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17s hello everyone and Welcome to our
19s glorious ashes Rec creation November
21s development update we hope that everyone
24s has been having a wonderful month it has
26s been a long one for us even though it's
28s like short so uh because of the holidays
30s it just makes everything so cram bag for
32s us so we're like trying to make sure we
34s get everything done uh same with
36s December so it's like those two sprints
38s for us um in development we use like
40s Sprints and Milestones to do our our our
43s calculations of what we're going to be
44s doing um in Milestones it gets a little
47s hectic yeah because everyone's just
48s trying to power through but everyone is
50s amazing and doing rocking and rolling
52s and kicking major butt um yeah it's
55s always oh go ahead it's always
56s interesting the end of the year we have
58s these two backtack streams in November
61s and December and then our longest uh
64s stream until the end of January so
67s that's true because January is so long
68s that's true um but of course I'm
70s Margaret cron I'm the director of
72s communications here at interpid Studios
74s and with me as always is Steven Sharie
75s our creative director and we have a
77s whole slew of things for you uh we have
79s some quick reminders we're going to try
81s to go through this pretty quick uh
82s artisanship preview which I think a lot
84s of you Crafters out there are probably
86s really excited about this we've had a
87s lot of questions um and of course to
89s preface we will this is going to be more
91s of our core functioning stuff so not
93s super in depth um in regards to like
96s manual crafting but we'll go we'll talk
98s a little bit more about that and of
99s course if you have questions feel free
101s to pop those in to the uh you know
104s twitch channel uh Discord and of course
107s uh we have a watch party on Discord
109s right now so there's a lot of places for
110s you to interact with us our community
112s team is Full Throttle um so of course we
116s are always pulling those in after those
117s segments as well um and then we'll have
119s like a quick little Studio update art
121s update and then do our Q&A as well like
124s our Forum Q&A that we always pull from
126s but before we do that we do have our
129s Spotlight uh whoops wrong one there we
132s go our Spotlight comment so if you uh on
135s our development updates leave a comment
137s subscribe to us uh you may be selected
140s make sure that you have it so that we
141s can see that you're subscribed to us and
143s then you will maybe get your comment
145s selected it's random so um today's
149s comment is from PW beats and they would
151s like to know it's less of a question
153s more of a statement Caravans are my
154s number one most loved feature when it
157s comes to MMOs this is uh this this is it
161s I will pre-order the game first thing uh
165s uh first time in like 15 years PS would
168s love to see the other side of that
170s feature uh specifically how a party of
172s robbers attacks a caravan and how they
175s can then flee and sell it to a fence or
178s something of that sort um yeah I figure
181s we could talk a little bit about that
183s sure absolutely a statement
186s and know we showed off Caravans so if
189s you're curious about those definitely
191s check that out there's a lot of people
193s in the studio that share uh uh that
196s excitement uh for Caravans as a system
200s um it is the epitome of risk versus
202s reward obviously and and knowing that
205s that is a core pillar of of a lot of the
207s systems design in ashes um Caravans
210s represent that very well um you know it
213s it took a lot of work to kind of get
215s Caravans to a place that felt good both
217s from a drivability perspective but also
219s from a customization perspective as it
222s relates to crafting unique components
224s and creating these vehicles that live in
226s stalls that are located at different
228s nodes and and kind of their summoning
230s mechanic and you know leveraging them
232s for the transit of these cargo and
233s materials that are so vital to the
235s economy um you know all of that in a
238s fantasy world you know you you might see
240s that in games like uh an eve or or
243s something that's a little bit more
245s sci-fi with transport but it's not often
247s seen in fantasy style games and so I
250s think that's super cool um obviously uh
253s when we talk about the PVP element of
256s them and that risk um I am happy to
259s announce that in January we will be uh
262s showcasing this is I guess a little bit
264s of a leak of things to come but we will
267s be showcasing a large PVP battle
270s uh around Caravans and you guys will get
272s to see a little bit of the Caravan uh
274s raft uh take place as well we should be
277s in a good spot for that uh come January
280s um so that's going to be really exciting
282s I think for people to see I know that
283s we've had uh the last few streams have
285s been kind of focused um around uh
287s mechanics within ashes that aren't
290s combat or PVP related um that's a good
293s thing because what makes the world go
295s round in Vera uh is obviously those
297s types of systems and it makes the the
300s events where player conflict does occur
303s that much more exciting because of how
304s much it took to kind of set the stage uh
308s for high-risk reward type encounter and
310s that's what Caravans are all about so
312s January is going to be a really fun
313s thing to see uh I believe and and you
315s guys are going to be uh uh there
317s definitely a lot of questions regarding
319s uh the PVP element of just our game in
321s general and of course uh when we
323s showcase the Caravan system there were a
325s lot of follow-up questions in regards to
327s how PVP would play into that and of
329s course we had our already planned to
330s share that but the Caravan system alone
333s is such an in-depth system and the PVP
335s on top of that is so we just split those
337s up hopefully you all understand that and
339s of course we didn't want to put too much
341s pressure on those teams right back to
342s back so you know kind of giv a little
344s love here and there um but of course um
348s I think I misspoke last month I meant to
350s say that uh in our in the December like
354s at the end of the year we are going to
355s share the quarter I believe that's what
357s we had said earlier on as well when we
359s announced the 2024 uh Alpha 2 timeline
363s as well and I I think I misspoke and
365s said next live stream what I meant to
367s say like at the end of the year um so we
370s will be announcing what quarter Alpha 2
371s will be next live stream in December's
374s live stream to make it very clear
375s apologies not too far away yeah oh yeah
378s absolutely it's only we're only a few
380s weeks away from that actually like true
382s we're not that far away yeah we got a
385s lot of testing that's been that's been
386s going on over the course of this month
388s and uh obviously December's going be a
390s big month when it comes to testing as
391s well I made a little bit of commentary
393s about that uh um in the Discord uh
396s things are heating up for sure but I do
398s want to temper expectations I want to
400s remind everybody that this is Alpha
403s Testing right and so because of that you
406s know you can look historically at how
408s far the game has come year after year
410s the improvements that get made and what
413s we're about to show you right now which
415s is a little over an hour long uh
417s showcase regarding all things
420s artisanship right um you know I made a
423s post in Discord yesterday that just went
425s over kind of all the types of updates
427s that we're going to see and I want to I
428s want to reiterate them here before we
430s actually move to uh to the video segment
433s and I know a lot of you guys take your
434s hour your hour break to kind of watch
436s this uh to watch our live stream oh I
440s apologize oh I'm sorry I thought that
441s was my C no go go through the reminders
443s and then I'll do that okay okay go um
446s but yeah I just wanted to kind of let
447s people know that that was a m spake uh M
450s spoke on my on my side um and of course
453s we do want to thank you all for helping
455s us raise money for extra life what an
457s amazing campaign that we have as a team
460s you're wonderful I I mean we can't thank
463s you guys enough for what you done this
465s month I feel like that was a year ago
467s already I I know um but we did put an
470s article up H it also has like the
472s winners too and we've all the winners
473s have been reached out to and given their
476s rewards I think the last of rewards are
478s the three thank you videos which we're
480s going to be recording right after this
481s and sending out so everyone should be
483s getting all of their things or have
484s information on when your things are
486s going to be shipped to you so I just
488s wanted to reiterate that to folks um and
491s just and just a last a last parting
495s comment regards to to extra life those
498s of you who didn't get to participate or
499s didn't and didn't get to take a look I
501s think that um as a community we we need
504s to um we need to celebrate our
507s accomplishments and uh it is a really
510s cool thing that we as a community have
511s come together over the course of the
514s last several years to raise over
517s $325,000 for radi children's hospital
519s and that is that is truly something um
522s that is unique about the ashes Community
524s I mean we're not even in our game yet
526s playing right and we have come together
528s as a community very strongly and are
532s capable of doing these things that help
534s others and demonstrate the quality of
537s what it means to be and Ashes of
539s creation Community member um and that's
541s something that I think is very unique
543s and it's something that we should be
544s proud of and that we should carry with
546s us to the other gaming communities that
548s we are a part of and and you know we're
551s all an Eclectic bunch of Gamers we enjoy
553s lots of different games um the cause
556s that that extra life presents I think is
559s a worthwhile one and it is something
561s that touches the hearts of people who
564s are Gamers just like you and I like
566s Margaret and I um and it's really
568s something that's noticeable for for for
570s us to come together and perform like
572s that so kudos to you guys out in the
573s community that is truly something
575s remarkable and I can't wait to see what
578s even crazier things we get to do in the
580s future as we get closer and closer to
581s launch and then post launch as well um
584s and how we can integrate Ash's of
585s Creations into more of those type of
587s things so thank you all and of course
589s our community is just amazing as as a
590s whole so we love how much you all
593s interact with us on all of the platforms
595s so keep keep that up and I know it's
597s only going to get crazier when we start
598s doing more Guild stuff cuz because we
599s are definitely going to expand to more
601s of that as we get like in game and and
603s do that kind of stuff because guilds are
605s very important but of course I just want
606s to remind you that we do have some Dev
609s discussions up we have our um Dove
612s discussion for respawn times um so if
615s you have not partaken in that we are
616s going to be wrapping up our reporting
618s for that so please feel free to pop in
621s there give us some some of your thoughts
623s of course you can even after our
624s reporting still continue to give us
625s feedback we always go back and double
627s check things but uh did want to do that
629s and of course I wanted to give you a
631s little teaser uh Vagner shared that the
633s next one will be on drop Rarity and so
635s if you have feelings and thoughts on
637s drop Rarity which I know most of y'all
639s out there do uh definitely give us your
641s thoughts in regards to that because we
643s are going to be compiling a report for
645s the devb team in regards to that also I
649s don't have an asset for this because
650s it's more of a a surprise thing uh we
654s always do something kind of cool and fun
656s or silly during the holidays but our
658s next uh one is going to be a bonus Dev
660s discussion it's going to be a special
662s holiday delicious Dev discussion for
664s those of you who have partaken in the
666s past we've made some really cool recipes
667s and things like that uh and especially
669s tying in with artisanship stuff for
671s those who enjoy cooking and things of
673s that sort uh you definitely want to head
675s over to the forums next week and vote on
677s which Varon holiday recipe you would
679s like to see um and we'll be putting some
681s of those out to share with you guys uh
684s for the holiday season and hopefully
685s some people will make them and then send
687s us pictures that would be super cool
690s what if what if some people did make
692s them and we had a little bit of like
694s some Alpha keys that we gave out for the
696s best version of those recipes I don't
700s know that could be interesting that' be
701s hard we'd have to do a whole uh Camp
704s that's true that's true we could do
705s community
706s voting I don't know just we can figure
709s something out we might Mar's like stepen
710s no quiet we might be able to do
713s something like that definitely contest
715s in the future but I think we might be
716s able to give some Alpha Keys away if
717s people make some stuff and share with us
719s as like bonus not not contest oriented
723s um we'll see we'll talk we'll discuss on
725s that front um and of course uh just
729s reminder that the Unseen order uh will
731s be ending January 17th uh I know that
734s some people uh just want to make sure
736s that they're being conscious of that so
738s if you would like a pre-order pack this
740s is the last time we will be offering a
742s pre-order pack specifically so if you
744s would like that definitely head on over
746s there and snag yourself one and with
749s that Stephen I will hand it over to you
751s to do some
752s prefacing thank you all right let's
755s everybody breathe together on stream we
758s want to breathe
760s in hold and breathe out okay
767s so as a reminder this stream is going to
770s be focused on artisanship as a whole and
774s um artisanship and the economy is a
776s obviously a very integral component of
