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418s hi everyone and welcome back to another
421s of our friday streams here at relic
423s entertainment and working on age of
424s vampires so
427s yeah this is just one of our streams we
428s have in our season one festival of
430s updates live stream series we're doing
432s these every friday going through
434s different content the last two weeks we
436s watched elliott play some ranked game
438s play in his road to ranked series
440s watched how that went for him um
443s where did you end up again elliott was
445s it
446s it's on
447s excuse me i'm silver 3 right now um but
450s i'm on like if i get one more win i'll
452s be uh i'll be uh gold one so all right
455s but before we keep going i wanna say a
456s quick shout out to
458s calpe or kelp i don't know if i said it
460s right but thanks for rating with the
461s party uh thanks for joining us on stream
463s here yeah thank you
465s yeah so as i mentioned we're doing these
467s every friday uh different content and
469s today
471s we're doing something a little bit
472s different we'll get into that in just a
473s few minutes here uh but yeah we
476s basically this is part of festival of
477s ages which has seasons ranked seasons
479s the seasonal event
481s the content editor uh which is in beta
484s and that a little bit of a hint of what
485s we're talking about today which should
486s be exciting and a ton of other changes
488s i'm sure most of you
490s watching this have already played the
491s game already seen some of these changes
493s in the update there so we're not going
494s to go too much into that other than to
496s say
496s it's out there if you haven't yet check
498s it out it's a lot of fun it's a good
499s update um some events all that sort of
501s fun stuff
502s but today for those who might notice a
505s familiar face on the bottom left there
507s michael konkin is joining us
509s he is a game designer and he is here to
512s give us a
513s special bit of live demo of the content
516s editor and what it can do
518s uh so yeah thank you so much for joining
520s us michael pleasure to have you back
523s thanks for having me we're making a map
524s today yeah uh there you go and that's
527s what we're doing we're making a map
528s we're gonna well to be specific michael
530s is gonna be making the map for us and
531s we're gonna watch him
533s so he he's kindly offered to give us a
536s rundown of some of the stuff you can do
538s with the drumheart's content editor
540s there again it is a beta so there's
542s still cons like the goal is to keep
544s evolving the product and get that going
546s um but
547s we're gonna watch what he can do and
549s make a map on stream here
551s hopefully all goes well doing it live
552s we'll see
553s doing it live no worries grant where
555s this is gonna be a perfect map perfectly
557s balanced perfectly balanced oh wow gonna
560s look beautiful
561s let's go all right
563s so we're going to switch over and take a
565s look here at the setup he has in the
567s content editor actually one second
570s before we do that one thing to mention
572s um
574s yeah where is it one thing to mention as
575s we're talking about our streams so today
577s i just tossed the schedule on here today
579s is the content editor map
580s map uh demo we're doing here today we
583s will be back again next week with the
584s road to ranks stream and these we're
586s doing these every friday for these
588s streams
589s um and then yeah i guess we can just hop
592s right in so this is
594s the first thing you'll see we've got a
596s konkin camera on the bottom right there
598s and then we're just taking a look at
600s the content editor itself um so tell us
603s what we're seeing
604s so this is the age of empires for
607s content editor wizard
609s um to open this up you if you're on
611s steam you can just find it in your
614s in your games list just make sure you're
615s filtering for tools as well
617s and if you're on win store um you should
619s have an icon uh next or near
622s to
623s your age of empires launcher and there's
625s instructions on on how to launch them
627s from both platforms
628s in our documentation as well
631s so once you open it up this is what
632s you'll see uh you can click on this view
634s getting started link and this is gonna
635s take you right to our documentation if
637s you have
638s absolutely no uh no clue what you're
640s doing but
641s today we're gonna create a mod so that's
643s what i'm gonna click on
645s and you can see here we have all of the
647s different mod types that uh you're able
650s to make right now um we have crafted
652s maps uh maybe i'll give a quick rundown
654s of each one crafted maps are
657s a map type where when you launch it in
659s game it's going to be the same map every
661s single time so like every pebble every
663s rock every tree is going to be in the
664s exact same spot
666s and there's cool some cool stuff with
667s you that you can do with it you can add
669s a script to it to create your own sort
672s of campaign mission
674s you can you can do a bunch of stuff
676s you can drop stuff on the map drop
678s buildings drop starting units things
679s like that
680s generated maps are what you're used to
682s playing in quick match and ranked and
684s and most of the custom maps as well
687s and those ones have sort of a theme like
689s maybe there's a river running through it
691s but every single time it's going to be
692s slightly different
693s um
695s tuning packs are sort of like
696s be your own balance designer you can
698s change up how units and buildings work
700s in the game
701s and game modes allow you to create your
702s own win conditions so you can
705s you know turn age into a moba or
706s whatever you want to do
708s so
709s we're going to create a crafter map
710s today uh a simple one but a crafted map
713s let's click on that
715s and what do we want to call it
717s ellie and grant any ideas
719s oh i i don't know
