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Originally posted by lakyouje

There has been quite an influx of posts about Amazon's New World talking about what people liked or disliked. Have you been paying any attention to that game and is there anything you liked that could be inspiration for ashes?

Please remember to share your question in the official forum thread so our team can review it for the livestream! 🧡


This year's Glorious Gourd Contest is turning out to be SUPER tough to judge, what with all the amazing physical and digital entries you all have shared! 🎃🧡 Loving this piece!


Originally posted by lordsigmund415

They said we could specialize in our magic as well. Im hoping we get wind magic too though! I know elemental magic is its own tree entirely along with an augment school, maybe I'll ask about wind for the live stream

Feel free to drop it in our Q&A thread for this month's stream! 🧡 Keep in mind though that typically for archetype and class-based questions, we may be saving more of those details until we get closer to having you help us test them out!


Originally posted by Alyxavior

In Ashes, you'll be able to attack anything.

A ten second character-lock for skinning, though, would be nice, too.

Oh yes, you could definitely make them pay for stealing your valuable skins 😈 though you'll just have to be wary of the consequences depending on your flagging status and theirs...

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Originally posted by presto464

I like this distinction. Task and quest should be different.

There are also plans for "Events" as the third category under questing - more time-based and location-based scenarios, triggered by something, that can have pass/fail criteria. Failing an event could lead to...disastrous consequences 🙃

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