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We've heard it so many times. It goes well for a few years then bam. They hit us with the cash shop or heart breaking additions to an existing cash shop. But I see intrepid have "pledged" no pay to win to the community as one of their "core principles" and I have to admit its giving me a hard on for intrepid. I swear to god if they let us down I'm giving up on the gaming industry altogether.

Who hurt me I hear you ask? Runescape - bonds. World of warcraft - wow tokens. ESO - crown store houses. Lost ark - where do I start? I know I'm a whinging old man but I feel like it's justified. Just sick to death of greedy devs charging for the game, then a monthly fee on top (both which I can get on board with) but I draw then line when they summon the audacity to ruin the game with cash shop purchases on top. Sheer greed and there's no excuse for it!

So was wondering if anyone has heard anything else from the devs about whether there will even be a cash shop and if so it better be cosmetics only. If theres no cash shop I stg I will happily pay 30 a month for that shiz on top of a one off fee for access.

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Ashes of Creation will absolutely not have pay-to-win of any kind. In addition, once we launch you'll only need a monthly subscription to play Ashes of Creation. There will not be a box cost to start playing the base game or future expansions.

If you want to see more about what we've said about P2W and our opinions on this as a company, check out the wiki here.

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