721s the dual are you having a river go
723s through it
724s sure yeah i'm sure yeah it's dual that
726s makes sense you know what is star wars
728s week
731s [Music]
737s how about that maybe you can do a future
739s stream where you guys uh play against
741s each other maybe sure
744s um so there's a number of different
745s starting options here uh we can start
746s from scratch that's advanced that's
748s crazy we're not going to do that this
749s this will just give you like a blank
750s plane and you can
752s you can you know carve your own
754s mountains out of it um
755s beginner is a really nice option if
757s you're just getting started you can kind
758s of see that you can choose one of the
759s existing layouts that you're probably
761s familiar with from playing the game
763s and this is gonna this is gonna kick you
765s off with a starting point that's exactly
767s as if you launched into like a black
769s forest match in game
771s but then from there you'll be able to
773s drop stuff on the map or or manipulate
775s the terrain or whatever
778s and you can choose your biome and your
779s size as well
780s so this is is pretty easy to get started
782s we're going to start with intermediate
783s because there's this cool terrain layout
785s tool that lets you
786s kind of craft how you want to how you
789s want to get started
791s so
793s this is you can imagine sort of a
794s topographical view of what your map is
796s going to look like
798s and we have a palette here and you can
800s hover over each of these items to kind
802s of see what it is so
804s we have planes for example
807s if we hover over here to the gray ones
808s we have some mountains of various sizes
812s and you can just click on one of these
814s and it's going to change your your
815s leftmost click and your rightmost click
817s and you know we can make like a massive
821s a massive mountain scenario or something
823s like that but that would be unplayable
824s so we're going to do something more fun
826s than that i see placebox in chat saying
828s is this ms paint i mean it looks a
829s little bit like msp but can it can do a
831s lot more than emma's paint can do and
833s you know what ms paint is is pretty cool
835s i've seen some amazing yeah
838s you can do some pretty amazing stuff
839s with this too
841s all right so let's let's kick it off
843s with some
844s uh mountain so i'm going to draw in
847s do a mountain like right here
850s uh maybe some
852s maybe a mountain there
855s and i'm gonna do
857s a bit of gradation so
862s you know it's not just like
864s we don't just go from
865s low rolling hills to like a very steep
868s high altitude mountain right we're going
870s to kind of
871s ease into
874s the surrounding area there
878s look at this putting some thought into
880s your design here
881s yeah
882s and what else do we want let's try
885s let's find a lower elevation some planes
888s and we'll do this
891s i actually want a path to be over here
892s so i'm gonna do i'm gonna go like that
894s and
895s uh
897s what else what else um you can also
899s click on this and you can you can get
901s some oh they actually don't show up but
902s it gives you a full list of sort of
905s what you can um choose from like the
907s entire palette set
909s so let's try a
912s let's try some
915s plateau this is sort of a plateau so
916s we're going to see like a gradual slope
918s going down here
920s and
922s maybe we want to add should we add a
924s river
925s elliott yeah
927s yeah let's go river
929s so you can just kind of draw where you
930s want that river to go
932s and
933s this is river zero we have a bunch of
935s zeroes there and if you want you can
937s kind of
938s you can move
940s this doesn't look like i must paint
942s anymore
943s control where that river goes there
947s all right i see chat talking about doing
948s this as like a pixel art editor making
950s just pixel art and seeing what maps that
952s generates that'd be pretty fun
953s yeah totally
956s okay what else we need to add our
957s players so let's let's give player one
960s let's start them there let's start
962s player two down here for now let's just
964s do two players we're on
966s a micro maps just for
968s ease demonstration
971s any uh any requests on biome
974s i mean i personally like tyga winter but
976s i don't know if it'll show well in
977s stream yeah i would say just school
980s yeah nice to have the like
983s sub tropical agents
984s sure
987s uh okay
988s and
990s i think that's a pretty good starting
992s point we can always can always change it
994s up a little bit let's put some
996s slow rolling hills there this is nice
998s like as you see here like this gives you
999s that like
1000s bigger picture of like roughly what you
1002s want this is just like setting the basis
1004s right
1005s yeah exactly and we're
1008s we're ready to go
1009s hang on one second i see nutella in chat
1012s asking how and when can you use this
1013s this is already a thing you can use uh
1016s the content editor that you're seeing
1017s here is already available for you
1019s um so yeah can if you want to give a
1021s rundown just one more time of where they
1023s can find this yeah so if you're on steam
1025s um just search in your steam games list
1027s and it's going to be under the tools
1029s section so you might have to
1031s enable that from your filter but once
1033s you do that it'll just it'll literally
1034s say age of empires for content editor
1036s beta and you just launch it as you would
1038s a game and then on windows store you're
1040s going to have a shortcut or an
1041s application that you can click on as
1043s well
1043s and again maybe we can link out uh to
1046s the documentation but we have
1047s instructions on how to open this stuff
1049s up and get started as well yeah and
1050s there yeah there's a whole uh page like
1052s on the on the age website here that has
1054s information on the content editor there
1057s all right
1058s so
1059s we're gonna we're gonna generate this
