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My friends! For today’s check-in we’ve got a special guest: Senior Designer Sean Slayback. He's going to give some info on the HAVOC, our new weapon we introduced and is live now in Apex Legends.

Take it away, Sean!

- u/Jayfresh_Respawn

Introducing the HAVOC!

Hey everyone, I'm Sean Slayback and I'm the primary weapons designer for APEX LEGENDS. Today the weapons team and I are really excited to have just unleashed our latest high-tech baby into Kings Canyon: the HAVOC Energy Assault Rifle.

The HAVOC's default fire mode is full-auto with a charge time. This means you have to hold the trigger down before the gun will start firing. Once those Energy rounds start flying, their high damage, high velocity, and low bullet drop make up for having to wait.

The HAVOC is the first weapon that is compatible with multiple Hopup attachments! (You can still only use one at a time.) Check it out:

1) Turbocharger - Don't want to wait for autofire charge-up time? Find a Turbocharger and forget all that


  • Equip this rare hopup to eliminate autofire charge time and unleash the HAVOC's full autofire DPS potential.

Fire for effect with the Turbocharger.

2) Selectfire Receiver - enables Fire Select to Hitscan Charge Beam

  • This single fire mode charges a powerful shot over time, then releases it automatically when it's ready. A long blue beam traces out across the battlefield, as you instantly hit your target with the raw power of light.
  • The play pattern is new to Apex and twists our normal combat, requiring players to keep the reticle on target with precision.
  • HITSCAN yeah I said it. Unlike other weapons in Apex, "hitscan" weapons pretty much instantly hit the player under your reticle when they fire.
  • Don't lead your target! Instead, make sure the reticle is directly on top of your target when the charge beam fires.
  • HAVOC Charge Beam mode has damage falloff so you can't hitscan other players for big damage across the map without counterplay.
  • Your 25 round mag goes through 5 rounds at a time to power this incredible feat of science.

Hitscan, baby.

So the HAVOC has multiple personalities which we think is unique and cool. Pair your Turbocharged HAVOC with a HCOG Bruiser for CQ autofire devastation, or link it with a 2-4x AOG and Selectfire Receiver to hitscan your targets at midrange. I've heard there could be rare Fully Kitted HAVOCs out there as well…

Behind the Scenes: It's critical to weapon feel that each weapon have a strong underlying power fantasy. For the HAVOC, our initial reference point was this scene in Elysium where Matt Damon shreds a bad guy on the space station with the CHEMRAIL energy rifle. Yussssss


Shredding with the CHEMRAIL

If you have any feedback or questions for us about the HAVOC or anything else weapons related, let us know in the comments here. I'll keep dropping by to respond, and as always u/Jayfresh_Respawn and u/Garza_RSPN should be around too.


On behalf of every dev on the Apex team, thanks for playing! It's been an absolutely incredible first few weeks for us. We're working really hard on new stuff that we think you're gonna love and can't wait to show you more. But until then, have fun mastering the HAVOC!

- Sean Slayback

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Originally posted by xnasty

Excited to see how training will be revamped so I can get in more time with this. Only got a selectfire in game but coming from games with charge weapons, it felt pretty good so long as I wasn’t in the thick of the fight.

As for other weapon feedback, there’s a bug involving guns being unusable until you drop them and pick them back up (0 in magazine, can’t aim, can’t reload). Lost a few games because of it.

Energy ammo still super rare

Shotguns feel best in most overall situations, snipers have limited use (especially with nowhere to practice long range shots) and SMG’s need some work to feel less crippling.

Thanks for the reports, we are looking into it right now.

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Originally posted by Zanryu1993

Only on the Selectfire charge shot.

yep this is correct. Autofire fires projectiles, while Single Fire (Charge Beam) uses hitscan.

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Originally posted by Parocosom

u/RespawnSean will we be getting new heirlooms soon or in march's update?

nothing to announce right now about Heirlooms.

We are glad you guys like the Wraith items, the weapons team worked hard on the Kunai you see in game to get it really popping for that <1% drop rate flex.

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Originally posted by Unstawppable

I meant that there is a launch option to get the Twitch loot without having prime. Well designed gun btw! Been having fun testing out the attachments

Oh! I gotcha. Not sure about that issue, sorry. Thanks for playing and have fun =)

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Originally posted by stellar476

It's very cool that you guys experiment with weapons and allow weapons to fit multiple roles.

Rather than new weapons, when will we see changes to existing weapons? I think it's very safe to say that multiple weapons are objectively overpowered. In a game where early-game looting can be very highly influenced by good and bad RNG, it's not fun to lose a game because you pick up a Mozambique and an Alternator and your opponent has a Spitfire or Peacekeeper.

thanks for the feedback... I answered more in this comment https://new.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/asvyoe/respawn_check_in_02202019_its_havoc_baby/egx5lun/

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Originally posted by Cribbit

Many players have noted the insane power of the wingman, especially how spammable it is with extended mags which removes the "high skill" aspect the gun seems to want.

Are there any plans for changes to it? A common suggestion is removing the mag slot.

thanks for the feedback... more on current weapon balance in this comment: https://new.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/asvyoe/respawn_check_in_02202019_its_havoc_baby/egx5lun/

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Originally posted by kinzu7

great concept. hopefully i can try the havoc more. the delay killed me once, but it was my first try with that weapon. so i have to try it sometime again.

when can we expect the new legend? :D

no shame about the delay, I think it happened to everyone here at the office their first time too. It's a little tricky to get used to.

I don't have anything to share about Legends but... I wish I could...