779s of creating a world where progression
781s matters um where decisions and choices
784s matter um the world state that do
787s constantly in flux and changing around
789s you is very relevant as it relates to
792s supply and demand within the economy
794s that creates opportunity it also creates
797s unfortunately downsides and downturns um
800s but that keeps a market interesting
802s right it also makes you remember things
805s the times when you're having struggle
807s when you win and overcome those is like
809s the things you remember the most I mean
811s imagine your favorite Guild moments are
813s usually when you're like we tried 10
815s times on the boss but then we fin right
818s 100% I mean some of the um some of the
822s more interesting moments that I've had
824s in other games um was where there were
828s unique um there were unique and um
832s scarce resources that everyone was
835s contending for right and those created I
837s think a very emergent and dynamic
840s interactions between the players uh
842s obviously that was that was interesting
845s um but okay so what we're going to see
847s today is not just about artisanship um
850s it is also going to be related to um
854s several changes that happen within uh
856s the game over time and so being that
859s this is the end of the year or coming
861s close to the end of the year um you're
863s going to see a number of different
864s updates to uh several different systems
867s you're going to see uh some updates on
869s the UI front a little bit more
871s explanation and perhaps a clearer
873s picture for you as it relates to spatial
875s management and the inventory systems um
877s that's obviously something that is uh um
880s unique to the Gathering system you're
883s going to see significant updates to game
886s lighting um when we showed the night and
888s day cycle uh in the past there was a
891s resounding feedback from the community
893s uh to see a bit darker uh exploration
896s for the night times uh to kind of bring
898s that that field of view in um a bit more
902s and so we've updated that um you're also
905s going to see some significant changes
906s from our Tech art team uh with the
908s Skybox and our volumetric clouds um I
911s think it's something that that creates a
913s bit more dramatic atmosphere uh within
915s this video you're going to see the first
917s Showcase of processing and how
919s processing Works uh from a station's
921s perspective these are going to be um
925s these are going to be systems that allow
927s players within the node who may not have
930s a free hold to still participate in some
933s levels of processing um and that's a
937s that's an important uh distinction
938s between what's available on freeholds
941s and what's available within notes you're
942s going to see get a little bit of insight
946s to um to predicate systems that that
949s relate to what you can access in the
951s wild you know we've we made this change
953s a while ago that everything is
954s accessible obviously uh from a resource
957s Gathering perspective uh however we do
960s gatekeep some of the access points to
963s progression within the profession um and
965s you're going to see the certification of
967s a very low-level certification process
970s um that's Quest driven uh you're not
971s going to see that whole certification
973s process uh but you are going to see um
975s how those how those resources are
977s restricted you're also going to see some
978s tool making kind of the initial tools
980s that you'll get as a as a as a gatherer
983s um which is going to be uh uh Quest
986s related uh to start uh and then you'll
988s have to be making those tools yourself
990s you're going to see a little bit of our
991s recipe system in the recipe book uh as
993s well as the other crafting stations for
995s those recipes we're going to be
996s specifically crafting a weapon in this
998s video um and you're not going to see all
1000s of the accurate recipe components
1003s necessary to craft the weapon uh but you
1005s are going to see um a a version of that
1008s right now um you're also going to see
1010s something that you haven't seen since
1012s Alpha 1 um which is our corruption zones
1016s and the corruption zones are uh um um uh
1021s are something obviously that changes
1023s within the world State uh and the world
1025s state is a very important aspect of what
1028s resources are available at what time
1030s corruption spreads as players do not
1032s respond to it appropriately it can be
1034s the predicate for events it can be the
1035s predicate for story arcs uh to kick off
1038s um and it does dynamically change the
1041s spawners within the world uh something
1043s that's unique obviously to ashes of
1045s creation is that world State change
1047s affecting the supply and demand of
1048s resources and you're going to see a
1050s little bit of our adaptive resour and
1052s from that you're going to see a little
1052s bit of our adaptive resource Gathering
1055s Tech updates uh where you see those
1057s resources change from night to day or
1060s from uh corrupt to not corrupt uh and
1063s then there is going to be a little bit
1064s of a leak of of a couple of Ranger
1066s skills um I will give you another leak
1068s that next month we are going to be doing
1070s the ranger showcase again there's 18 new
1072s abilities within the archetype kit that
1074s we're going to show off um and I think
1077s that uh you guys will have a fun time
1078s with that uh but we did have to dispatch
1080s a few wolves while we were out looking
1082s for resources during this uh live stream
1084s so with that being said I do want to
1086s leave off with the last disclaimer as
1088s you all know what I'm about to say this
1090s is still Alpha yes that's right this is
1093s still Alpha this is still a work in
1095s progress things only get better from
1098s this point forward but as is our
1100s responsibility we want to show you how
1102s things are progressing and we want to do
1104s so so that you're able to provide us
1106s feedback on the directionality you see
1108s through the showcases and can let us
1110s know how this relates to your
1112s experiences how this is something you
1114s want to see or what you would change
1116s differently so keep in mind as you're
1118s watching what are the points of feedback
1119s that you want to give us you can give
1121s them to us on YouTube which will be
1122s released shortly after this uh live
1124s stream thread that we'll have up um
1126s that's the best way it makes it the
1128s easiest for us to compile it is it is
1130s the best way forums but I know not of
1132s you are not a lot of you are keyboard
1134s warriors on the Forum so if you want to
1135s be uh out on the Discord or on the
1137s social medias um if you want if you
1140s prefer to talk and then of course any
1141s social platform like Stephen was saying
1143s you can leave us feedback yes of course
1145s absolutely um let me think was that last
1148s thing was that the last thing I think
1150s that's I think that was the last thing
1151s we will see you guys in just over like
1154s packing when you leave for a trip and
1155s you're like did I bring everything I
1156s know do I got my phone I got my wallet
1158s I'm
1159s good all right we'll see you guys in
1161s just a little bit
1164s [Music]
1167s sad
1168s [Music]
1184s hello everyone and welcome to yet
1188s another stream from Vera and we have a
1191s very exciting stream for you today we
1194s are going to be going through the
1197s artisanship system and and it has been a
1199s little while since we last talked about
1203s artisanship and showcased um the
1206s Gathering and we're going to do a little
1208s bit of that today and we also during our
1210s uh last stream with uh freeh Holtz
1212s talked a little bit about processing and
1214s we're going to be doing that uh today as
1216s well and we're also going to be crafting
1218s something pretty interesting and I have
1220s joining me four of our
1223s glorious team here at Intrepid some of
1227s them regulars I think all of them
1228s actually regulars have been on the
1230s stream before um we have two of our
1233s glorious designers Mike and Corey Mike
1236s Cory how you guys
1237s doing doing great how are you glad to be
1240s here doing very good I'm excited to show
1241s off what you guys have been working on
1243s and how far it's come since people last
1244s saw it yeah same here it's it's very
1248s exciting for us yes we also have joining
1252s us one of our glorious Engineers Alex
1256s how you doing buddy doing great how are
1258s you doing very good you have been doing
1260s a lot of work on the engineering side of
1262s things getting all these glorious
1263s designs up and running it's going to be
1265s exciting to take a look at that today as
1267s well yeah it's been a challenge have to
1270s fulfill all the wishes of my
1274s designers not bad was it they're like
1277s wait all of our
1279s wishes the one that passed
1283s visibility we also have joining us uh
1286s for this is your second time now Nathan
1289s our glorious producer I know back to
1292s back I know The Artisans ship is the
1295s peanut butter to the Jelly that is noed
1297s so I'm super excited to show how these
1299s start interacting with each other yes it
1302s is totally 100% and you guys have done a
1304s great job so far uh I know you guys have
1307s been really pushing it uh this last this
1310s last Sprint and uh it has definitely
1313s shown through to me so I'm excited to
1314s show the audience um all right so why
1317s don't we talk a little bit of bit a
1319s little bit about what we're going to be
1322s doing
1324s today Cory yeah Mike sounds good um so
1329s um you had brought up that you had done
1332s a little uh lumberjacking uh but we're
1334s kind of interested in getting into some
1336s Mining and
1338s herbalism uh because you picked up a
1340s recipe um I think it's like uh you're
1343s saying that's a pretty nice sword or
1344s something so okay let me take a look at
1346s that is that that's going to be in my
1347s inventory yeah it should in your
1348s inventory yeah um so I was thinking we
1351s could go out and uh get some of the
1353s stuff that we would need to um make that
1357s sword U some of them are a little harder
1360s to come by so I'm not sure whether or
1361s not we'll be able to get our hands on
1363s that if not I think we might have some
1365s stuff for you but um yeah I guess uh we
1368s just need to kind of get our get our
1370s stuff together at um as as you mentioned
1372s uh or as I mentioned you you already did
1374s some lumberjacking but we'll probably
1376s need to get you um uh herbalism sickle
1381s and uh maybe some extra bags so you have
1383s some space um so yeah let's uh yeah
1387s let's make our way over to the
1389s agricultural Supply I think there
1391s there's one of those built in uh
1393s Winstead right now so we can head down
1395s there and um so now talk to me a little
1397s bit about obviously we have this recipe
1401s um when players are looking to create
1404s different items in the game they're
1406s going to need to go out and either uh
1407s purchase or get drops of recipes or
1410s trade with other players and when they
1412s acquire that recipe like I have here
1414s this it says night blade I can use the
1417s recipe and I will learn a weapon
1419s smithing recipe for the night blade so I
1421s have a recipe book that I get to keep
1423s essentially I learn these recipes once y
1426s pretty much um there might be some
1428s unique cases where some recipes might
1431s have a charge count so when you craft it
1432s five times it might disappear but
1434s generally most of the cases all the
1435s recipes should be permanently learned
1437s okay nice that's that's very cool um and
1441s right clicking this is going to consume
1442s it I assume but I'm I do get a preview
1444s of the materials that we need and Cory
1446s this is what you were talking a little
1447s bit about going out and collecting some
1449s of these there's a night opal Moon Bell
1451s I assume that is some type of
1453s flower yeah so um uh the night opal and
1458s the moon bells are those are the ones
1459s that I was kind of alluding to that are
1460s a little difficult to get our hands- on
1463s um the night Opals you basically can't
1465s see them at all during the day uh but um
1468s as it gets closer to night if they're in
1470s the world they'll sort of uh um uh push
1474s away their shell and start shining a bit
1476s and then the uh the the uh Moon Bells uh
1479s only bloom at night so we'll have to
1482s kind of you know maybe we'll work on
1484s some of the other uh things you need for
1486s the recipe and hopefully night time
1487s will'll come around and we can uh find
1489s some of those things okay very cool so
1491s I'm going to right click this recipe to
1492s learn it let's see here oh very cool
1496s okay it says learned new recipe night
1499s blade okay yeah now where are we going
1502s to go to get this sickle you mentioned
1504s oh yeah so right over here
1509s um oh okay they got this area in kind of
1511s the back alley of the the town yeah so
1514s if we head through here this is the
1516s agricultural
1517s Supply um this is one of the you know
1519s service buildings that you can build in
1520s the node this one kind of focuses
1522s specifically on artisanship and you'll
1524s find stuff for herbalism farming and
1526s animal husbandry here um so if you talk
1529s to um Mr Willie over here um yeah so he
1535s if you talk to him he should um give you
1538s some stuff that you can use to construct
1540s your uh first sickle so okay and then uh
1543s once once you have those things there's
1545s a little Anvil here over here to your
1547s left um and you can craft the sickle
1549s there and then I think once you have the
1552s sickle you can talk to him and um it'll
1555s it'll complete the quest and and you
1557s give you your first sickle you'll be
1558s ready to go this guy is incredibly rude
1560s we need to have a conversation with the
1562s narrative team about how these these
1566s vendors speak to the citizens of this
1568s Village this is
1570s unbelievable he said he just can't he
1572s can't teach just any Drifter am I just
1575s any Drifter does he not see the crown on
1576s this helmet I guess not yeah we'll have
1579s to add to the uh mayoral um narrative
1582s tags just so they can uh and up their
1585s respectful speech he's not even going to