1060s map you ready to go
1062s yeah let me just see let's take a look
1064s he's just gonna switch over and get this
1065s map generating so we're just going to
1066s come back to cams here for one second
1068s just so
1070s just for the switch over as it generates
1072s oh i see him entering a description
1074s actually so we got that going
1075s the duel of the fates all right
1081s and
1082s should
1083s be today's revenge of the six sith and
1085s sixth anyways right as people
1087s people call it right stars yeah yeah
1091s okay we've got this back on stream i'm
1092s just going to try to get this to look a
1095s little
1098s fit just a little bit better
1100s the fun of aspect ratios always
1107s so it takes uh it takes maybe 20 seconds
1110s to generate your mileage may vary based
1112s on your computer but
1113s here's our map that's that's pretty cool
1115s right
1116s yeah yeah we have our two mountains we
1119s have we have a bit of a slope here we're
1121s starting high and we're going low
1123s we have our path around um the generator
1126s kind of worked its magic and it gave us
1127s some sacred sights and settlements
1130s which um you know maybe we want maybe we
1132s don't i mean maybe i'll keep that one
1134s get rid of that
1138s and
1140s get rid of that
1141s and get rid of that
1143s okay so uh you can see on the on the
1146s left here we have all of the
1148s basically all the assets that were
1149s spawned into this map
1152s and
1153s what i just did there is i just clicked
1155s on them in the in the render window and
1157s i deleted them with the delete key
1159s but you can also you know click on stuff
1161s and move it around
1163s if i think that that this gold deposit
1165s should be slightly over here i can make
1167s subtle changes like that
1169s um so that's a good spot to get started
1171s you also have some control over things
1173s like
1174s the atmosphere so
1177s you know what can we do here let's let's
1179s make a really small
1181s impactful change maybe we want to make
1183s it
1184s nighttime
1185s oh sorry so it was uh someone in chat
1187s asked how did you generate it from the
1190s written show layout that you did
1192s yeah you just you just click next yeah
1195s just because we didn't want to make sure
1196s we wanted to make sure we could come
1197s back to this on stream we just went to
1198s campus for a second there so what you
1199s would see normally is after you choose
1202s that pixel art sort of where you're
1203s setting up what it looks like in that
1204s editor
1205s you click next and close that and then
1207s it just takes you into the editor here
1209s with what you've built so this this came
1211s from pixel art look at that it's
1213s beautiful
1214s and that's actually a good point at
1215s night right
1216s i just made it night well i kind of made
1218s it night i made it a little a little
1220s blue tint what uh is there anything else
1222s we can do here we can change the sun's
1225s angle and kind of play around with that
1227s or the sun's
1229s orbit
1232s until we
1233s until we kind of find something that we
1234s like
1236s um but what you can also do is you can
1238s say okay
1239s this is cool but what if i miss
1241s something or what if i want to change
1242s something with my initial
1245s ms paint drawing i can go into scenario
1247s and i can go generators
1249s random scenario and i can just edit it
1252s again right i can make more changes so i
1254s actually forgot something um very
1257s intentional i wanted to show you how to
1258s re-edit your map
1260s but we want to add a river crossing
1262s right
1263s otherwise there's going to be no way to
1264s actually get across that river yeah
1266s so let's just add one right in the
1267s middle there and maybe we give player
1269s one one right there as well
1271s and when i'm happy with that i just
1273s click okay
1276s and it's gonna think on it for a second
1283s and you can sort of see how okay so like
1285s this the spirit the essence of the map
1287s is still there
1288s um but now we should see
1291s uh there's a river crossing right in the
1293s center here
1294s and there's one right here as well
1296s um so that did kind of what we wanted it
1299s to
1300s uh yeah the river's still there there's
1301s just like these two crossings kind of
1303s now that you can actually get across
1305s yeah exactly i like zooming into the
1307s buildings and seeing the fire at night
1308s that's kind of cool
1310s um okay so what else do we have well we
1313s said we wanted this to be a two-player
1315s map
1316s and we can see that we have two starting
1318s positions we have one right here there's
1320s just this sort of green icon that shows
1322s where the player start is going to be
1324s and we have one over here
1328s what else do we want to do with those
1329s players you can find the player slots
1332s over here and
1334s you can do some interesting things you
1335s can say i want this player to be
1339s english for example and i i don't want
1341s the player to be able to change their
1343s civilization so i'm going to lock it and
1345s maybe i lock them to
1347s team one as well
1349s and then for
1350s player two let's make them french
1353s and let's lock that and let's make them
1356s team two and lock that so that's
1358s actually gonna when a player actually
1359s downloads your mod and plays it in a
1362s skirmisher custom match they won't be
1363s able to change their civilization
1365s um and you can imagine the the sort of
1368s interesting things you can do with that
1369s because if you're creating like a
1370s campaign mission you might want to start
1372s the player off with buildings and units
1374s and you might want to enforce that
1375s they're starting as a certain
1376s civilization and yeah
1378s yeah oh so michael can i have you just
1380s try one thing if you want to open up any
1381s of the top menus like the drop downs
1383s just because your mouse seems to it does
1385s look like it's disappearing um sometimes