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Originally posted by Zanryu1993

Specifically on the Selectfire charge, yes.

that's correct. you can reach out and touch someone, but it might only be a tickle

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Originally posted by lucid1014

Saw a screenshot someone posted today of a Gold Havoc and it was using the Select Fire mod, will there also be gold versions with the turbocharger mod?

wouldn't that be cool...

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Originally posted by SkyyLord

Hey Sean. Not sure if you know but right now theres a bug on PC where if you drop a Havoc on the ground with a turbocharger, it'll crash the game. Any ETA on a fix for this? Thanks and looking forward to more updates.

thanks, we are looking into it now. if you have a repro video please post it btw

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Originally posted by awstoned

Please don’t nerf the wingman. And if it’s an absolute must

Just make the mag size 6,7,8,9

That seems reasonable

Gun feels to good to catch a nerf cause the crying kiddos

thanks for the feedback!

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Originally posted by SkyyLord

Here are several videos showcasing it, but I could find none with steps to reproduce it 100%.

https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/ast91v/server_crashing_bug_with_havoc_patch/?st=jsdyyq3z&sh=65b21ad9 https://clips.twitch.tv/SavageSleepyDogeNomNom

Edit: it appears to be after dropping the havoc in its already bugged state (no reserve ammo, cant reload) that actually crashes the server. I cant confirm this but hope it helps.

thank you!

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Originally posted by Nik0117

Havoc is a lot of fun and seems to be pretty well balanced. Do you guys have any idea when Crossplay will be available?

nothing to announce about Crossplay, sorry. thanks for playing!

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Originally posted by BDL1998

Hi Sean!


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Originally posted by BaghdadAssUp

I'm just curious if the crouch fast weapon switching is something that will stay or be fixed?

that's a bug, we're on it. no ETA yet.

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Originally posted by JumpIntoTheFog

Great now where can I learn these types of tips about weapons already in the game 😩

What do you want to know? I'm here brah

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Originally posted by brandongoldberg

Best shotgun in your opinion Eva 8 or Peacekeeper? Seems like the debate started off 100% peacekeeper and people are now moving towards the Eva 8. Personally I miss the monster that was the TF2 Eva 8

I'm not Sean, but don't you dare sleep on the EVA-8. Personally I'm 50/50 on whether I'd prefer a Peacekeeper or EVA-8 if given the choice - if I want that oldskool Terminator 2 Arnie flavor or relive my OG Quake days with a tight spread and fast ROF shotty...

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Originally posted by donny_jon

So Triple Take is even more useless now, k. I'm happy with the new gun but don't forget other guns as well ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Some of my thoughts... 3x Take fills a unique role in our game thanks to its fast refire rate and forgiving horizontal three-round pattern.

You can shred with it at mid ranges if you're landing 2+ pellets per shot. It's more capable in CQ than the DMR if you hit the whole pattern (like for emergency house clears)

I think its most unique role is ranged squad fire support. Tag the bad guys and suppress them while your offensive Legends close the gap.

I agree it's not a marksman's rifle, but it's designed as an entry point into ranged combat that is more forgiving for less experienced shooters. In the hands of a pro, always select the Precision Choke and flex those headshot skills.

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Originally posted by solaire2395

I was ranging from 55Dmg to the chest at close-medium range, and I think 30 and longer ranges. Hit scan helps a lot, as sometimes you don’t want to kill, but get an enemy off your back so you can change locations ya know?

Max damage is 55 for charge beam mode, and scales down over distance. (Not a linear scale but I'll leave it for the community to discover)

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Originally posted by darkensync

Hey Sean,thanks for this thread,very cool to see more insight into your inspiration for the gun.

Not related to Havoc,but I see you noted CoD2 in your twitter bio,what was your favorite weapon in that game?Would love to see a apex gun that was inspired by a cod2 weapon!

I've spent probably a few thousand hours on CoD2 snd PC when I was young,had a very active community in my region

So many good weapons in CoD2. Love the feel of the Thompson, kar98, Springfield, MP44, and that chunky BAR.

9 months ago - /u/RespawnSean - Direct link

Originally posted by Juggale

So with talk of the new gun using 2 hopups, could we get the hopups in training to practice with them? For all the guns really. Hopefully I'm not to late with this question.

Edit: forgot to mention before I hit submit, and mods for practice with the differences.

we feel you! nothing to announce tho.

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Originally posted by Gnostic28

Hi Sean, if I may ask, what is your favorite legend to play as right now? Mine is Pathfinder :D

Bangalore is my soul as a weapons guy. I vibe with her so hard.

Squad comp wise, when I play with my normal squad of killers I like to run Lifeline to support their insanity.

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Originally posted by QueefingQuailman

Any work being done about the Ninja control scheme bug? Or does it work as intended?

Can you link or provide more info please?

9 months ago - /u/RespawnSean - Direct link

Originally posted by spillednick

Any chance for platform specific balance? The Wingman and Peacekeeper are pretty oppressive on PC, and the increased tracking makes the r-301 and to a lesser extent the r-99 pretty powerful.

we're considering a wide range of ideas which could theoretically include platform specific adjustments. no promises though.

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Originally posted by vhdblood

You can animation cancel the Peacekeeper for a faster fire rate, that's the only issue I have with it.

we have a fix coming for this no ETA yet but I've played it.

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Originally posted by Gnostic28

Awesome! Can always use a Lifeline in hectic squad play, I like her.

I haven’t figured out which situations are best to use Bangalore’s smoke though

Digi threat scopes are awesome with Bangalore smoke

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