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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/583950/announcements/detail/3047218819080850141]here[/url].
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This patch is a part of a larger update to both Artifact Classic and Artifact Foundry (formerly Artifact Beta 2.0). See the full announcement here and an explanation of Artifact Classic vs Artifact Foundry here.

  • All players now have access to all cards without the need to collect them.
  • Cards that players have already collected have been converted into gold Collector's Edition cards.
  • Card packs and tickets are no longer for sale.
  • Prized with entry fees events have been removed.
  • Players who were registered in prized events have received Collector's Edition packs equal to the first place payout.
  • Players with unused tickets have received 1 Collector's Edition pack for each unused ticket.
  • If you recycle excess Collector's Edition cards, you now receive 1 Collector's Edition pack rather than a ticket.
  • Packs and tickets have been removed from the reward track for new players. New players do not receive or earn any Collector's Edition cards.
  • Existing players who had not yet completed their reward track may continue to do so. Packs and tickets on the track have been replaced with Collector's Edition packs.

  • Matchmaking parameters have been tightened.
  • The Call to Arms preconstructed decks have been slightly updated for better balance.
  • Fixed a bug where the client sometimes didn't know it was your turn if you have initiative in lane 1 after both players had no heroes to deploy, and you finished shopping first.
  • Fixed Blitz Timer timer not working in player-run tournaments.