1388s try mousing over some of those i saw it
1389s come back once it's
1391s it might just be it doesn't like this
1393s capture um which is unfortunate but
1398s i am opening
1400s oh yeah i see them i do not see your
1402s cursor right now yeah so we're having oh
1404s you don't you don't see that i see what
1405s you're selecting but we don't actually
1407s see the cursor
1408s i did see it before so i'm not sure like
1409s it does seem to show up from time to
1411s time but
1412s right okay maybe i'll just go slow so
1414s you can see the
1415s what i'm highlighting
1418s if you look to the bottom of the editor
1421s there's a window called the object
1423s browser
1425s and this is really fun because this lets
1427s you basically just drop
1430s a bunch of buildings and units into the
1432s map if you want to
1433s so for the english player for example we
1435s can find
1437s we can just drag and drop
1440s a keep if we want to right and then we
1442s have to keep there so they're going to
1443s their town center is going to spawn here
1445s and we have to keep already
1448s and
1448s maybe we want to scatter some outposts
1451s so you can select the thing you want to
1453s drop
1454s and you can just
1455s right click as well and then
1457s those are
1459s going to
1461s spawn right on the map so you'll get
1463s some line of sight there
1464s um
1466s i'm going to create a folder for player
1468s 1
1471s that we can drop all their objects into
1477s and one important thing that you have to
1479s do is when you spawn these objects
1481s they're going to start as over on the
1483s right here they're going to start as
1484s world owned
1486s in this drop down
1487s and so we want to assign them to player
1489s one because we want player one to have
1491s control over those when the match starts
1494s um
1495s we can also give them some starting
1496s units any requests any requests in chat
1499s or from you you grant and elliott on uh
1501s what kind of units you want to start
1502s with uh
1504s i love
1506s hmm
1507s i love the hand cannon years of the
1508s attorney that's one of my yeah we see
1509s some cannons in chat as well here i
1511s think this is going to be a bit of a
1516s twitch twitch plays basically but twitch
1518s makes a map now
1520s twitch makes a map
1522s um okay so we have some bombards we have
1525s some
1527s cannons
1531s and what else what else
1536s maybe just some mounted arms too just
1538s some like
1539s some infantry
1540s yeah
1541s just get them started a little bit over
1542s there storm the enemy and i'm just going
1545s to select all of these
1549s and
1552s put them into player one and we're gonna
1554s again assign those to player one okay
1557s um let's create a
1560s folder for player two i don't know if
1562s this is gonna be grant or elliot i don't
1563s know who's playing one and who's who's
1565s player two here
1566s i don't know
1568s but
1569s let's let's go down here to player two
1571s start
1573s and
1574s that is player two right yeah that's
1576s player two
1577s um this is this looks a little bit more
1579s complicated but
1580s it's actually quite simple we're gonna
1582s add a slotted spline group because this
1584s is how walls work in the game so we're
1586s going to create a new slotted spline
1588s group
1589s and we're going to select the
1593s uh who's player 2 is french right so
1596s we're going to go
1598s branch buildings
1600s defensive walls oh are you do you have a
1602s window open there michael
1604s oh yeah it's not selected yeah uh there
1608s it's not show yeah we might have to take
1609s a look at that after this um but
1613s you'll see it once i once it manifests
1615s once we actually create it here
1618s uh so we can see that wall there and
1621s each of these little notches here are a
1623s point in the wall
1625s where that wall sort of
1627s uh
1628s splits so you can so just extend it and
1630s the wall will
1632s auto magically
1636s basically adjust size to match what
1638s you're you're
1639s pulling there
1640s exactly and
1643s maybe we want to add more so i'm just
1645s going to add some more of these
1647s and then you can
1652s do a full-on wall
1654s and
1655s i'm also if you have a wall you also
1657s want a gate so let's do another slotted
1660s spline and you're not going to see this
1661s window when it pops up
1663s but i'm going to select
1665s wrench
1669s defensive walls
1670s gates
1671s and if i move that onto the wall
1674s you can see that gate created there so
1675s that's kind of cool
1677s and for both of these
1681s i want to make sure that they're both
1682s set to player two so that this player
1684s actually owns those when
1687s we're playing
1688s uh
1690s any other requests here i feel like this
1692s is this is like a good starting point we
1693s could maybe test this out and see how it
1695s goes yeah i think so definitely worth uh
1698s unless chat what do you think
1701s uh but yeah
1702s requests i'm also fine to just hop in
1704s and see what this looks like
1706s okay i'm gonna give um i'm gonna give
1710s let's say maybe elliott's player one
1711s let's give him one more advantage we'll
1713s give him some traction trebuchet is
1715s hiding in the
1716s game all the advantages that's not fair
1718s come on i'm gonna need those advantages
1720s elliot's gonna destroy me no matter what
1721s let's make grant let's make
1723s yeah player one no well i mean i could
1725s be player one sure i'll take the
1726s advantages
1728s i just had faith in you grant that's why
1730s i
1732s well thank you but i will take those
1733s advantages either way
1736s okay and i'm going to again i'm going to
1738s assign these to
1740s player one okay so we have a map that
1742s we're at least you know we're kind of
1743s happy with this we're ready to
1746s to test it out at least
1748s um and so
1751s what do we do now first we're going to
1752s save it
1754s so as with most applications you can
1756s just go file you can go save all
