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I have encountered the nicest people in this game, along with the most sour players who just won't stop flooding their mic with hate speech and insults.

Had a game where a twitch streamer was just actively throwing insults at me because I had very little kills on the character I picked, not over 700 as they claimed to have. I never responded in voice and just ignored him, played the game like I would normally. Every action I did had a remark following it. "You guys f*cking suck, your stats are sh*t, I'm embarrassed being in the same squad with you even if it's by accident, you're not worth the rez, you guys are just waterboys, f*cking pussies."

I don't know how this streamer lives his life, but I'm just trying to play a game that hasn't been out for more than a month, I enjoy it so far and have made friends on it. However after this incident I am just wondering if apex is best left to the 'pro players' and if I should move on and find another game.

I only recently found out you can mic mute people, will definitely use that if I find another player like that.

I'd like to know if others have encountered extremely toxic players?

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