1587s pay me too for achieving these many
1590s tasks he has for me he's paying you in
1593s experience that is not enough oh man
1596s I've had those jobs before
1600s same oh that was so good that was so
1604s good oh no okay I have achieved this
1607s Quest it's called a feast of
1610s flowers
1612s awesome um so you uh he wants me to show
1615s him my crude
1616s sickle nice you should do that we'll
1619s turn
1621s away whoa
1623s whoa this is going to be one of those
1626s streams okay all right so um what do I
1629s need to do with this uh come over here
1632s next to the envil all right behind you
1635s yeah so there's an little Amil right
1636s here U you can interact with that and
1638s that should pull up the the crafting
1639s menu so as a uh as a gatherer you'll be
1642s able to craft your own tools um uh
1645s they're going to take you know resources
1647s that come from from all sorts of
1649s different uh professions you won't be
1651s able to you know always Source all of
1653s those things just just yourself but um
1656s uh luckily you know Will's nice and he
1659s gave you some um some components and you
1661s can kind of just throw them together to
1662s make your first uh your first sickle
1664s here so go through with the go through
1666s the craft you should get that thing and
1668s you know show it to him and um he'll
1670s give you a little pat on the back all
1672s right so now this is a this is a great
1674s example as we kind of um players as
1677s you're entering into Alpha 2 and and
1678s you're wanting to get started into um
1681s artisanship these different professions
1683s will have a number of quests available
1686s to introduce players to their first tool
1688s sets um and then from their tool set
1692s sustainability will be will be incumbent
1694s on the player to continue to gather the
1697s resources necessary to repeatedly create
1699s these tools because they have a
1701s durability that gets expended when
1703s interacting with the resources in the
1704s open
1706s world exactly
1708s all right okay so I'm going to talk to
1711s him again and yes I made the
1714s sickle um okay now he's criticizing my
1717s crude
1719s work okay okay all right but that's fine
1721s he uh we all know what your first mayor
1725s mayoral like decision is going to be is
1727s destroy
1728s agricultural guy is the agricultural
1733s SP oh no all right very cool so I
1738s oh you can preview it in AR page
1742s actually yeah once you once you there
1745s you go you should have rewards now there
1747s we go equipped to Artisan tool slot very
1749s cool so now it is in my Artisan tool
1751s slot should I open that and take a look
1753s here yeah perfect okay okay Co
1758s so yeah so we have that panel open this
1761s is kind of like the the hub for all
1762s artisanship stuff I think we poked
1764s around here a little bit um in some of
1766s the previous streams but on the right
1768s hand side there you can see all the
1769s different slots for the the tool types
1772s um for each of our five Gathering
1774s professions so awesome um looks like you
1777s have one of each of the tools that we're
1778s looking to use today um and also kind of
1781s no already very progressed in my uh in
1784s my
1785s lumberjacking oh yeah you said you're
1787s like what level are you I'm like level
1789s nine I'm about to be level 10 oh that's
1791s awesome okay so like while we're out and
1793s about you'll if you hit Level 10 you
1795s should be able to uh upgrade your CER of
1797s C ification to apprentice and that's one
1799s of our uh certification break points um
1802s and you know once you each hit those
1804s break points it kind of opens up a whole
1806s new uh range of stuff that you can do
1809s new tools yeah exactly right um a new
1812s portion of your skill tree so we should
1814s for sure um get you that level 10 and
1816s see what happens what up Sten we need to
1818s prepare for a journey oh where yeah we
1822s need to get some potential bags oh okay
1825s yeah yeah yeah so uh we talked about the
1827s in the past with the with the tetris
1829s inventory um kind of having different
1832s spatial layouts um of our bags and also
1835s our um our resources and so uh we've
1838s been working on that a little bit and um
1841s trying to set up bags that have uh
1843s spaces that are optimal for you know the
1846s the shapes that are going to be
1847s associated with the resources and um
1850s having stats on on the bags that will
1852s change you know the the stack size and
1853s how much you can stack stuff up so um
1856s since we're going out we're going to
1857s collect a bunch of stuff you should grab
1859s one of the um bountiful bags from Willie
1863s and then we'll go over to the Stoneworks
1865s and see if we can grab a I see that um
1868s Willie has a number of different uh
1871s farmer shirts and Novis
1874s herbalism or herbalis skibbies do I want
1877s any gear from
1878s this um yeah it's up to you I mean
1880s there's so there's gear for all of the
1882s different um crafting Gathering and
1885s processing professions that'll help you
1886s you know do do those uh different trades
1889s so um it's up to you like if if you you
1892s said you're higher level in
1893s lumberjacking so you know you could grab
1895s some of that stuff um to kind of
1897s compound on the stats make you make you
1899s faster chopping or oh should I go over
1901s that guy buy that stuff okay cool cool
1903s cool so from this guy let me purchase
1905s his um bags yeah why don't you grab yeah
1909s grab the Bountiful bag from him the
1911s Bountiful ones are pretty great they um
1913s I think they have the increased stack
1914s size on them so you can uh stack up more
1917s or herbs um in that bag than you can in
1919s in others um I see that there is a
1923s novice herbalism
1926s bag and if you scroll down at the bottom
1928s there's alen ha and basket oh okay so
1930s I'm going to grab the basket yeah all
1934s right done I got one of those sweet
1938s awesome I need anything else do I need
1939s any other bags uh yeah let's run over
1943s this way to the
1945s Stoneworks there's another uh
1948s gentleman over here that we can talk to
1951s kind of
1952s standing by this crane okay um and you
1955s can do the same thing from him throw
1957s throw a little gold at him and he'll
1958s give you some give you some bags and
1960s stuff I'll get um from this guy the
1963s stone noice Bountiful mining bag novice
1966s Bountiful okay got it awesome so now
1970s those those bags should be in your
1971s inventory um and if you right click them
1974s they'll equip and then if you go over to
1976s your materials tab
1978s um you should be able to see uh those
1981s new bags that we got okay so just real
1983s quick you were speaking earlier about
1985s the unique stack sizes as being part of
1988s the um kind of asymmetric design for bag
1992s crafting um and these bags have
1995s specifically curated benefits for stack
1999s sizes of the type of resources they
2002s relate to and that's the specific
2004s profession of gathering and the
2005s resources you would gain from those
2007s those different unique professions so by
2010s equipping this herbalism bag oops let's
2012s see
2013s here um and then also let me just open
2018s up the material section and this
2021s one I see now I've actually gotten a
2026s unique
2027s looking um structure for the alen
2031s herbalism basket and those are the types
2033s of structures you would expect them to
2035s gather that are the gather bles forb ISM
2038s correct correct correct yeah so that's
2040s not necessarily to say that I can't
2041s collect non herbalism resources I could
2046s and I could put them in that bag but it
2048s just wouldn't utilize the most
2050s beneficial aspect of it which is the
2051s higher stack count for those types of
2054s verbalism resources yeah exactly we can
2057s also um you know can also be constraints
2061s on the on the shape right like um we
2063s were talking about like you can kind of
2065s see um I I'm not sure what materials you
2068s you have in your bags but like I I have
2070s a couple pieces of wood that are you
2071s know uh one by3 and so you know in in
2075s the herbalism bag I'm not sure that
2076s there's any any slots for for uh pieces
2079s of wood that are that size right so um
2082s some there'll be some constraints and um
2085s benefits in terms of shape and then also
2088s you know the the stack size based on the
2090s on the type so okay cool very cool so
2092s now let's oh go ahead Mike a good
2095s example would be if you equip the mining
2097s bag bag as well on top of the herbalism
2099s bag um you'll be able to see the shapes
2103s are different but um you can see the
2106s mining bags are 2x2s and overing bags
2108s are um 1 by tws so you can technically
2111s put herbs into your mining bags but you
2113s won't get the benefit of the stock
2115s bonuses of the mining stuff right yeah
2119s that's very
2120s cool sorry go ahead Mike something else
2122s um also um the the earlier versions
2126s might be very restricted in sizes so
2128s like uh the noice mining bags and no
2130s herbalism bags are very shape
2132s restrictive but as you level up and then
2135s make better bags might be more generous
2137s of um shapes so you could technically do
2139s some other things as well and then have
2141s more bigger sizes and have be able to uh
2145s hold more variety of things as well okay
2147s very nice that's I I think that's pretty
2148s cool should should we go to The
2150s Lumberjack to grab those were you
2152s talking about some um equipment that he
2155s might have that might help us with our
2156s Lumberjack oh yeah defitely that
2159s up
2161s sweet oh I see okay hold on let me see
2164s here I have I also have a quest that
2166s relates to We rise after
2170s felling oh yeah that's so that's the
2172s certification Quest so um as you
2174s mentioned before you know that we're um
2178s we're we're planning on having some some
2180s content related to you know onboarding
2183s players to the different professions and
2186s you know you're going to need a tool for
2187s the first time and um you're going to
2189s want to craft a thing for the first time
2191s and kind of learn how to do those things
2193s uh but we also want to extend that out
2195s to kind of more of a a individual story
2198s arc um like experience for players um so
2201s as you as you become a better Lumberjack
2204s you'll you'll you'll uh play out your
2206s story as as a lumberjack so um these
2208s different certification quests um are
2212s are meant to be kind of uh Keystone
2214s moments in that story progression so you
2217s know right now we have something kind of
2218s you know simple set up uh looks like you
2221s already had collected all the the wood
2222s that you needed right but um you also
2224s need to reach the level needed to even
2227s be take on an apprentice ship so um so I
2232s think yeah see see what he's got um I'd
2235s check out some of the gear I think that
2236s will um since you're already pretty
2239s pretty good with the wood choing you
2240s could probably get a little little
2241s faster with the gear that he has so he
2243s does have he has a shirt pants um
2248s and I think it's that and a tool belt
2250s and and each of them are
2252s giving different
2255s benefits looks like I'm getting
2256s lumberjacking speed from the pants and
2259s from the
2260s shirt and the tool belt is going to give
2262s me
2263s processing
2265s um oh I think you might be looking at
2267s Lum Milling oh that's my bad so at this
2271s at this service building um we're we're
2274s housing another three professions so
2276s there's there's carpet stuff here
2278s there's the lumber Milling stuff here
2280s and there's also the lumberjacking stuff
2282s here so um Woody's going to have stuff
2285s from from all three um if you're looking
2287s to do any you know uh woodworking
2290s related activities uh he's your guy so
2293s and that's sort of what we mentioned
2294s when we were showing the nodes uh in a
2297s live stream a few months ago was like
2299s your ability to build buildings to
2301s really cater to uh the important
2304s industries to your region or or your
2307s node yeah
2309s yeah let me just take a look here I know
2312s this is obviously guys this is I want to
2315s State this again we always State this in
2316s every uh showcase but uh everything you
2319s see here is still a work in progress we
2321s are working towards our Alpha 2 um that
2324s includes things like visual effects like
2327s uh UI these are all very functional
2330s States but not necessarily at their
2332s polish States um so there's still a lot
2333s of work that needs to be done there I
2335s noticed that um we have three slots for
2338s the uh the equipment that I just put on
2341s and they're not displaying visually uh
2344s but we do intend to provide that visual
2346s display as an option to the characters
2348s correct correct
2351s yeah it would be a toggleable thing that
2354s players could be do um in the future
2356s when we get some assets yes absolutely
2359s there's a lot of
2362s assets all right let us so what should
2365s we do here we want to go out and gather
2366s some stuff yeah yeah yeah so um you know
2370s we we're kind of scouting out there uh
2372s beforehand and we know we know a pretty
2373s good spot um if you're if you're heading
2377s out kind of past the
2378s Smithy you should see a good old Tower
2381s Carin out there in the distance and if
2383s you
2385s head uh a little bit east of that um you
2388s can kind of see some like rock
2390s formations up there that's where we're
2391s heading there's a nice little um little
2394s Valley in there um has I think it has
2397s pretty much everything that we're
2397s looking for so okay I love the Autumn
2401s look out here I think the it fits
2405s perfectly for this time of year I mean
2407s definitely we did just have Thanksgiving
2409s feels kind of a little bit like
2410s Thanksgiving out
2411s here does does feel like Thanksgiving
2414s it's beautiful I really like the colors
2416s it's turning out really good ab it's my
2419s favorite season uh so far by way does
2422s ver have thanksgiv too or no hey no
2426s trying to get l out of me this is an
2428s artisanship Focus give us we won't leak
2432s during a live stream I know right Lord
2435s the one thing I really love the lease
2438s falling down effect just walking by nice
