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Originally posted by Patenski

I don't know what to think about the new vehicle, it looks really fun to use but I hope it doesn't ruin the Apex gameplay, a gun based game, someone running over you with this thing killing you instantly sounds kinda bs to me, I hope is not the case.

Vehicles do not damage players when you run into them. They just sort of boop you to the side.

Originally posted by Alighten

Olympus is f**king breathtaking.

Olympus is super gorgeous, it might be just because it's new but it's my favorite map art wise.

(Not an artist, just a fanboy)

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Originally posted by DANNYonPC

Noooo, i wanted to drive into people :(

Can we atleast put gas on it?

Laughs in caustic

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Originally posted by toni-toni-cheddar

The real question is....do they interact with jumpads?

What would be the fun answer to that question? :D

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Originally posted by DFogz

If you can answer this, great. If not, understandable, we'll find out soon enough.

How common are vehicles? Is there a set number of them on the map in certain locations every time like jump towers, or will it be more like survey beacons where the number & locations are slightly random?

You'll get these answers soon enough. Don't want to spoil other people's fun.

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Originally posted by Toxic-Widow

Aren't you guys worried that the third party "meta" is gonna get worse now with vehicles?

Of course we're worried! And we've been playtesting with that concern in mind for many months now. We think we got it dialed in right, but we may be wrong, in which case we'll make changes!

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Originally posted by mikeelm23

How do you go about making a black hole ultimate balanced. I would be concerned if there was no time before detonating in which you could escape, not to mention inside of buildings..

You'll see soon! Please do let us know if you think we missed the mark.

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Originally posted by KingDededeYT

I was curious if the mirage bug where his decoy won't walk forward after releasing it was known? its been like this for months, but it does walk forward when crouched.

That might be an accidental long press where you immediately take control of the decoy? Or are you talking about something else?

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Originally posted by JustAnAverageGuy20

If the decoys have 45hp after the "buff", but no hitmarker for the enemy.... Idk sir.... I really hope the new Mirage is good, but rumours suggest otherwise. And bullets being able to pass through the decoys is just..... Oof. I hope I'm wrong, but idk

Still looking forward to Rampart's buff though!

Can you explain what you mean? Is there a world in which adding health to the decoys is a nerf for Mirage?

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Originally posted by alfons100

I still fail to see what this will accomplish, other than being able to make a decoy maybe bamboozle another uninformed person. But you'll still immediately notice it's a fake because of no hitmarker, and if they communicate and say "that's a decoy" to their team, this buff isnt really doing a lot. Feels like he could've gotten simple but still something more impactful

It feels like that's a missed oppurtunity that wouldve been great, if shooting decoys had hitmarkers and blood effects like on a real Mirage so it'll draw attention just a little bit longer.

(Come on, give footstep sounds to Tactical spawned Decoys!)

We absolutely want to give them footsteps but it's a technical challenge! I'll only flip the switch on the footsteps when I'm sure it'll not deteriorate the experience otherwise by for instance hiding footsteps of legit characters.

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Originally posted by DanielZKlein

We absolutely want to give them footsteps but it's a technical challenge! I'll only flip the switch on the footsteps when I'm sure it'll not deteriorate the experience otherwise by for instance hiding footsteps of legit characters.

But to be clear, there's no world where that Mirage change is a nerf, right? I'm okay with it not being MUCH of a buff.

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Originally posted by JustAnAverageGuy20

Don't get me wrong, I'm REALLY glad that he's being looked at.

I guess I just had my expectations a bit too high.

I absolutely LOVE how you're so transparent with the community and make changes to the game that are healthy for it.... There are hardly any other game Devs who are so easy to communicate with.

I'm still hyped as I ever was for my main receiving new changes in 7.0. no matter how big or small they are

Mirage really isn't in a bad place though. This was an opportunistic buff because it wasn't very hard to put in, it seemed like a clear quality upgrade to the character, and even if it does nothing at the high skill end, it also doesn't make Mirage worse, so there's no harm in doing it.

