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Originally posted by Zeshio

I look forward to making more! ;)

Can't wait to see more! 😍


It's so good! WE LOVE IT!

😂🤣 LOL!

Originally posted by AlluringSecrets

👀 report received..banned em all in my imagination


Originally posted by Zeshio

I appreciate it! Thanks for the kind words

This is AMAZING! <3 thank you for sharing it with us, we were truly blown away - and we just had to share it with the rest of our team as well so they could admire it too ;)

Originally posted by HybridPS2

I attribute a lot of that to how open, honest, and passionate the team seems, and especially Steven. You can tell he's literally just an old MMO gamer who got tired of the themepark offerings we have today.

Whooooaaaaaa. Let’s chill with the “old” mmo gamer ya little whipper snapper. 👴🏼

For real though, I feel old :(

Originally posted by leximax

Reported for spam ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Originally posted by AlluringSecrets

Thank you for the tag Maggie c:

Ive gone ahead and added a post flair for Developer responses.
Appreciate suggestions folks so feel free to send me a message, Ill be adding megathreads for suggestion/feedback, class discussions and so on in the near future.

You're the best! Thanks! 💕🥰

Originally posted by Steven_AoC



Originally posted by MargaretKrohn



Originally posted by Steven_AoC



Originally posted by miffyrin

Good to hear, kind of expected but nice to see the input. A word of feedback on the reddit meta itself: might be good to have a flag on threads that contain official comments by devs, Steven, community managers etc.

There is already a Dev Tracker, and I do see tags on official threads.

Tagging /u/AlluringSecrets , a mod on this Subreddit, for the other suggestion. (Intrepid actually doesn't run/mod the Subreddit, the community does.)


Hi there! As this is more of a longer-form discussion than a support question, I'm going to go ahead and shift it on over to our General Discussion section!

04 Aug


Love these cosmetics! Margaret or Toast, do you happen to know if the Shoreside Shack cosmetic is for a Freehold Player Stall or a Freehold Fish Processing Building or a Freehold House like the "Hunter's Dwelling" cosmetic? @MargaretKrohn @LieutenantToast

This is a freehold building skin, but I don't have the specifics beyond that for you yet. <3


Will the mount actually glow ingame as well? @MargaretKrohn

The plan is for it to have a slight glow to it like the concept art. ;)

Fisherman Sushi

This is my set thank you :)

Very suiting name!


Could you please confirm if there will be a limited number of Alpha 2 slots available?

I love the look of this set however i...

Read more
Hi there! Looks like Unknown got you a solid answer up above - as you'd like to discuss this possibility further, I'm going to go ahead and move it out of our Support & FAQ section and over into our General Discussion section instead!

Hi there!

We use them because we want to showcase things to folks in a quick manner. Otherwise, our live streams would be a couple days long - ain't nobody got time for that, so we use GM commands in order to speed things up.

I can totally understand your perspective. Depending on what we are testing, we avoid using our GM commands.


We do read the Reddit and all other spaces that mention us. It's our job. Welcome to the world of community management where everyone thinks they are a Game Dev. =P Hehe. It's not always sunshine and butterflies, but we are prepared for that - paladin armor at the ready. ;)

Joking aside, it's important to get all perspectives. It doesn't mean we are going to act on all of them though. <3


I have personally considered a limited edition hand painted Phoenix model, with a concept art book autographed by the team as part of a collectors launch package. I cannot promise this, but if I find the right company to create the quality of product I would want it may become a thing. No promises though.
Hi there - I'm going to go ahead and move this over to the Discussion section as it's more of a long-form discussion than an account or game-related support issue we can assist with. From what you've discussed above, I'd recommend keeping an eye out for our upcoming class blogs and videos to get more of a feel for those details in the lead-up to future testing!

03 Aug

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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