2441s speaking of of leaks however I know that
2444s I am uh playing a ranger class you might
2447s see a couple of early uh look at the
2449s ranger skills here in case we run into
2451s any potential resistances um but next
2455s month we are doing a ranger update and
2457s it's going to be pretty fun too so
2460s there's a little leak little leak nice I
2462s see how it is it's okay for skill
2464s abilities but not for the
2465s lore that is true that is true the lore
2468s is safely
2469s unbelievable so we do have have some BS
2472s someone's chopping out there is that
2474s youan chopping
2476s yeah I see it falling in the distance
2479s where that's great over to the
2483s left I think he's up on that Hill are
2485s you trying to beat me to the
2488s uh here we go I'll chop down some trees
2490s too oh we do we this is Ash we need Oak
2492s though right or do I need Oak
2494s yeah
2496s yeah yeah that that be helpful Nathan
2500s just trying to become grandmas Before
2502s You Stephen exactly I will leave this
2504s land A baren
2505s Wasteland no trees for you to chop he
2508s sicked some uh wolves on me yeah all
2511s part of my master
2515s plan
2516s [Music]
2519s nice yeah get the get a few of these
2522s Oaks at least enough to level up and
2524s then we need to find some Basalt Basalt
2526s is going to have the zinc and copper uh
2529s that you need oh here's some over on the
2531s ridge um oh up the cliff assult yeah can
2535s you see me oo that area looks kind of
2537s Twisted and
2539s gross
2541s yeah wolf
2545s where
2549s oh
2552s wow really what so now this area appears
2557s to have a little bit of a corruption
2558s that started seeping in looks like the
2560s citizens of this town aren't doing their
2563s job fight back the corruption old
2567s neighborhood's going to hell there rues
2569s here too yeah yeah I think you can grab
2571s those you're yeah it's novice yeah these
2574s are the new rubies that we just
2576s introduced with uh C physics enabled oh
2580s nice uh yeah um thanks to Noah and some
2584s magic from engineering uh when you see
2587s it gather it's you see it shuts oh
2589s that's awesome love that that's super
2592s cool additionally if you open your
2594s backspace now um you'll see that your
2596s mining bag has now rubies and it
2599s prioritized based on your stack size oh
2601s let me see here hold on first let me
2604s gather a little bit of
2607s um look for some BT I think there's some
2610s over here over here to the
2613s right there's one right there
2618s yeah right here no this is opal
2623s nope opal I can't even interact with the
2625s opal no it's right here
2628s yeah oh don't we need
2631s opal I think so I think we need night
2634s opal which is the one that only really
2636s appears at night um
2640s okay
2645s interesting oh I've gotten some Zin and
2648s balt nice okay so you got lucky you got
2650s the you got the drop chance so this gave
2652s me two things it gave me it gave me zinc
2654s as well yes yeah yeah so when you're
2658s when you're mining stone like we're
2659s trying to we're trying to do stuff that
2660s make sense right with the drops so you
2662s know in stone you'll find metal and gems
2664s and you know depending on the you the
2666s tier and the type of type of stone um
2669s there'll be different kind of selection
2670s of gems and stuff you can get in it or
2672s or Metals so um you may if you're trying
2676s to Target a certain you know metal you
2678s might want to consider um some
2680s particular Stone as well and um as you
2683s get better at at uh binding and doing
2685s Stone related stuff you'll kind of learn
2688s learn the ropes there so you can make
2689s better decisions okay that's cool
2692s additionally as you gather you can
2694s actually notice that your um durability
2696s goes down for your tools oh
2699s really
2702s see I'm using this pickaxe it's at
2706s 95 nice all right you got plenty of
2709s plenty of durability left it's good to
2711s good to repair when you get into town
2712s though so it kind of sucks when you find
2713s something real nice and your durability
2716s is low or tools broken and you won't be
2718s able to it ah nice and I really love the
2722s physics it's like I remember in the
2724s Gathering stream you know we're showing
2725s off uh um uh the trees and kind of like
2729s set a precedent with how that looks and
2732s now we have to make all the other stuff
2734s just as school so the the rocks and gems
2736s of metal were like kind of a big big uh
2739s hurdle for us and having in a place
2742s where it starting to look really good
2744s that was super exciting that was cool
2746s that was actually really cool that
2747s should definitely knock you over or kill
2752s you let's go hey there we go oh I've
2755s reached and oh my God that just killed
2760s Mike I'm alive please can't kill me grab
2765s some some da maybe so you you leveled up
2768s you said yes it said I leveled up ah
2771s okay well you got to okay so when when
2773s you level up you're going to get some
2774s skill points and you should be able to
2776s put those in your in your skill tree um
2779s you should uh pop that open there we go
2782s okay yes I have a bunch already
2784s allocated but now I have two n points
2787s oh nice yeah you should spend those and
2789s book around in the tree a little bit but
2790s yeah um that is something that we're wed
2792s to do with artisanship both you know or
2795s in all three of the branches you'll
2797s you'll have skill trees for your
2798s profession so those skill trees you'll
2800s be able to find you know passives
2802s that'll give you uh stat bonuses and you
2804s know predicates for extra functionality
2807s within whatever the profession is access
2809s to stations um expanding out some of the
2812s various systems like I don't know you
2814s can see some of the surveying ones right
2816s like
2816s you can uh add extra pylons or um extra
2821s uh scanning range and lower the cool
2823s down and how often you can survey so uh
2826s we're trying to make those trees uh
2829s interesting and give people you know
2830s different paths so they can progress
2832s through W that's cool yeah very cool um
2838s so obviously I'm looking at this uh the
2841s skill tree right now and I see one side
2843s is dealing primarily with yield the
2845s other side is dealing with with um
2848s excuse me with Rarity with quality um
2851s the other side dealing with yield and
2853s then the Survey System yeah talk to me a
2857s little bit about um the Survey
2861s System yeah so surveying um is uh
2866s something that we're trying to use for
2869s gatherers to really kind of interact
2871s with uh the things that we want to do
2873s with our Dynamic world uh one of that is
2875s one of the those things is we want to be
2877s able to spawn stuff randomly and we want
2880s to put it in uh places in the world that
2882s will make people you know travel and uh
2885s bolster up our um our local
2888s player-to-player economies have people
2890s you know kind of actually be out in the
2892s world looking for stuff and not um
2895s standing in the same place waiting for a
2897s tree or a flower to respawn over and
2899s over again so we're kind of we're kind
2902s of having the best of the Both Worlds
2904s where we have our lower tier stuff that
2906s will fill out you know the the based
2908s look of our world so that it's always
2909s kind of looking good um and then the
2912s higher tier stuff from Apprentice onward
2914s will will always kind of Spawn randomly
2916s in in places that we've deemed look uh
2919s you know look good and make sense for
2921s what that thing is um so surveying is a
2924s way that you can uh track that stuff
2927s down um it will help you uh find places
2931s will help you find particular resources
2933s will help you find resources at a
2935s certain Rarity
2937s um and yeah so it should be you know
2939s something you could do as a gather on
2941s your own or group up with other people
2942s to uh bolster up the um the power of
2946s your survey or the the the range or
2949s reach of it so um yeah it says I need a
2953s higher certification for this tree it's
2956s a corrupted Oak gotcha well we just
2959s leveled up so I bet you if we went back
2961s to town oh my God there's some
2964s crazy or excuse some C oh no you bleep
2969s that out bleep that out there's some
2971s dude up there that's awesome I would say
2974s the same thing if I saw that ancient
2976s horror away from a gentleman yeah let's
2979s uh back up a little bit yep how are you
2983s doing all back space by the way how am I
2984s doing on what say again back space yes
2986s let me open that up I have um three
2989s copper 22 Basalt 17 zinc uh five Ruby a
2994s number of dandelion PL and daffodils
2997s daffodils with some plant fibers okay
3000s that's cool and a bunch of wood and as
3003s you notice that all those materials
3005s actually sorted nicely in the
3007s appropriate BS based on your uh stack
3009s sizes oh yeah that is pretty nice so it
3011s didn't misplace them in a in a different
3015s bag than what is
3016s best yeah it Priti is basically the best
3019s stack size first and then it's finds the
3022s other empty spots
3024s after yeah quality of life feature
3028s definitely we we uh you know there's a
3030s lot of discussions about you know the
3033s the spatial inventory and the different
3035s stack sizes and you know whether that
3038s could cause like confusion for players
3040s or you know extra stress on um sorting
3044s of inventory and I was like all right
3045s well no M no matter what we do we got to
3047s try and make this um as easy and usable
3050s for players as possible and luckily
3053s really smart people like Alex and Alec
3055s and our UI team Kobe Kobe and the Gang
3058s uh that are helping us make um you know
3062s that the system that we want function
3064s really really nicely so uh that's what
3066s that was one of those features um that
3069s that came on that's like all right well
3070s I don't have to every single time I get
3072s something you know look and see what
3073s bag's the best for it to be in um the uh
3078s the code can do it for us so yep very
3082s cool nice we ready to head back now yeah
3086s let's uh let's head back to town and get
3087s your your uh your uh
3091s apprenticeship now obviously you know
3094s let's talk a little bit about how
3097s Gathering is a bit different in ashes um
3101s and one of the the most unique things
3104s about I think the world is obviously the
3108s number of different systems we have that
3110s change World State we just saw a corrupt
3114s Zone hold on kill this
3120s dude oh okay he died um we just saw
3123s corrupt Zone and um that zone becomes
3127s corrupt after a period of time in which
3130s players are not addressing some issues
3132s that arise uh through certain events or
3135s through through certain story arcs and
3137s that corruption can spread and
3140s Corruption changes the spawners for
3144s resources and for Monsters and that has
3148s a fundamental effect on the resource
3151s economy of the
3153s game yeah definitely it plays into you
3156s know scarcity it gets players out in the
3158s world searching for um uh different
3161s things that are predicated on on the
3164s dynamic parts of our world right we can
3165s do stuff with day and night time we can
3167s do stuff with Seasons um we can have
3169s things that are specifically related to
3172s some event or story arc or you know
3174s corruption um even
3176s particular locations right regionality
3179s of a biome um some you know frozen
3182s tundra place that's uh completely
3184s covered in ice versus you know the the
3185s riverlands and um uh the lushness there
3190s so um don't want to just have that stuff
3194s in and not be doing anything with it so
3196s we're we're trying to play on that for
3198s for Gathering um and open up um the
3202s diversity of stuff that you can process
3204s and Craft um by find those things so
3207s yeah I love that um we mentioned
3210s actually a time of day and seasonality
3213s is being part of that world State change
3215s um and as I understand whoops as I
3218s understand it we have a number of
3220s different oh let me see here go over
3224s to
3227s um
3229s recipes can I look at now um we have to
3232s don't we have to gather some recipes or
3235s some materials that are predicated on
3236s time of day yeah I think they were those
3239s are the ones that we're talking about
3240s that were part of your night blade right
3242s the moon bells and the night Opals uh
3245s night Opals like do not reveal
3248s themselves um during the daytime um
3251s surprise surprise um and then the the
3254s moon bells are similar yeah they they
3256s only bloom at night so um you if you're
3260s looking for those in particular you want
3261s to take uh keep an eye on the day night
3264s cycle and um you know know where they're
3266s found um in the world and yeah I do have
3271s some Powers if we want to perhaps change
3274s it to nighttime that I could use shall
3278s we cuz it it'll it it'll take a little
3280s while probably for us to get to night
3281s time at least another hour or so yeah
3285s okay let's do it all right hold on stand
3291s by oh my
3294s goodness there we go now oh okay things
3298s are getting little freaky decky out here
3300s you guys will probably notice uh that
3303s the nighttime is
3305s significantly darker than when you guys
3307s last saw our nighttime update um we saw
3311s feedback from the community that
3313s bringing in the field of vision through
3315s the uh through the lighting in the
3318s environment was something you guys
3319s wanted to see and that's what we have
3321s adjusted a bit um now I'm excited
3324s because
3326s I have a certification that I can I
3329s think update now right yes you should be
3331s able to upgrade your uh lumberjacking to
3335s Apprentice which um give you access to
3337s new tool so we can craft one of those if
3339s you want um we should make your you know
3342s chopping faster help you find some rare
3344s stuff um yeah all right let's see here
3347s I'm going to
3351s accept there we go t it yeah so shoot I
3355s think if you open your artisanship
3357s window if you look at your lumberjacking
3359s it should say that you're an apprentice
3360s now yes there we go and you got you got
3362s a nice little chunk of XP from that too
3364s it's nice yeah that was pretty good um
3366s cool so um now that you've done that uh