1759s uh and that
1760s now i can we do not see this
1762s unfortunately again uh so just for
1763s people watching the stream what we have
1764s is we have konkan he michael konkin here
1767s he is streaming just this this window um
1769s so that's why i guess in this case with
1771s the save window popping up you're not
1772s gonna see that
1773s but it does also mean you won't get to
1774s see all of his files on his computer
1776s which is probably a good thing um but
1778s you just go through it you just go file
1780s save save it out um
1783s and if you see do you see this drop down
1786s at the top left the clean cache like
1789s that drop down the clean clean cache and
1790s autoclave yeah and now this one is build
1793s mod yep we see those
1794s so this is the key so once you're ready
1796s to test your mod you just go up here you
1798s select build and build mod
1801s and then it's gonna
1805s work its magic and now it's ready to be
1807s played in game it won't be available to
1809s any other players yet because we haven't
1810s published it
1812s but it'll be available if you create
1814s your own skirmisher custom match and
1815s then you can try it out and test it and
1817s iterate on it before it's ready to go
1819s out so this is just saving it then to
1821s your local computer and then when you go
1822s to play the game it's an option just to
1824s you right
1825s exactly so if you make the game can
1827s other people join and still play that
1828s map or do you have to publish it first
1830s so they can't unless you shared those
1833s files with them
1834s you know if you sent him over an email
1837s um and the other player had those files
1838s on their computer so you could test a
1840s map with a friend for example before you
1842s publish it um but another way to play it
1845s really easily easily with people is just
1847s to publish it and then they can download
1849s it and play it right away as well
1852s uh so i'm gonna switch over to the game
1854s now all right uh
1856s go for it we're just gonna come back
1857s here to cam so we'll see all of our
1858s faces while he does this switch over
1860s he's gonna get the game loaded up here
1863s and streaming to us
1868s see elliot's webcam blurring out there
1869s oh he's back all right so as this is
1872s just gonna be i don't know why it's why
1873s it's doing that i don't know it's having
1874s some trouble focusing on you first time
1875s yeah like we've yeah this is the first
1877s time
1879s i haven't changed my setup so no it's
1881s not the point here um we've had some
1883s questions here around um
1886s are you able to freely remove repaint
1888s position resources as you please after
1889s generating or
1891s do you have to choose to have it
1892s generated without any and then add those
1893s later myself
1895s good question so the generator will
1898s generate all of the resources for you
1900s um and when you regenerate uh it is you
1904s kind of want to do all of your
1905s regeneration before you start placing
1907s objects on the map
1908s because if you
1910s add objects and then you regenerate
1911s you're going to kind of have to retool
1913s all of the objects you place to make
1914s sure that they're lined up with the
1916s terrain and everything
1918s and
1919s there are some tools to help you with
1920s that so for example we didn't get into
1923s it today because it's a bit more
1924s complicated but you can
1926s paint parts of the terrain that you want
1928s stealth for us to appear for example and
1930s then whenever you generate it's going to
1932s generate a sort of dynamic stealth force
1934s wherever you painted
1936s so there's lots of tools to help you
1937s kind of get what you want
1939s um and all of that stuff is documented
1941s uh on the on the website to kind of read
1943s through and check out if you want to
1944s start getting into the more advanced
1946s stuff
1947s awesome thank you
1949s uh so let me know when we're sharing the
1951s screen grant and i'm waiting for
1955s you to get it streaming again
1957s all right
1960s as soon as that's in we'll hop back um
1963s there we go
1964s yes awesome
1966s so yeah we see he's got his skirmish
1968s game open here
1970s skirmish game open we have standard game
1972s mode with dry arabia selected so i want
1974s to go find my map and
1976s after we burned it it is
1978s the duel elliot versus grant there it is
1981s and we have that sort of topographical
1983s view remember when i lock the
1985s civilization and the team so those are
1987s grayed out and if i add an ai player um
1990s i thought i'd lock them to france but
1992s that's okay that won't really change our
1993s demo that much
1994s um let's kick it off i'm gonna i'm gonna
1996s pretend to be
2000s uh grant in this situation with the
2005s all right
2012s do you like my coat of arms
2014s very nice
2015s thank you yeah
2016s it's awesome
2022s all right
2024s undirected
2026s no wolf no wolf can can take us
2028s uh so
2030s here we are here's our river my starting
2033s castle
2034s all the units that so we do start with
2036s the default skirmish units there's ways
2038s to to work around this if you just if
2040s you just wanted to start with with a
2041s castle and some custom units for example
2044s and
2045s uh we have some good line of sight with
2047s our towers and units here
2049s and then
2051s um we think elliot is somewhere down in
2053s this corner so
2054s nice look at this like beautiful like
2057s moon
2058s moon glow over everything there yeah you
2061s can add fog there's there's some really
2063s cool stuff that you can do once you
2065s start digging into the
2067s power of the editor
2070s and i think it's the editor is
2071s definitely one of those things the more
2072s time you spend with it the more you
2073s experiment the more you'll be able to do
2075s um it's
2077s quite powerful um definitely a lot more
2078s powerful than we'll be showing off today
2080s so there's a lot of documentation on the
