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Transcript (by Youtube)

8s Epirote Soldier: Look to the north, my Lord. The battle is starting.
22s Marcus: There are those among us who still believe in Rome.
43s Ushar: Sargon seemed to have descended from heaven to rule the world.
48s Villager: Lead us, Sargon.
53s Epirote Narrator: How can a man make a name for himself
55s when titans roam the stage of the world?
58s Lysimachus: This is the end of the road for you, Antigonus.
62s Marcus: Emperor Domitian's soldiers’ blood is the currency of power plays.
68s Legate: Let us teach this rebel governor a lesson.
97s Marcus: Domitian calls on us to quash the rebellion of one Saturninus.
107s When Rome calls, I must go.

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