3371s go I think this envil yeah this is the
3374s same envil as the herbalism see see if
3377s you can craft a a tool there what uh
3380s what materials do you need it says that
3383s I need um zinc fragments and Oak Timber
3386s for a novice lumberjacking The
3388s Apprentice requires zinc fragments with
3390s copper fragments and Oak Timber awesome
3394s okay well um that's all novice stuff so
3398s um so the way that the certification
3400s stuff breaks down is that um every
3402s everyone gets to be a novice everything
3404s so all all 22 professions the players
3406s get to uh be novice of um and then it
3409s starts kind of like narrowing from there
3410s so after that you'll only be able to be
3413s Apprentice of five things um you can be
3415s a journeyman in four things you can be a
3417s master in three things and you can be a
3418s Grandmaster in two things so you'll
3421s you'll need to narrow but you can also
3423s sort of diversify to support you know
3425s the professions that you want to First
3427s push further in so now obviously those
3429s are um those restrictions are in place
3432s in order to create a dependency cross
3437s player faction right for how players
3439s specialize their progression in the
3441s artisanship uh
3442s trees yeah I mean like uh being social
3447s is is uh important to us right like we
3449s we want players to interact with each
3450s other we want the professions to make
3452s stuff for the other professions that uh
3454s that are useful you know um I um
3458s influenced quite a bit by the Star Wars
3460s Galaxy style crafting and you know just
3463s having people in your network that can
3465s you know Supply the the uh metal that
3467s you need to make your armor and the you
3470s know the the flowers that you need to to
3472s make your potions and you know maybe the
3474s potions that you need to make make your
3475s enchantments uh that that to me was was
3478s really interesting and part of the the
3481s game playay of economic gameplay of you
3483s know being being a good crafter being a
3484s good gatherer is having that um that
3487s system so and it and it really plays
3489s into the um the uh uh economic uh field
3496s of a particular server right um You you
3498s can come in and be like I want to be the
3500s the potion Mogul here right and like
3502s having good sources and you know have
3505s having a guild that supports you um is
3507s just really really interesting and
3510s without um without sort of narrowing
3513s down what you have access to yourself um
3516s uh it's sort uh it takes away from from
3519s the ability to achieve that right so
3521s yeah so now okay we're going to be
3523s creating this you said Apprentice tools
3526s what do I need to do that it said
3527s fragments Z fragments and um I think
3531s copper fragments awesome so the zinc
3533s fragments and copper fragments are going
3535s going to be from the metal working
3537s profession and then the Oak Timber will
3539s be from the lumber Milling profession so
3542s since we're here we can do the lumber
3543s milling and this is the station that you
3545s need right next to us so this is the
3546s debarker this is one of the the few
3549s stations that uh Lumber Milling has has
3552s the the debarker the heads saw um and I
3555s think the drying Kil along with the
3558s refinery so this is the the novice
3560s station um and I think this is an
3562s apprentice version here um since we're
3564s at a service building that's built um
3566s the service buildings usually come
3567s stocked with some some uh some better
3570s base stations and then you can kind of
3573s um progress them from there depending on
3574s how you you expand the buildings but um
3577s so why don't you interact with this and
3580s uh yeah I think this is the first time
3582s that we've ever done any processing
3584s processing yes absolutely now we we
3585s alluded to it a little bit when we were
3587s showcasing the uh the free holds uh but
3591s this is everyone's first look at kind of
3594s how process processing works and um as
3597s you said we're looking to make some Oak
3598s Timber here um and as I've clicked on
3601s the Oak Timber to add fuel it says to
3605s the Oak Timber side talk to me Mike a
3608s little bit about what fuel does for
3612s processing so fuel is the basic
3614s requirements on top of the resources
3617s that you need to craft a thing so every
3619s processing stations will require some
3621s kind of a fuel to automate the proc
3626s to make these processed uh resources
3628s though most of the resources or any type
3631s of resource or items could technically
3633s have a fuel value attached to them and
3635s then each recipe will require some kind
3638s of a fuel value to uh to be met to be
3642s able to process these things so think of
3643s it as like if you're melting um ore you
3646s need to put uh fuel to fire to melt the
3649s or right so that kind of concept exists
3651s on all our processing stations so when
3654s you click on it uh you should be able to
3656s put the oak wood or anything that you
3659s have gathered to Wood yeah so I've added
3663s one of the oak wood and then I see I
3666s also have a number of different um
3668s herbalism resources here as well do
3670s those act as fuel potentially yeah um
3673s most of our resources will have some
3674s kind of a fuel value to it and like I
3676s mentioned like some items too but for
3678s for this recipe you'll only need one
3680s some other recipes might need 100 or 50
3682s etc etc but the the thing is um some
3686s some items might be just um catered
3689s towards being a fuel right so something
3691s like charcoal or something like coal
3692s something like um anything that is just
3695s designated as a fuel will just have a
3697s very um efficient fuel value so you kind
3700s of want to save that for higher recipes
3703s or something simple like this one you
3704s can pretty much use anything that's
3706s common or or or lower or degrade or
3710s sorry the the tier one items uh to be in
3714s the fuel okay so i' so I've added in the
3718s wood for the fuel and now it's it has my
3721s fuel has been selected and I can start
3723s the job it says that the duration is 1
3725s minute now I'm noticing at the top of
3727s the processing station that we have uh
3731s three available slots is that a queue
3734s that you players can use um and is it
3738s shared is it for just themselves talk to
3740s me a little bit about that for node it's
3743s personal so we didn't want to congest
3746s like only three spots for every single
3748s person in the note that would have been
3750s pretty bad um so it's the the Q system
3753s is only for yourself but um something
3755s personal like free holds um would be u
3759s station based so if five people wanted
3761s to use one one station at the freeh hole
3763s you have to wait in line and then that
3765s kind of comes into the family system we
3766s talked about on the freeh hole live
3767s stream where you want to have uh limited
3771s access to whoever is viable for the fuel
3774s or for the stations um but for any
3777s service buildings in the node um it's
3779s all personal so you can queue up as much
3780s as you want and then someone else can
3782s just combine and use the same station
3784s and then k for their station that's
3787s awesome additionally it will also be
3789s influenced by nodes so like right now
3790s you see three but it could be five it
3792s could be two simultaneous jobs Etc based
3795s how your note grows got it so there are
3797s specializations that the processor can
3800s take uh if the node should elect to do
3803s so and citizens participate and that
3805s upgrade that would increase that size or
3808s perhaps even the efficiency of the
3810s processing jobs as well both speed uh
3813s quantity of receipt any Rarity procs
3815s anything all of those play a role and
3817s upgrade potential uh that the node might
3820s choose to specialize in right but um
3822s just like we we discussed in through
3824s live stream as well the node um
3826s processing only goes up to journeyman so
3828s if you want to do the highest tier of uh
3832s processing you you probably want to seek
3834s out the the freeold uh owners
3839s basically
3841s uhoh did I I might be full hold on I
3846s can't claim it yet I need to I need to
3849s who needs this this cheap glint here
3854s actually let me move that down I don't
3855s need I didn't need to delete that whoops
3859s um okay are you just throwing money away
3861s that's how rich you pretty much
3863s additional thing I would like to add for
3864s processing uh as you can say see you
3866s could you could cancel the job um also
3870s so like let's say you accidentally
3871s scheduled wrong one and the only thing
3873s that gets consumed is the fuel so fuel
3875s is basically a sync for this job got it
3880s okay so fuel is always sunk regardless
3881s of if you cancel the job or not yeah
3884s another uh another thing as well is that
3886s um uh when you're when you're choosing
3889s the job you you'll see kind of on the on
3891s the right hand side that we have
3893s something called job size oops and right
3895s now uh right now there's only the
3898s ability to make a one job size but um
3901s this in the same vein of um you know
3903s this having like more jobs that you can
3905s cue and like you know better stats that
3907s make the them go faster or proc extra
3909s resources uh job size is another thing
3912s that we could do right um so you
3914s probably don't want to use three entire
3917s slots just to make you know three pieces
3919s of oak wood but if you had a job size
3921s that you know was 20 um you'd be able to
3925s make all 20 of those with the with the
3926s one job size so um so that's a little
3929s different than what people are used to
3931s with you know I I'm making exactly you
3933s know 17 pieces of of Oak Timber you
3935s might need to you know do a job SI of
3938s five plus one if you need specifically
3941s six so um that's awesome so those those
3944s are also influenced by customization
3946s options that the node can participate in
3948s uh as well and perhaps policies and or
3951s relics like all those things are an
3952s intricate web uh boot bons benefits and
3955s downsides that apply to these different
3957s game functions exactly yeah very cool
3961s love it all right so we made some Timber
3964s gotcha yeah let's head let's head down
3966s to uh the Smithy over here there should
3969s be a crushing station you can crush up
3971s the the copper and zinc that you got
3973s into fragments and then we should have
3975s what we need to make you a new pickaxe
3978s or um axe um yeah this is the crushing
3983s crushing station right here
3986s nice all
3988s right all right it's really nice of you
3990s to have built all of these uh
3992s artisanship service buildings look at
3994s look at all these jobs that you're
3995s creating this guy stays here he gets to
3997s hang out all night rushing
4000s rocks doing stuff that is awesome yeah
4004s great for the economy really really
4006s great mayorip uh decision thank you
4008s thank you very much that's why I'm a
4010s term after term mayor just no term
4012s limits at all it's the way we like it
4014s here
4015s right my my personal Investments have
4018s somehow miraculously just had the
4019s greatest returns of any citizen of the
4021s mayor agreed I think there's only other
4024s been one other mayor that was Alec and I
4026s haven't seen him for a really long time
4028s so right that is right Al his family
4032s members actually came by looking for him
4034s too oh
4035s no okay so I need to make copper
4037s fragments and zinc fragments yeah so I'm
4040s going to kick off I'm going to add some
4041s fuel here um oh okay cool that's cool
4045s put this and I'll kick that job off and
4049s then I'll use the sink oh my God you see
4053s the NPC working real hard yeah he is
4055s look that he's a go-getter I didn't even
4057s start the other job yet he just
4058s immediately went to work he needs
4062s arrays there we go cool okay yeah and uh
4066s just a just a comment too on the on that
4069s right like um we're trying to sort of
4071s marry the the visuals with what's
4073s actually going on the station right so
4075s if you have a job queued um and you're
4077s trying to you know do errands throughout
4078s the node or in your Freehold or whatever
4080s right like you should be able to look at
4082s the station and know what's going on
4083s with it so you know he's there working
4085s and you know once he's done he's going
4087s to stop and you can be like okay you
4088s know there's there's stuff ready to to
4090s pick up and have some visuals associated
4092s with that so U as much as we can have
4095s stuff you know rooted in World instead
4097s of you know throwing a bunch of UI in
4099s the player's face uh that's that's
4101s something that we're trying to do and is
4102s important to us that's right cool yeah
4105s and to add to that it's uh personal
4107s right so it's only like other people
4109s won't see you doing your um processing
4112s got it yeah in in nodes right the free
4114s the freeold ones would be uh since they
4116s are relevant to any of the people that
4118s have access to it you you'd be able to
4120s see that a that a job is going
4123s [Music]
4125s right this guy is a is a is a dedicated
4128s worker yeah definitely so now just to
4132s remind folks obviously when we talk
4134s about um processing as one branch of the
4139s artisanship tree even though you have
4142s access to all branches throughout the
4144s world up to some level of
4147s degree processing best processing is
4150s done on freeholds and the best crafting
4153s is done in nodes right when we talk
4156s about workstation availability but there
4158s is some overlap there as those of you
4160s will remember from our Freehold uh uh uh
4163s live stream um you do have up to a
4168s certain point to progress available to
4170s you for both Gathering processing and
4172s crafting uh without needing necessarily
4175s a free
4176s hole yeah
4178s exactly up to uh journeyman you'll be um
4182s journeyman's uh type of gathering
4184s crafting and processing should be
4186s available pretty much everywhere um and
4188s then just the specializations really
4190s kicks in at the master and
4192s above awesome
4195s aome all right I have I believe
4200s acquired now some
4203s fragments on well let's uh let's head