2082s adrian buyers website for that for
2084s what you can do as well
2086s yeah hopefully this just gives a sense
2087s of you know how easy it is to get
2089s started and
2090s and drop some stuff on a map and and
2092s kind of see it play out yeah like you
2094s can definitely get started with just
2095s like what people are saying feels like a
2096s bit of ms paint toss in some drag and
2098s drop of some units and
2100s see what that looks like and it going
2101s from there
2103s then if you like something just keep
2104s keep
2105s keep tweaking it keep finding what works
2110s and there you have it
2112s look at this you're just taking down
2113s elliott basically ai elliott
2118s i thought you had more annual yet
2121s i'm sorry
2123s it's uh saving it all for the ranked
2125s stream next week oh yeah
2134s yeah ai is trying to recover but we
2137s didn't give it much of a chance there
2138s yeah
2139s definitely destroyed it there
2147s now but since we've got this map
2149s generated um honking is there any more
2151s any um like advanced map techniques that
2153s you would uh recommend players start
2155s looking into as well while they're
2156s looking to create this i think the the
2158s next level is kind of what uh i hinted
2161s at with someone's question earlier which
2162s is like painting the terrain with with
2164s where you want the trees to be
2166s um and thinking about where all your
2168s resource resources are
2170s um
2171s but uh
2172s when it gets really meaty is when you
2174s start getting into the scripting so if
2176s we wanted to we could have
2178s you know we could have placed a whole um
2180s city here and we could
2182s uh play some defensive units you can
2184s create your own sort of like art of war
2186s challenge or campaign mission and you
2187s can script those units to do what you
2189s want so
2190s so you could like tell a group of men at
2192s arms to patrol the front you could
2194s um you could have some scout set up to
2196s sort of scout around the map
2198s and create an interesting scenario for
2199s someone to play
2201s yeah
2204s awesome yeah definitely really cool i
2206s know people are asking all sorts of
2207s stuff of what you can make in the editor
2209s someone asking you can do like a tower
2210s defense and i think the big thing is
2213s once you're at the point once you're
2214s comfortable with using this map this
2216s intermediate like kind of like map
2218s generation for this look into scripting
2219s and there's a lot you can do there
2223s are are we still sharing my screen here
2225s we are yes
2226s maybe i'll just really quickly hop over
2228s to the mods tab where of course you can
2230s download other people's maps but if you
2232s were happy with your map or your mod
2234s that you just tested and you actually
2236s wanted to publish that to people you can
2238s find it in the mod publisher
2240s and when it's ready to go you can just
2242s click this and it'll instantly be
2244s available to
2245s anyone who wants to download it and if
2247s you were to create a custom match for
2249s example and select
2251s your map then anyone who joined would
2253s automatically download it as well we
2255s would definitely recommend you add your
2256s own image and you know put a put a good
2258s description in there so people know what
2259s they're downloading but um it's pretty
2260s easy to
2261s to get started with it
2263s that's awesome so yeah it's just you in
2265s the actual like content editor there you
2267s save it out you come in here you have
2269s the chance to test out yourself first
2270s and you're happy there's just that
2271s publish mod option and you're you're set
2273s there's not a lot not anything too too
2275s difficult with that process it's quite
2276s nice
2277s yeah
2279s okay i'm gonna quit now
2281s all right
2282s all right there we go we're back to our
2285s cams say hi to everyone
2288s all right uh yeah so that's just kind of
2290s a quick preview of some of the stuff you
2291s can do with the content editor there
2296s yeah so it
2297s for those of you in chat uh
2300s if any of you have had a chance to use
2302s the content editor definitely
2304s feel free to let us know feedback is
2306s definitely something our team
2306s appreciates and
2308s looks for so if you go to the forums
2309s there's a great way you can give some
2310s feedback there too
2312s to the team as mentioned this content
2314s editor itself here is in still the beta
2317s we're calling it beta so that means it's
2319s definitely not final there's still
2322s work and stuff we're going to look at on
2323s it in the future there
2326s saw one question um from failure on what
2330s resources are available for writing aoe
2332s scripts
2333s so we have we put a lot of energy into
2335s the documentation for mods there's a
2337s huge resource called the age of empires
2339s four mod workshop on age of empires.com
2342s yep um one of our mods uh actually there
2345s she posted that in chat just a little
2346s above might be able to get that posted
2347s one more time but
2349s yeah that's that's what konkins talked
2351s about there
2352s awesome yeah and then also the tool
2353s ships with um
2355s a
2356s resource where you can actually see all
2358s of the functions that we use to script
2360s in the game so
2361s it uses the lua language as a as a base
2364s so if you know if you want to learn how
2366s to script a good first step would even
2368s just be to google some some simple lua
2370s stuff
2371s but there's also this resource where you
2373s know there's some custom functions that
2374s work with our editor
2376s that will let you command a group of
2378s units to move to a certain location for
2380s example
2381s so that's a great starting point and and
2383s something to play around with we also
2385s have some scripting templates so when
2387s you when you start a new mod and you
2389s want to make a game mode script for
2391s example
2392s or there's a crafted map example
