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Originally posted by MrBabadaba

I want valk to just say random almost useless Air Force quips like that throughout the entire match lol.

Hope you like bandits and also bogeys

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Originally posted by Savings-Breath-1280

People need to chill out on all the Gameplay Deviations. Just because something doesn't work ingame as shown here in the trailer, doesn't mean it will be in the game. It's not a gameplay trailer, just a cinematic for fun. If you want to spot actual gameplay changes, keep your eyes open in the gameplay trailer.

Also these trailers are created with so much lead time we generally don't even know what the gameplay changes will be when we script the trailer.

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Originally posted by Forexz

"Bogeys" would be weird to use as you already know what you're up against, it's meant for unidentified aircraft which could be friend or foe, they're all "Bandits"

Well what if you don't know who's shooting at you? You only heard bullets whizzing by? Wouldn't that be a bogey? ;P (I think we use the terms pretty haphazardly)

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Originally posted by BloodMossHunter

i cant imagine how you guys are probably on season 13 now going "oh yeah, valk. anyway, back to this vampire stake mechanics we're working on."

Yeeeeaaah when people ask me about the new weapon I'm like... wait... which one of the ones we've been playtesting for a year? Oh right it's the bow! Wow that's old ;P Character wise we're figuring out seasons 13 and 14 atm... just to give you an idea. But specifically the balance changes that people often try to read out of these trailers? We can't know until we live in the meta. Like ask me what meta changes I wanna make next season and the earliest I could possibly know is two weeks into the season.

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Originally posted by ApexFan12

Daniel im gonna ask you one thing whats the difference between lifeline and lobas ult

One creates loot, the other lets you pick up loot from a distance.

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Originally posted by General_fcf

If she's runs out of her ultimate she should say "Bingo returning to ground" or when she activates her Ultimate she needs to say "time to pop some grapes"! Grapes in air force talk are an easy kill. Bingo is running low on fuel with just enough to RTB.

There's a rare "tango delta" when she lands from ult (10% chance or so) and the ult spin up lines are SO GOOD.

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Originally posted by SamiTronHD1705

I wonder if you planned a buff for Fuse for the start of the season, would be dope!

There's a small one. We are under no illusion that it'll fix his weak state sufficiently, but it's all we had time for this season. Work continues!

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Originally posted by unknownmuffin

Haha if there are bullets whizzing by my head im probably going to assume whoever is shooting is hostile.

Maybe they're friendly bullets ;P

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Originally posted by JustAnAverageGuy20

Speaking balance changes... The usual question for you: Rampart and Mirage?

Mirage is super strong. Seriously, no joking; one of the strongest legends in the game at low levels and doesn't even fall off a lot as you get up there. I'd say you can play Mirage well into master lobbies.

We got stuff coming for Rampart down the line, but nothing to talk about yet.

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Originally posted by Pure-Phrase-2781

This is just sad

That's not what our data and our own playing on live support. I'd also point you to SooXFar's videos on Youtube where he shows off how incredibly powerful Mirage can be in the right hands. Here's a good video example: https://youtu.be/n6eVD4-gMJM

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Im getting closer to taking Mirage into Predator lobbies
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