4206s back up to the crafting station um next
4209s to good old W Woody gunan and uh make
4212s yourself an apprentice Axe and I think
4215s we should be able to chop that corrupted
4217s tree down yeah that's right and then
4220s also now that it's night while we're out
4222s there you guys could grab perhaps some
4223s of the
4224s um what were the other ones that I
4226s needed uh the night opal yeah I think
4228s Mike has high enough mining to get the M
4230s opal night opal um and then I think I
4233s think New Moon bells are novice so you
4235s should have access to those yep yep all
4238s right so I'll grab the moon
4240s Bells Perfect all right I'm crafting my
4243s new Apprentice lumberjacking axe T it is
4247s equipped
4249s nice me see cool a very cool it's there
4254s how fast is it it's 30 lumberjacking
4256s speed nice I think the other one was
4258s like only five so you should be fast
4260s when we get out there we should race see
4262s if you can drop the tree down faster
4263s than me all right let's do it I'm ready
4265s let's
4270s go
4272s um I actually really like the nighttime
4275s I I think it was call from the community
4277s to to tune this a bit more on the darker
4280s side oh shooting star you see
4283s that let's see a shooting star make a
4285s wish oh yeah look at that Moon yeah I
4288s did I did look at the Moon Moon's
4290s looking pretty
4292s nice I think it might need a little
4295s atmosphere I like the uh the harbinger
4298s Moon we'll Ste Moon getting
4301s closer no don't say that that's not what
4305s we want to hear kill the moon H so do it
4309s Cory tell me a little bit like when we
4312s right now we're in this n phase oh I
4314s love the fireflies too Noah did a great
4316s job on these yeah Noah Noah is next
4319s level we love Noah Noah we love
4323s you um obviously moving to Knight now is
4327s going to give us access to these Moon
4328s bells and these night
4330s Opals um but when things like the world
4333s State change whether it be corruption
4335s related or time of day it's not just an
4338s introduction of rare materials it also
4340s is a removal of some other materials as
4342s well potentially so it's a it is a um
4346s and some World State changes like we
4347s talked about with corruption if not
4349s addressed can significantly alter the
4352s flow of resources across the world in
4355s such a way that creates a bit of
4356s turbulence in the world market and
4358s economy and that's what we're trying to
4359s achieve with these World State
4361s changes yeah you see
4364s um uh out in the open the NS lit up
4368s those little blue lights all over the
4371s place that wasn't there before yeah yeah
4374s you can see Moon BS as well by the
4378s trees oh yeah there so you should be
4381s able to grab up that's awesome those
4384s were just kind of just basic little
4386s rocks yeah so that's like a you know we
4389s we we thought those were all Opals and
4391s they were Opals during the day but uh at
4393s night um you know some of them are
4394s actually night Opals so um pretty cool
4398s oh look leveled up again oh I led cring
4400s it my
4402s herbalism herbalism
4404s God literal herbalism
4408s God yeah these Moon bells that exist
4410s before too we're at the same spot yeah
4413s oh my god oh no the
4416s wolf you
4419s uh protect
4426s him Mike no I'm like max level so I'm
4429s just slaughtering these
4431s W can you pet the dogs Ste no but I can
4434s shoot it with an arrow in the face
4437s faster than me wait let's chop the trees
4439s down together that's right here Sten
4441s where you at where you at right
4444s here all right I'll
4446s start all right wait no no wait no okay
4449s three two 1
4451s go wait no we messed up we messed up we
4453s messed up we can do this we can do this
4454s how many people does it take to chop
4456s down a tree okay I'm pretty sure it
4457s doesn't matter you way faster I have no
4460s two
4462s three
4465s oh you just got wrecked excuse me just
4469s got wrecked this is where PVP
4473s starts excuse me
4475s sir he's already purple let's go cut
4478s down that uh corrupted tree oh yeah
4482s that's why we're here huh there we go
4484s yes this this place
4488s looks so good at night oh man there's
4492s the spooky dude again he's just chilling
4495s up there yeah he's eying us he
4500s Challenger will you approach him stay
4503s away
4504s from yeah oh my looks like one shot City
4507s up
4508s there oh I can't get these uh blood
4511s boiled
4513s Spirits
4514s yeah I can tell you the lore behind that
4519s or um never
4522s mind
4524s all right I got some of those let grab
4526s this
4529s thing come
4531s on oh bam tree explosion what do you
4535s think Mike you want to take on this
4536s ancient minion over
4538s here I think we need to n Ste time that
4542s was like less than two seconds yeah that
4545s was really I was like in there and out
4547s of
4548s there maybe uh a little balancing pass
4550s necessary take that note down Mike
4554s Nerf H incoming yep way to go stepen
4558s already nerfing Lumberjack I know y yep
4562s all right let's so now we do we have all
4564s the materials we need did you guys get
4565s the night
4566s oples yeah I got some all right sweet
4569s trade you back in town let's do it on
4572s let's get rid of this
4577s guy very good my goodness oh that was
4581s unfortunate animal abuse pet up
4585s so now talk to me a little bit about the
4588s sword that we're going to be crafting um
4592s obviously itemization in ashes of
4595s creation is not
4597s restricted um based on class right so
4600s anybody can wear kind of anything
4602s whatever is most beneficial towards
4603s their particular strategy and class kit
4605s and and build um but how do we influence
4610s that from a crafting
4612s perspective so
4614s the recipe that you learned is somewhat
4616s of a unique sword uh we want to
4618s introduce that uh mid level maybe a
4620s little bit high but generally for
4622s itemization purposes we want to have a
4626s viable option for every build that
4628s players want to try I know that's a full
4631s statement knows where his city is
4635s yeah where are we going we have a mini
4638s map top right guys come on is this way I
4641s always get lost out here when I take my
4642s nightly strolls
4644s just over to the South yeah okay all
4648s right sorry Mike to left to the left got
4651s it left okay
4654s um what was I saying anyways um I was
4657s saying that uh we want to support every
4659s kind of build that player wants to try
4661s out and I know that's a bold statement
4663s but that is something that we're going
4664s to attempt uh which means a lot of
4666s crafting recipes will need to support
4668s variable stats variable play Styles and
4671s for for this weapon for particular was
4673s um somewhat of a unique sword because
4677s it's a sword that has mag magic
4679s penetration so something that Mages
4681s maybe might be able to use or um cler um
4686s and then if we go to the crafter
4689s crafting station right here all right
4693s you should give them the my right uh can
4698s trade
4700s you
4702s done
4705s okay we got some night Opals
4707s sweet acting
4711s trade all right boom got some night opal
4715s let's do
4717s this so now I see I have my learned
4720s recipe the night blade is under weapons
4723s category okay that's cool yeah um La
4727s sure we touched on this on different
4729s live streams but uh our crafting menus
4730s will have some required materials so
4733s those are the things that you must have
4735s at that certain Rarity so we have the
4737s night of opal and the moon Bell that's
4739s required and then we have the selectable
4740s section where you can put different uh
4743s Rarity amounts um you want to do the uh
4747s the zinc one first Stephen so out of
4750s there and then S one and then now you
4752s can see that the item itself was
4755s uncommon and then if you add the
4757s fragments in oh I see what you're saying
4759s I see what you're saying the I so the
4761s uncommon night blade is
4764s here by adding in these legendary zinc
4768s fragments yep if you submit it now it
4770s turns
4771s rare okay cool and now you can see
4774s there's additional properties onto the
4776s item uh so things change and then if you
4778s put the Oak Timber also at legendary
4781s also legendary Oak okay got it and then
4784s now it becomes a heroic version of it
4785s and then that's increase um so these are
4788s the things that we kind of want to
4789s explore on Crafting side where we
4792s introduce maybe new stat line or uh
4794s different proportion or ratios of stats
4797s at certain uh tiers and when you craft
4800s these items with using better materials
4803s the Rarity of the item increases um for
4806s demonstration purposes we're using
4808s legendary but um basically when you use
4810s a higher tier than the recipe is
4813s intended for so we could technically
4814s build this item with common temp than
4817s zinc fragments then that would produce
4818s an uncommon item but since we're
4821s showcasing this at legendary here um you
4823s can move up the tiers and uh have the
4826s steps increase that's awesome and so
4828s obviously there's going to be a number
4830s of different types of
4836s selectblack block for the weapon but
4839s also increasing the quality predicated
4841s on the quality of the selectable that
4843s you're contributing right that would be
4845s our sub recipe system that we kind of
4847s Highly touch up on U so um a common
4850s copper sword might have sub recipes that
4853s changes the stat block completely which
4855s would be um let's say a brutal copper
4857s sword which um specializes in crit
4860s damage but that would be changing the
4863s selectable items from Oak Timber to Ash
4865s timber for example right and then when
4868s it's on the selectable level we can
4870s choose the the Rarity of those resources
4872s to increase the Rarity of the item
4874s produced awesome and each time you're
4876s kind of unlocking a different result
4879s with with regards to that particular
4880s recipe you're learning that interaction
4883s between the selectable materials and the
4886s output that comes from it so learning
4888s one recipe actually learns you a
4890s multitude of different potential um uh
4893s uh uh rewards from that one particular
4896s recipe yeah um we have a something
4900s unique yeah uh something unique in our
4902s crafting system where we want to have
4904s recipe XP of some sort and then those
4907s sub recipes could be earned by um
4909s leveling up your recipe which means that
4911s you have to craft a night blade multiple
4913s times to level it up to have a better
4915s result uh the sub recipe could be from a
4917s vendor recipe or World drops like we
4920s said earlier um but the idea is one type
4923s of item can have potential to be
4926s multiple different outcomes cool awesome
4929s okay let me go ahead and craft this
4933s weapon we've done it we've received a
4936s night Blade the loop is complete oh my
4940s God we made it through the entire Loop
4943s Loop let
4945s me I know let's see let's take a look at
4949s what we have in our inventory here so I
4954s see we have a heroic night blade that's
4956s doing some physical damage and magical
4957s penetration with some magical damage as
4960s well and if I compare that currently to
4963s my Longbow obviously we have some
4964s comparable version there but let me go
4966s ahead and equip
4968s this oh that looks
4971s good that that looks awesome you're
4973s styling you are styling you put in the
4975s work and now you're styling oh I love it
4978s that looks super cool sweet very
4982s nice let me see here you want to raise
4984s it up for the fam yeah I got I got to I
4986s got to get the right perspective here
4988s hold on stand by ladies and gentlemen we
4991s have crafted world
4994s first on the night
4998s blade we have done it yeah yeah
5004s ah very cool so guys we just walked
5008s through from start to finish crafting
5011s one particular recipe of course of many
5013s as itemization is a very key component
5016s of of player progression within the
5018s within the world of Vera um and as you
5021s can see from Gathering to processing to
5025s crafting um this is the type of
5027s experience and the unique aspects uh of
5030s that process that is uh within ashes of
5032s creation
5033s we do these demonstrations so that you
5035s guys get an early look during
5037s development on the direction of this
5039s particular core Loop this core system to
5041s ashes um and we want your feedback on it
5044s what did you think about the Gathering
5046s the processing the stations those the
5048s times that it takes the cue system for
5051s it um the unique interactions with the
5053s recipes the progression of the recipes
5055s um uh the tool dependencies and the the
5058s skill tree that you saw um the unique
5061s World state that influences the economy
5063s and the ability of of players to
5065s accumulate these resources and move them
5067s across the world we're fresh off of a
5069s caravan stream as well where you kind of
5072s see uh how those materials those
5074s resources that wealth gets acred and
5077s trans transited across the world um so
5081s all of these things are things we want
5083s you to app on in our YouTube uh on the
5085s forums on different social medias talk
5088s to us about what you saw today uh and
5090s how you feel about it where do you think
5092s that it could be improved improved um
5094s and how it relates to your previous
5095s experiences and other MMOs that you've
5096s played and what you've enjoyed about
5098s them um but otherwise Mike Corey Nathan
5102s Alex thank you guys for joining me I
5104s know the audience obviously appreciates
5106s all the hard work that you guys put in
5107s that everybody on the team puts in um
5109s and this is a very big group effort
5111s obviously to get these types of systems
5112s up and running um I know I appreciate it
5114s the audience does too thank you for
5116s joining us and chatting with us a little
5117s bit about um how all the stuff works and
5121s everyone I will see you guys back on
5123s stream in just a moment see
5129s [Applause]
5134s [Music]
5137s you woohoo we hope that you all enjoyed
5140s that Lucy did she was watching with
5142s baited breath for every single moment
5145s weren't you Lucy Lucy's ready to get out
5148s there and craft are you ready to craft
5150s do you want your own sword I think she