2394s it'll it'll start you off with a script
2396s that you can kind of poke around
2398s and see how some basic stuff like
2399s setting up objectives and and
2401s controlling units is done
2405s awesome
2406s yeah and i guess that's kind of what you
2408s mentioned too with the scripting option
2409s is
2410s for earlier someone asked if you can
2411s make like a tower defense or if you want
2412s like waves of people coming after you
2414s similar to like when enemies come
2416s towards you in some of the campaign
2417s missions if you have like a group of
2418s enemies approaching and you have to
2419s defend or just
2421s kind of take care of them you could
2422s easily do that yourself with a little
2424s bit of scripting in there
2425s yeah yeah absolutely
2428s uh you can't modify the ui right now
2430s with mods although
2432s um i think there's some stuff you can
2434s you can script your own sort of elements
2436s um and you can give units new abilities
2439s um
2440s uh to a certain extent you can you can
2442s sort of repurpose abilities that are
2443s there and change their power and
2445s everything with with tuning packs and um
2448s and the data in a campaign mod
2451s that being said if you are looking for
2453s features from the mod editor or content
2456s editor tool um please post in the forums
2458s like i said this is a beta for a reason
2459s that the team is continuously going to
2461s be working on it um so
2463s as you guys uh play with the tools and
2466s get more familiar with it if there are
2467s certain things that you guys are looking
2469s for please please let us know by like i
2471s said just spinning up topics on the
2473s forums and and getting some discussion
2474s around that
2476s definitely uh as as we kind of covered
2478s earlier in the launch of the season one
2479s of the earlier streams of michael here
2481s we took a look at some of the initial uh
2483s content people had made in the content
2484s editor there and
2486s definitely seeing some really cool stuff
2488s uh coming out there so if you have time
2490s or are at all interested definitely
2491s recommend
2492s loading it up uh just seeing what you
2495s can make and who knows maybe i'll make
2496s something amazing definitely share it
2498s with people we love seeing what's out
2499s there
2500s and then maybe later on in the season i
2502s think we're looking at doing another ugc
2504s uh which is content editor here user
2505s generated content kind of review with
2508s michael here taking a look at what some
2509s some of the awesome stuff you've all
2510s made
2514s well i know michael's excited to take a
2516s look and have his
2519s little discussion there of all the cool
2521s the cool ugc cool mods everyone's made
2524s it's it's honestly mind-blowing like the
2525s tools are really powerful but uh it's
2528s crazy how quickly people have have
2530s learned how to make really cool stuff
2532s with it so it's awesome to see and it's
2534s one of those things i think beyond what
2535s the game exists is is like at any point
2538s what people can make for what the
2539s community can do to expand and build
2540s opponent is amazing and i think it's
2542s just great seeing
2543s that support and that passion from the
2545s community members here who are
2546s taking a look at the editor trying it
2548s out seeing what they can make and just
2550s continuing to evolve
2553s all right
2556s so i think
2558s that's
2558s pretty much it for our quick little demo
2560s i think we're looking at there right
2561s michael
2562s yeah yeah i think that's a good sort of
2565s starting point and maybe we can look
2566s into doing something more advanced in
2568s the future
2569s yeah definitely
2570s uh so yeah definitely uh to all of you
2572s in chat definitely highly recommend you
2574s take a look at that editor try it out uh
2576s i know i'm gonna be poking around in
2578s there and seeing what i can make out of
2580s it as well at some point uh should be a
2582s lot of fun
2583s that'd be a good stream grant
2585s oh no i don't i i'm not at the level of
2587s you i don't know this that well but
2588s definitely in the future maybe one day
2590s maybe one day i'll say potentially
2592s chance i think you can do you got it
2594s grant i think you can do it
2597s yeah so i guess that brings us someone
2599s actually close to the end of the stream
2600s so it's gonna be a little bit shorter
2601s today uh we oh oh no they're gonna watch
2604s my modding career with great interest
2606s that's that's dangerous that's
2611s you know maybe we'll see down the line
2613s if i have some time to play around with
2614s it oh yeah ash and grant road to plastic
2616s league and making a mod
2619s the ranked seasons of mod making done
2623s uh but yeah
2624s thank you uh so for everyone joining us
2626s we do these streams we're doing them
2628s every
2629s every friday here
2630s [Music]
2633s wrong thing we're not starting soon this
2634s is the one here so we have today was the
2637s content editor uh beta map demo we had
2640s here with michael and we just wanted to
2642s show off kind of some of the simple
2643s things just so those who might not have
2645s known what this is how it works all of
2648s that and to encourage you to kind of
2650s just check it out
2651s uh and then next friday we will be back
2654s again to road of ranked where we're
2656s going to watch elliott
2658s try to get back to gold
2661s we've had a few of these so far watching
2663s him play and it's a lot of fun i know
2664s chat here you cheer him on he's not
2667s plastic don't worry he's he's silver at
2669s least right now going for i'm certified
2671s silver right now exactly going for gold
2674s and then
2675s conquer
2677s uh yeah let's just skip diamond and
2679s platt and and you know all the other
2681s modes yeah let's go golden but
2683s sure yeah let's go straight to yeah
2684s straight to conquer um yeah
2687s so
2690s yeah um is this the time grant i think
2693s this is the time uh all right so
