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Aight fair enough

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You're consistently assuming that the player's input occurs on the worst part of the tick, delaying every movement by 50ms. This isn't the case: the delay's just as likely to be 0 as it is 50.

Imagine mail is picked up on Wednesday. You might send a letter on Thursday and wait 6 days, or you might send a letter Wednesday morning and wait no time at all. The week-long delay is the worst case scenario.

If we assume that on average 20hz tickrate delays input by ~25ms...I don't think there's any movement that's meaningfully affected by an amount of time that small. Visual reaction time for a pro player is about 150-200ms.

Samy Duc didn't say why the increased bandwidth is band, but I assume it has something to do with congestion - maybe pumping 2x the traffic through to a server might cause lag or slowdowns or something.

Your connection quality is not a constant. The higher bandwidth usage you have, the more chance you have to hit on one frame, a packet loss, a little congestion that would not be really noticeable except this time you were in a close fight and you died because of this micro stutter / delay induced. The less bandwidth we use, the more consistency you have in your experience.

25 Oct

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Your situation is different. You just need to contact an advisor and they should be able to help with this.

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Hey all,


The recent update that went out a few days ago should have helped with this issue. Have you had the chance to try playing since the update? Are you still having any trouble? 


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