5153s does um but of course we do have some
5156s questions that we noticed from chat uh
5158s our wonderful Community managers have
5159s been pulling those in but while we
5161s answer those I will have the video up
5163s just kind of like playing in the
5164s background so you can kind of relive all
5167s the crafting goodness but um the first
5170s couple are more reiterations because we
5172s did answer these questions in the Stream
5174s but I think that it wasn't clear because
5176s people have been keep asking it post
5178s that so the first one was how many
5180s people can use the crafting stations at
5182s once and is there a cue to use
5185s them um so as it stands now crafting
5189s stations and processing stations that
5191s exist within
5192s nodes are unique to the player so
5196s meaning you can there is no limitation
5199s on who and how many people can use a
5201s crafting station within a node that's
5203s different on a freehold Freehold it
5206s shares the que so if you have family
5209s members that are wanting to use the
5211s processing stations on your Freehold
5213s uh those cues are limited uh on a per
5216s job basis right whereas in nodes because
5219s they don't go to the highest tier
5221s possible of crafting excuse me of
5223s processing um uh those get those get our
5226s are personalized so you saw when I was
5228s when I was doing a number of different
5229s processing actions they I had my own
5232s little Q section up above where I could
5234s have uh three jobs running at um uh
5237s sequentially uh now upgrades to in the
5241s node can change those things
5243s um so as the um as the service building
5247s that's offering the processing or the
5249s crafting um it has upgrades there are
5252s policies that exist um there are certain
5254s relics that you can acquire um all of
5257s which change the dials a bit on uh
5260s processing yield processing time um
5263s processing um uh uh job size like those
5267s things can get adjusted and that helps
5269s players determine where do I want to go
5272s to do the things I need to do which node
5274s should I use it is it is important to
5278s understand how that node has specialized
5281s because you only have a limited amount
5282s of specializations you can do with the
5285s service building plots the policies
5287s enacted um and the upgrades chosen can
5290s you provide more details in regards to
5292s the design philosophy behind why you
5295s it's a q system for freeh holds but not
5298s for uh nodes yeah absolutely um so
5303s on the
5304s Freehold processing can achieve the
5307s highest levels of processing that's
5308s where the highest levels of processing
5310s occur nodes can only go up to a certain
5313s level of processing um
5316s now we want to be able to throttle the
5319s amount of resources that can be
5321s processed at any given time in response
5324s to the fluctuation and flows of the
5326s economy right so we want to make sure
5328s that the economy is kind of a bigger
5330s ship when turning than being able to
5333s immediately start processing everything
5336s at once and and get new resources out as
5339s the flow of supply and demand changes
5341s within the world um and because again
5344s that's that's at the highest levels of
5346s processing and you're sharing uh um the
5350s available cues uh that exists at those
5352s stations it's going to take time and
5354s it's going to take a long time for the
5356s higher level
5357s materials all right and then the next
5359s one here is more of a comment in regards
5363s to there's been some mixed conversation
5365s in regards to this and I think in the
5366s past we've also done a whole uh feedback
5369s thread and report on this topic
5372s specifically but why did you go with a
5374s spatial inventory system for resources
5377s sure yeah ABS AB great question um so
5381s obviously there's a number of different
5382s methods that we can use uh in an effort
5386s to mitigate or again throttle um the
5390s amount of success that players can have
5393s in any one trip out in the world right
5395s now we're using a combination of three
5398s things we are using um progression
5401s gating through your profession level
5404s right so you need to have a certain
5406s level to access certain
5408s resources um we are utilizing the
5411s spatial inventory space as um a
5415s limitation on how much things you can
5417s gather before you need to go back to
5419s town um and then lastly we have
5423s a tool predicate where you need to have
5426s a tool that is relevant for the resource
5429s you're Gathering and those tools have a
5432s Decay value after each use um weight is
5436s obviously an approach that we could take
5439s uh if we wanted to limit
5441s however the spatial system works in
5444s concert with a a number of other types
5447s of systems for example we want to
5451s have itemization drop on death
5455s specifically as it relates to material
5457s items um and we want there to be an
5462s additional layer above just weight that
5465s introduces complexity and where there is
5468s complexity there is choice and there is
5470s strategy and there is planning required
5472s on behalf of the player in order to um
5475s set themselves up for the best possible
5477s success in certain situations right and
5479s so situationally it's Unique which bag
5482s type you choose this also gives us a
5484s unique progression realm within bags
5487s themselves so that bags are catered
5490s towards a specific quote unquote weight
5492s class and that is augmented by the
5495s spatial component right so as you
5497s introduce not just the weight aspect
5500s that you would normally see through
5502s stack size but you also have the grid
5504s formation of the spatial aspect um to to
5509s again make it a relevant Choice when
5511s you're Le leaving town which bags I'm
5514s going to have equipped and we want to
5516s have a deep progression in bag Choice as
5519s well because it not only interfaces with
5522s the resource Gathering but also the PVP
5525s aspect of things and players can cater
5528s themselves towards one of those
5530s directions so you know with a broader
5533s appeal that the game design provides
5535s through having these multiple
5537s progression Loops that are somewhat
5539s disperate in interest some being PVP
5541s some being PVE some being crafting
5543s oriented um this all provides a a matrix
5548s of decision-making on behalf of the
5550s player that I think yields a compelling
5553s gameplay Loop um and so that's why we're
5555s going to do it now it's important to
5557s note once again this is Alpha which
5561s means that these Concepts that live you
5563s know up here and get down into paper
5566s then get down into into implementation
5569s there is still an iteration phase that
5571s exists at after the implementation and
5574s so when we get into Alpha 2 and when we
5576s test these things we are going to
5578s fine-tune them and sometimes they might
5580s be completely changed that's just the
5582s nature of an iterative process and so uh
5586s we need to understand right now um while
5589s you're seeing this in action it's going
5591s to be different when players are
5592s Hands-On and we'll be collecting all
5594s that information all those logs we'll be
5596s querying how players interfaced with
5598s these different systems and will also be
5600s very importantly The Next Step
5602s collecting feedback directly from the
5604s players about these types of systems and
5606s whether or not they hit the mark and how
5607s they need to be fine-tuned in order to
5609s do so or wholely replaced um so I would
5612s say as players are participating in
5614s Alpha 2 get a
5616s feel uh
5619s oh you systems and provide the feedback
5621s and we'll see how did I lose you can you
5623s hear me you're good now you froze for us
5626s for a moment I was like oh no my bad um
5631s so yeah I don't know where I left off
5632s there but that's that's basically you're
5633s asking for feedback definitely share
5635s feedback we actually have a For Thread
5637s already up so please do so I'll remind
5639s you guys at the end as well but um yeah
5643s good there were some kind of tangental
5645s questions in regards to what you were
5646s just talking about uh specifically
5648s because people were wondering um about
5651s crafting bags and different types of
5653s bags and can like Crafters create those
5655s bags yes um and you know the obvious
5658s answer is obvious yes yes absolutely
5661s that that that is a that is a wholesale
5663s crafting uh area so the next one here is
5667s in regards to alt characters how do we
5669s feel about people because we provided
5672s some uh details in regards to how many
5675s uh professions you and processing Prof
5678s classes and things of that sort that you
5679s can personally be on per character basis
5683s what if I create alts that have those so
5685s that I can cover all of it is that
5688s something that we're okay with as a
5689s company or how are we comp yeah I I I
5692s think so I mean look this is you know
5696s this is entirely a subjective Viewpoint
5700s of course but but in my opinion um if
5704s the effort necessary to progress a
5707s character to the point where you have
5709s access to those types of things um is
5713s parallel with the effort it takes for
5716s your main character to do those things
5719s um then that's a choice that you're
5720s making and you're splitting your game
5722s time efforts towards two different
5724s characters and presumably so that's a
5725s bit of an asymmetric balance point uh
5728s that gets provided uh I think that's
5730s fine um and I think that you know when
5733s we design the game we design with that
5736s in mind as well and that's why we have
5738s certain restrictions on the number of
5740s Grandmaster professions that one
5742s particular character can do now when we
5744s want to extend those restrictions out
5747s from a character basis to an account
5749s basis we do so and we do so particularly
5751s with housing that's an additional level
5754s of of limitation that's going to
5755s mitigate some of the alt atmosphere for
5759s let's say owning a freehold right um
5762s that is something that that we place as
5763s a restriction because we feel that um
5766s The Limited re real reality space that
5769s exists within the world is something we
5771s don't want to extend to the alt uh uh
5773s atmosphere and so in that situation a
5775s player might have to you know get
5777s another account or something or or do
5779s some aisc there but from the perspective
5781s of progressing within the crafting
5784s professions and within the processing
5786s and Gathering professions that's
5787s acceptable in my
5789s opinion okay um and then the next one
5792s here
5793s is Will Gathering and its noises
5796s increase the range the monsters will
5798s notice you so if you aren't being so
5801s stealthy and you're harvesting things
5802s and chopping down wood are creatures
5804s going to like perceive that sure that
5808s that um there has been some discussion
5809s about that in the past um we have not
5812s yet gotten to the types of unique
5815s perception behaviors that we want NPCs
5818s to have right now they're relatively
5820s rudimentary in their perception although
5822s it is what players would come to expect
5824s in the majority of MMOs they've already
5826s played but we're aiming a bit higher um
5830s and we haven't gotten to that work yet
5831s but we are talking about things like
5834s unique
5835s abilities excuse me played by characters
5839s that extend the perception radius um or
5841s uh sounds and different types of walking
5844s that are angular from the from the um
5847s from the mob's perception perspective uh
5850s to be unique uh different types of
5852s creatures that might be of
5853s three-dimensional in space whether it is
5856s in water or birds in the sky that have a
5858s downward cone angle type perception as
5861s well like those those are things we want
5863s to do but we haven't yet um spent the
5866s time on the AI a AI behaviors
5869s there and then the next one here is in
5872s regards to Artisan gear and will it be a
5875s viable thing for me to utilize in combat
5878s so if I'm crafting and someone asked me
5880s to help them with something can I just
5882s leave my Artisan gear on and go go out
5885s and fight or will I need to be swapping
5888s my armor so you will not need to swap
5890s your Armor artisanship Gear lives in
5893s alongside your adventuring gear um and
5897s there will be a toggle that you can use
5900s to display one or the other's visuals
5904s now that doesn't mean you need to swap
5905s the gears it means that if you want to
5909s be seen as wearing the herbalists outfit
5913s uh you can you're still going to have
5914s your adventuring gear present and on the
5916s character and benefiting from the stats
5919s that are conferred by them and vice
5922s versa for for the uh um for the
5925s Gathering gear or the artisanship gear
5927s excuse me all right um then the next one
5930s here is in regards to upgrading items so
5935s if I create an item at a low quality
5938s will I later be able to upgrade that
5939s item when I have the resources to do so
5942s yeah we want to be careful you know so
5947s right now as you saw on the stream the
5949s contribution of materials to crafting an
5952s item results in advancing the Rarity of
5956s that item um now that doesn't exclude
5960s players who don't have the
5962s legendary uh or the higher
5964s quality
5966s contributed resources from progressing
5970s their
5971s common item up the Rarity tree through
5975s enchantments such as uh scroll
5978s enchanting or through tempering the gear
5981s um both of those can affect the quality
5983s and the Rarity of the gear that you
5986s produce but by contributing the
5990s resources during the crafting process
5992s you are getting a head start with the
5995s higher quality item and now are less
5997s dependent on those other avenues to
5999s achieve that which might be uh again a
6002s different vertical space of progression
6004s that you don't have as good of access to
6006s right so it's kind of it's kind of
6008s Distributing that
6011s approach okay uh and then this is
6014s probably what I noticed a lot for more
6016s of our uh long-term uh fans who have
6019s been with us and on this journey for
6021s really long time they are curious about
6023s what happened to the more manual