2696s uh obviously this is uh you know we're
2700s trying to figure a way to basically
2702s share this with the community but um i
2704s am actually gonna be wrapping up my time
2706s with relic entertainment as uh one of
2708s the community managers
2710s um and i'm going to be um
2713s yeah uh wrapping it up on this upcoming
2715s friday so that will be the last stream
2717s that if you guys want to join and take
2719s part in um that'd be great to see
2721s hopefully we can wrap up the streams uh
2723s with me being part of it uh by hitting
2725s gold but you know
2727s i'll have to leave that to the faith of
2728s my opponents but it's been an awesome
2731s pleasure to be able to you know
2733s play games with you guys stream with you
2734s talk with our dev team um go on this
2737s whole road to launching age four and
2738s obviously um now six months out uh we're
2741s kind of at this point now so um yeah so
2744s i just want to say thank you to
2745s everybody for welcoming me
2747s five years ago when i started um with
2749s relic entertainment and we started
2751s streaming h2 hd and then age one d e h2d
2755s i managed to escape h3 because i am
2757s terrible at h3 but you know that that is
2759s what it is so uh we've got other people
2762s on the community team that are amazing
2763s at uh the other age titles as well so um
2766s but you know like i said uh it's been a
2768s great pleasure and i'm so sad to be
2770s believing but you know what we're in the
2772s great capable hands of grant here our
2774s dev team and also our like mod team and
2777s other community managers like ashley
2778s turk and and such so
2780s yeah yeah i mean it's sad news it's
2783s definitely like i've been working with
2784s you for a little while here elliot as
2785s well so it's gonna yeah definitely gonna
2787s be missed all of you having you on
2788s stream working with me on a daily basis
2790s and everything you do for the community
2791s as well so we're super super thankful
2793s for you uh to those asking what it means
2796s for road to ranked if i'm taking over i
2799s don't think i will be taking over i'm
2800s i'm definitely not interesting to watch
2803s i'm not i'm nowhere near elliot's level
2805s uh
2806s uh but we are looking at what that means
2808s for future streams right now all we have
2810s is that we're doing the final road to
2812s ranked with elliott this is elliot's
2814s final road to ranked next week so
2816s definitely come check it out cheer him
2817s on then and then we're gonna be taking a
2819s look at what we want to be doing for the
2822s rest of the streams in the season and
2823s we'll be updating everyone on what that
2825s looks like
2826s now that being said we do have a lot of
2828s amazing players on our team like you
2830s know the balance team you know i know
2832s you guys all love eric so yeah maybe
2835s maybe we'll get some guest appearances
2837s down the road because i know they're
2838s they're more than willing to but
2840s obviously yeah next week will be the the
2841s at least the the cap for my roads ranked
2844s um on on friday and then uh we'll take
2847s it from there yeah so
2849s lots of tiers and chat ellie i know a
2850s lot from actually but also lots of i
2852s mean lots lots from honestly within
2854s relic when we heard the news uh same for
2856s the microsoft worlds outside there as
2857s well it
2859s it's always sad when you see someone
2860s you've worked with for such a long time
2861s here someone who's so passionate for
2863s community leave but
2865s it it happens uh definitely super
2867s thankful to have had the opportunity to
2868s work along with you as we launch this
2870s game and get it out there
2873s yeah
2874s uh
2875s i guess with that news that's kind of
2877s the end of the stream here as mentioned
2878s this was
2879s a shorter stream we're looking at doing
2880s this little demo here with michael uh
2883s but we will be back next friday for the
2887s road to ranked here this is the 2 30 p.m
2889s on may the 13th
2891s with elliott it will be his final road
2893s to rank so we'll see
2895s maybe he can hit gold that'd be nice uh
2896s we'll see how it goes that'd be a nice
2898s way to cap it off so whoever we're
2899s facing just you know
2901s watching this
2902s you know you know at least make it a
2903s challenge but you know you know let's
2905s let's let's help me cap off my uh basic
2907s goodbye stream as a as a with a win yeah
2912s all right uh yeah and again the
2915s content editor there there's the
2917s documentation the mod workshop go out
2919s there see what you can make and we'll
2920s take a look at it honestly and see if
2922s there's something who knows maybe down
2923s the line michael wants to feature it and
2925s we can show it off in a bit of another
2926s ugc showcase there
2929s otherwise yeah i think that brings us to
2932s the end of the stream
2933s yeah thank you everybody so much for
2935s joining us all the way up from you know
2936s before launch to now um and like i said
2939s join us next friday and uh you know
2941s let's let's cap it off with a stream and
2943s yeah maybe i'll talk with the balance
2944s team to give me some pointers before we
2946s head into friday so that i could at
2948s least get the gold win you want that
2950s gold good good get away
2953s like wrap things up yeah
2955s yeah
2957s awesome well all right thank you so much
2959s michael for saying
2960s yeah yeah thank you for that demo it was
2962s great to see what what the tool can do i
2964s think for a lot of people watching
2965s hopefully this has sparked some interest
2967s in the content out there and we'll see
2968s you make some cool stuff uh and to
2971s everyone here thank you for tuning in
2973s and to elliot thank you and i mean it's
2975s sad news but we you're going to be here
2976s one more week
2979s yeah all right thanks everybody thank
2981s you so much everyone see you next time
2984s alright take care bye bye
3007s [Music]
3022s [Music]
3045s you