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Originally posted by Forexz

Please address This, this has been an issue since the rework and will continue to be one untill a long term buff/fix is implemented, these short term buffs are clearly not working. Mirage's kit is different from the rest of the cast as he's the only one dependent on mind games and should be treated as such. His tricks need at least a 50/50 mix-up to prevent them from getting old; I'm a Magician irl I know first hand experience on the philosophy of Deception/Misdirection. (#1 rule of magic, never repeat the same trick twice) These "buffs" are simply not the way to go when you really want to Bamboozle someone of experience/skill; as he stands only newbies fall for his weak tricks.

Hey! Thanks so much for the feedback! Especially that video you linked me to is amazing.

So here's my high wire balancing act: I absolutely want you to be able to bamboozle people, but I also need to give them at least a fighting chance to understand what's going on. Some tells will be necessary, but I agree there's WAY too many right now.

FOOTSTEPS: This is our #1 thing. You know footstep sounds are a problem in Apex in general, right? We've got top people working on this and we do not have a 100% answer on this yet, but one theory is that it has something to do with how sound channels: when too many sounds play at the same time, some get stomped on. (Again remember that we don't know this is for sure the problem; there may also be many problems!) So we're being extra cautious with those sounds, and in the interest of caution we turned them off for Decoys. That's obviously not the intended behavior. We're looking at re-enabling these sounds whenever it's safe to do so, that is to say when we're certain the footstep problem in general is either fixed or won't be negatively impacted by these.

MODEL/ANIM MISMATCHES: This is stuff like the offhand weapon not being on his back or even (yikes) the heirloom trophy giving the real one away. Believe it or not, I wasn't aware of those! But the video demonstrates them very nicely. No promises, but I'll talk to some of the smart people at Respawn and see how hard it would be to fix these.

AIM ASSIST: Yeah, I actually know why this is happening, and this one's a yikers. There's some stuff that's only turned on for real players, and decoys aren't real players (duh). I had to deal with that when I fixed a bug where briefly Bloodhound scan wouldn't scan decoys (talk about discovering the real Mirage easily). There are some workarounds there, but I don't know if there's one for aim assist. Ideally, decoys should have the same aim assist settings as the real Mirage.

So what tells do we want it to have? Well, the emitter lights I think are one. We can talk about how noticeable they should be, and how much they should be noticed in the middle of a fight (barely, I think), but one problem here is that we're adjusting a static difficulty check (how hard is it to notice the emitter lights) vs a moving target (how good at Bronze players at noticing these kinds of things? How good are Predators at the same task?). That means we can never find a value that works for everyone. This is why, as a rule, we try to oppose player skill checks with other player skill checks (how well do you aim vs how well does the enemy move, for instance; this scales with your skill level on both sides). This means tells for Mirage's decoys will always be broken either at low level (because they're undetectable to bad players) or at high level (because they're trivial to detect). We have to settle somewhere on this spectrum. I agree we're currently too close to broken (bad broken) at high level, and I want to push us some direction the other way, but if I ever made Mirage decoys convincingly confusing against Predator level players, no one else would have a chance in hell of detecting them, and that doesn't feel right either.

The one tell, btw, that I absolutely do want is when you shoot them; that they have no hit markers, they flicker briefly, and don't show damage numbers. You may say that makes them useless, but I don't think so: you pay a price for shooting them: you reveal your location, you use up a bullet in your gun, and you have to listen to Mirage say "BAMBOOZLED" a million times (okay that last one isn't real). I think giving them convincing damage numbers and hit markers is in the same category as allowing them to imitate gun fire coming from Mirage: I am 100% certain it would be very strong, and I consider it a nuclear option. It would do a lot of damage to combat legibility. Especially at lower levels, any fight involving even one Mirage would quickly deteriorate into complete chaos. Again, just because really good players can tell reliably what is and isn't a decoy doesn't mean worse players can tell at all. Trust me, I play a lot in Bronze and Silver (when I do play ranked) and Mirage is VERY effective against the average player.

TLDR: Yes, I want us to fix the things in the video you linked that are clearly bugged, but there will always have to be some tell.