yourself Build 3 additional Town Centers in the Late Economy Art of War mission Dolphin Portrait
While a single dolphin may have been cause for mistaken identity, it is more likely that a massive pod on the distant horizon could have appeared to be something bigger.

1000 XP 

Risk Taker, Money Maker Win a match where all Gold earned from trading comes from Trade Ships

Sea Serpent Monument
One of the most commonly depicted map monsters, the sea serpent makes its appearance on most of the world’s oceans. Thought to inhabit stormy seas, these creatures would lurk in wait of passing ships.

1000 XP 

Show it off!

Be sure to show off your Season’s progress by changing up your portrait or customizing your coat of arms with your new rewards from Season Two, Modern Monsters.

We hope you’re enjoying this event, and are looking forward to future Seasons.

PS: Don’t forget to keep sharing your feedback on Seasons with us in the forums! We love hearing what you think.