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3s Ernest I know especially with bringing
4s back the the Age of Mythology um how did
7s you approach like some of that familiar
9s world but also the new and improved and
11s I know you mentioned having the game
13s that you see in your head tell me some
14s more about that please sure so at Well's
17s Edge we we pride ourselves in like
20s basically have a connection with the
22s community we try to listen to what's
24s their awesome Community have to say give
26s us feedback and honestly last few years
29s as we were developing the Age of Empires
32s def editions Age of Empires
34s 4 every time we make any big
36s announcements some fans are like in
39s there saying when are we going to get H
42s pathology so it keeps like we we want to
44s give them this and it was great that
46s during the our 25th anniversary event we
49s get the chance to tell the world that
51s yes we are working on eight of FY told
54s so yep the original game is 2002 so it
58s is a long time ago a minute so and it is
61s crazy how long the history of this
64s franchise has been and yep bring back
66s for the fans lots of fun stuff when
68s you're when you're looking at like
70s actually using God Powers how do you
72s convey that to the player make them feel
75s like they actually smiting right so in
77s the game you get to use different God
79s powers like depending on which
80s performance you pick and it is amazing
83s it is one of the most satisfying thing
85s right um internally in the team we say
87s like oh this is the age game with
89s superpowers right right so you get to
91s like use lightning you can use
93s earthquakes like tornadoes it's just
96s cool to actually see all the physics and
98s like um things blowing up and like
100s meteor stri literally things blowing up
103s um so the thing that we approach it is
106s one of the key thing that we notice in
109s the original game most of this God
110s Powers you can actually only use it once
113s and from the data we have seen as people
115s play the game what they do is they just
117s hold on to it like okay I'll use the
119s exact right moment um and then the game
123s basically ended they just hold on to
124s anyway so in return we're actually going
126s Beyond what's the original game does
128s we're adding new features one of them is
131s you get rechargeable G powers now so you
134s will be able to do it more than once
136s don't need to just save it anymore so
138s use it
139s strategically strategically that's not
141s happening I'm using as often as I can
143s and we know that which you can do
146s to I would love to know if you have a
149s personal play style you I want to see
151s what Pantheon you rock with for you I
152s want to know if you have a personal play
153s style and does that impact how you
155s develop the games that you do what's
157s your Pantheon and how does that impact
159s some of the ways you think about
160s development I used to be the classic
162s Greek guy so like to Playdoh right
165s that's classic right you have to go
167s right but uh lately especially during
170s development of this game like cuz each
172s puan you have different way to gain
174s favors from the gods like and that is
177s how you get charged with the uh with so
179s that you get to use the god Powers so
182s the for nowadays I play the no because
185s the way they get the power is much more
187s interesting to me you basically the more
189s you battle the more damage you do the
192s more the God favors you so it sounds
194s awesome right so like the more I do what
197s I already want to do the more power I
199s get so it's like a gray Loop that just
202s like keep going so is drawback to
204s leaning into one Pantheon too much uh I
207s think there's no there there's never
210s like the only one answer for this right
213s so like everyone say that their perance
216s is the best and like honestly we we will
219s try to mix it up sometimes just so like
221s know your enemies as well right so that
223s is good you're not wrong you to know
225s exactly how to Smite the people you yeah
227s but I would say like the team definitely
228s split between different pavion some some
230s people like Egyptian some people like
232s atan so it's awesome just to see like
236s all the different battles going on
237s between all the different pavion and at
238s a minimum you got the the play value in
240s that you got to play as each Pantheon
242s see exactly which one is your jam I
245s would love to know if there are some
246s some personal Inspirations for your
247s individual teams um as they were putting
250s together these projects uh especially
252s coming back to a game 2002 um I'm sure
256s for a lot of people is near and dear to
258s their hearts because they played the
259s first one so working on it um a big
262s thing are there any personal
263s Inspirations and how did y'all kind of
265s put your personal touch on it as fans of
268s this thing that you're making on so
270s give you a personal story this is a
272s veryit interesting we we have an Aron
275s angel in our team I've been in the team
277s for more than a quarter Century so the
281s person who hired me into the industry
283s thank you T um is the original program
287s manager for Age of Empires one so for me
290s I feel like I come full circle to be
292s able to work on this franchise again and
294s this is fantastic and because the
297s franchise has been so long we now see
299s multigeneration
300s people playing like parents teaching
302s their kids to play together so it and
305s also we get letters from fans saying hey
308s I'm now literally being a history
311s Professor because they learn like all
314s the history and get interested in
316s history because of Age of Empires age of
318s mythologies and all those games so it's
321s it's great it's just like seeing all the
324s people being able to get inspiration
327s absolutely love it those are those are
329s the heartwarming stories especially when
330s you you get to beat on your kids in in
333s ag of Empires like that that's that's
335s what you really want you get that for a
338s little bit and then the kids will beat
340s you very don't tell don't tell people
342s that then they're not going to want to
343s play if the kids are going to eventually
344s get good co up against AI That's my
347s recommendation all right that's what we
349s we work family angle and just Co-op as
350s we look at evolving a game from like 20
353s years ago um can you talk to us about
356s some of the quality of life stuff uh a
358s little bit more in depth if if you if
360s you can sure how do we that the way that
364s wellat has been approaching and this
365s titles is um one of the principle we say
369s we want to build this all this beloved
372s titles in the way that you remember in
374s your head so this really important
376s actually let's be clear about this
378s because as many folks have like play hey
380s I remember that game like for example
382s even the original uh inter mythology
385s when I first played it I I I swear that
387s Graphics has Peak there was like will
390s never get better than that right so
393s that's exactly how I felt at the time
394s and then now looking back trying to play
396s the original and to say like H it's not
398s exactly how I remember it watched this
402s right so the the way that we want to do
404s it is we want to make sure that we build
406s the game that you remember it so when
407s you first play it's like this exactly
410s how I remember the same feeling comes
412s back so that is very important to us um
415s so but for retold we are again we are
417s going beyond that so there's a lot of
419s new featur we're adding quality of life
421s features but uh strict out features as
424s well because I think we're lucky enough
426s that years now 2024 we have Hardware
429s that's like powerful enough um that can
431s really realize some of the original
433s concept and we have also learned a lot
435s over the last few years to uh on the
438s other titles to see how do we can make
440s strategy games and especially real-time
442s strategy games a lot more approachable
445s and this is like h of pathology retail
447s is the most approachable like Age games
450s we have ever built so we have added a
452s lot of features to make it much easier
455s for people to play the game so like all
458s sort of things being at what are we
459s leaving people with with respect to age
461s mythology reto Age of Mythology reto is
466s from my standpoint looking at it right
467s there's no other game they have the
469s fantasy where you have the Greek gods
471s for G the NS for against like the utan
473s sons of RA and then like allenan as well
476s it's just it's just amazing it is just
478s like a such a cool talk box that
481s everyone actually like play your power
483s fantasy like you say right the battles
485s is just amazing so I hope more and more
488s people get to try it and play it so that
490s would be fantastic I'm already telling
492s youall Egyptian Pantheon if you're
493s curious about where I'm going Egyptian
495s Pantheon see my man know what I'm
496s talking about
500s [Music]