6025s crafting side of crafting cuz we didn't
6027s showcase that here we showed is that
6030s fast crafting who's who's a long time a
6033s lot of people oh a lot of people I
6035s thought you said there's one person I
6037s thought I heard you say like we have a
6038s long time person who's been asking like
6040s oh my God who's that no I me I meant
6042s generally I I noticed this question from
6044s people who are are fans for a long time
6046s not for sure for sure people so that is
6049s still a work in progress um and you know
6052s we want to be careful all the names yeah
6056s no fair fair fair um we want to be
6058s careful that when we um when we list
6061s excuse me when we showcase certain
6063s systems that we're doing so in a way
6065s that's digestible obviously and allows
6067s for people to provide feedback but not
6070s all systems come online as fast as we
6072s want them to um that particular gameplay
6074s layer is still a work in progress um and
6078s you will likely be getting an update on
6080s it at some point in the future future
6081s when we're ready to Showcase it but it
6083s is still intended the question that's
6085s outstanding with that miname layer or
6088s you I don't really like calling it a Min
6090s yeah that's why I calling it manual
6091s crafting because it gets really
6092s confusing when you say mini games
6093s because it is not mini games agreed it's
6096s not it is a unique gameplay layer
6098s however um what I would say is that
6100s there's still some discussion about
6101s whether or not that occurs on a craft
6103s bycraft basis or if it occurs at the
6106s certification level right so when you're
6109s certifying up you participate in the uh
6113s that gameplay layer but what I would say
6115s is uh hold off on that for a moment
6118s we're still working on that we will give
6120s an update when we're ready also putting
6122s things into a core functional state
6125s allows us to test some of those core
6127s systems and features so we can kick out
6130s all the bugs that are potentially there
6131s and believe me we've fixed a lot of them
6133s already so and there's plenty more that
6135s will come along the way as we move
6136s towards that more manual crafting
6138s process um and then the next one here is
6141s will the skin of the weapons have slight
6143s changes depending on the Rarity that
6145s it's crafted at yes yeah you saw there
6149s that the
6150s uh the Rarity of that sword was heroic
6154s and when it equ when it was equipped you
6156s saw some effects that were kind of
6158s pulsating up the weapon um those types
6162s of effects will be yielded the higher
6164s quality and or Rarity that the weapon is
6168s um so it's something that also is
6170s visually conveyed to other players uh if
6173s not from just a threat assessment
6175s perspective but from you know uh um uh
6178s getting some data point on the equipment
6180s that that another player has um so yes
6183s there are some effects that get Scaled
6184s up when that happens all right we got
6186s two more and then we'll move on to the
6187s next segment otherwise we'll be here all
6189s day because back now Roan keep adding
6191s them which is awesome um the next one
6194s here is can a player of any profession
6196s level learn any recipe or do I have to
6199s be like a certain level to learn the
6202s recipes oh that's a good question um I
6205s know we've gone back and forth on that
6206s in the past um I believe that
6211s currently uh you might need to have the
6214s appropriate uh ability to craft the
6217s recipe in order to learn it um I believe
6220s that's the current approach uh but I
6222s could be wrong on that I'll have to
6223s double check and like Stephen said
6226s before everything's subject to change as
6227s we test things as you guys experience
6229s things as you provide your feedback we
6231s adjust things as well um and then the
6233s last one here is can a player equip
6234s multiple of the same types of bags or
6237s are bags unique to characters in some
6239s way no you can you can equip multiple of
6241s the same types of bags you can be highly
6244s specialized cool cool um and I think
6247s there was a tangental one here was can
6249s people put these crafted bags on their
6252s mules as
6254s well but um can they put craft I'm sorry
6257s my battery just said it's about to die
6259s sorry say again crafted uh can they for
6261s the crafted bags on their mules as well
6263s like the the Satchel on their bags no no
6266s the mules use the cargo system um so the
6268s cargo system is uh crate based uh you
6271s have to acquire the crates and then you
6273s can equip them to the vehicles and or
6275s mules um mules cap out uh uh at the
6279s small crate value um and you can add to
6282s that crate um wild in the wild all right
6286s well from there we're going to move on
6288s to our studio update I don't know if you
6291s want to share some Deets on how we're
6293s doing where we're at in regards to
6295s Studio goodness but um I know folks keep
6298s asking about all of that jazz yeah no
6301s absolutely things are going great at the
6302s studio we have gotten some um some
6305s really talented uh team members who have
6308s joined us over the course of this last
6309s month um that we're very excited about
6311s to have uh uh with the team um we are in
6315s the process of winding down for the year
6318s obviously um the studio goes on break
6320s from the 22nd until January 3rd uh and
6323s we have a lot of plans to get things
6325s done before the 22nd oh until the second
6328s sorry my got it um oops the studio is
6331s like oh we're getting an extra day yeah
6333s I like I just want because I know a lot
6334s of them watch the stream I don't want
6335s them to be like oh I know yeah 202nd to
6338s the second good call um but uh we have a
6340s lot of plans obviously to get some
6342s things done here before the end of the
6343s year um we will be finishing up our
6346s Milestone 7 which is a big big big
6348s milestone for us um obviously uh but um
6352s yeah a lot of things going great at the
6353s studio right now yeah we're trying to
6355s plan some little fun things that we can
6356s do as a team too for for December um we
6359s always try to do I think we always do
6362s like a Christmas sweater contest and we
6365s we have fun we try to we try to we're
6367s GNA do a I think we're going to do a
6368s movie as well we've got some gifts going
6370s out to the team I'm working out the
6372s event details on that so yeah we're
6374s we're GNA prep some stuff I know people
6376s uh who are are staff are probably like
6378s oo um but we'll announce that later
6381s internally um but yeah we're we're
6383s definitely rocking and rolling I think
6385s we talked about this in a previous live
6387s stream but our attrition rate is
6389s insanely great um you know people do
6391s come and go here and there but uh it's
6394s well it's crazy because like standard's
6396s like 12 plus% and well right now layoff
6400s insane we're at like 1% or two yeah
6402s we're at like 2% I think um but yeah so
6405s it's very very low um beyond that let's
6408s move on to character goodness
6411s uh so the first thing here that you're
6412s going to see is that we are starting to
6415s kind of change up our klar starting gear
6418s uh we're kind of re uh addressing those
6421s changing them you're going to see these
6422s for all of the races as we move forward
6424s um but feel free to share your feedback
6427s and thoughts on them as we continue yeah
6430s the fabric looks so good
6434s yeah let those go
6437s through materials just look so good
6442s of course lighting changes everything so
6443s it depends on like where you are in Game
6445s how the lighting is going to look on the
6446s armors and stuff like that the next
6449s thing here is a copper weapon set you're
6451s probably going to see these for every
6453s type of material so I think you've seen
6456s some of them for from previous materials
6458s too in the past um but you'll probably
6460s be seeing more of those as we move
6462s forward just a lot of weapons and stuff
6464s are being weapons and armors are being
6466s made tons of them a very rich diverse
6469s grouping of of itemization that can be
6471s progressed through going questing drops
6474s and
6476s crafting yeah speaking of which we have
6478s some Carfin weapons we have a dagger and
6479s a focus that are being worked on right
6482s now um I think we've shown some of the
6484s other Carin weapons in the past as well
6486s that you've seen but I like to sprinkle
6488s a little view in there um because
6491s obviously that's going to be a fun
6494s dungeon um and then we have the Scarlet
6496s remembrance the little ring that we had
6499s the lore for this is really sweet um so
6502s if you haven't read it I would highly
6504s recommend um and then we have the
6508s guards which this one was of contention
6511s some people loved this set and some
6513s people
6514s didn't um but now you're seeing the 3D
6516s render of it which yeah it's different
6520s too which I think is
6523s fun and then we've got the bloomfest
6526s which is from that same
6529s set
6532s I love it
6535s beautiful who did this one this one
6538s bloomfest
6540s was H our wonderful intern
6543s marleene oh my
6545s God Marlene good a shout out Marlene
6550s very cool um and then we have the mat uh
6553s mature drill spider uh this isn't a te
6556s pose so
6557s the little spiky thing is you know would
6560s be up not flat like
6563s that
6565s um and then we have the rain Rock
6569s Fon I think I have a turntable for this
6572s one
6573s too love it so
6576s cool very cool I can see it's making a
6580s lot of different versions of this with
6581s the different materials in the game too
6584s oh yeah little corrupt version of it
6586s yeah oh oh no turns red this one is one
6589s of my favorites this is the sh
6591s Skipper we were joking that this is what
6594s we all look like after Thanksgiving
6596s dinner I can't wait to to ride that
6598s thing in the in the ocean and just like
6600s lay down a bunch of mines for ships and
6602s stuff that would be crazy oh my
6604s gosh I love that Stephen's plotting his
6608s revenge just have like just have like a
6611s a squad of these that'd be so fun to see
6614s a squad of them oh my gosh uh in alpha 1
6618s we all went in the water we were all on
6619s those Turtles you remember remember and
6620s then we did the barrel roll all in a row
6622s like a wave yes remember so good that
6626s was so fun I think it was with the pi
6627s folks when we did that I don't know if
6629s the pi folks
6630s remember but it was a lot of fun um
6633s that's what happens in private testing
6635s you do weird things because we were we
6636s having everybody line up and they were
6638s like run to the shore because we were
6639s trying to test having a lot of people in
6641s one area I remember that that was good
6643s times
6645s yeah um and with that we are heading on
6648s to our Q&A so thank you to our amazing
6650s artist obviously they work on way more
6653s things than that um we just try to
6655s sprinkle in a little bit here and there
6656s that they're really proud of that they
6658s want to share um sometimes I ask them
6661s for additional things that they're not
6663s quite ready to share but I'm like come
6664s on people will like it um and of course
6667s we keep some stuff for you guys so that
6669s you you know you get to experience them
6672s um so we're going to move on to our Q&A
6675s uh if you don't know we grab some
6677s questions from our forums we always put
6678s these up in advance when we announce our
6680s live stream so if you are following us
6682s on all the social you'll be notified of
6684s that um and of course on the forums the
6687s first question here is from nice gaming
6688s thank you nice for also making amazing
6690s content we always love uh seeing that
6692s they want to know about new player
6694s experience and is there a plan to have a
6696s tutorial or Quest detailing corruption
6698s the flagging system um Etc as new
6701s players enter
6702s Vera absolutely um that is not something
6706s however you will be noticing in Alpha 2
6708s um we call this obviously our firsttime
6710s user user experience the first-time user
6712s experience is something that's going to
6714s have a lot of love and attention during
6716s betas uh but is not going to have much
6718s attention during Alpha 2 but it is
6720s intended for us to have a very in-depth
6722s uh first-time user experience to kind of
6725s introduce players to the number of
6727s different systems right they're not
6729s going to be super in-depth we don't
6730s believe that first-time user experiences
6732s should handhold players through all of
6734s the processes and reveal the world so to
6736s speak but just to give them a shallow
6739s touch uh for these system so that they
6741s understand the concepts uh and and
6743s essentially how to how to navigate but
6745s we want to leave overwhelming to have
6747s like a bunch of UI popups I think also
6749s we've been trying to take a more
6751s tangible process of like you learn
6753s you're learning through the game and not
6755s always through Windows popping up at you
6757s too um the next question is from Nara
6761s who wants to know about stolen glint
6763s this was this was a contentious question
6765s after you talked about this on the
6767s Caravan live stream so I think this is a
6769s great one to also clarify so I'm glad it
6770s got picked in the random generator um
6774s the question is will a character be able
6776s to loot their own corpse and retrieve
6778s their dropped glint as normal glint
6780s again or is it forever stolen glint the
6783s second that the character dies does this
6785s also mean that if my friends loot my
6788s body and gives me my glimp back it's
6790s considered
6791s stolen I think the problem here was that
6794s you die and then your your glint becomes
6796s stolen glint but then if you lose it
6798s it's weird for it to be stolen
6800s the the glint does not become stolen on
6803s death it becomes stolen on looted on
6806s looting and you right correct yeah if
6810s you're if you're able to loot your own
6811s body uh it will not be converted into
6814s stolen glint um if however another
6817s player regardless of their affiliation
6819s uh loots the body it will then be
6821s converted uh the glint will be sunk and
6823s the stolen glint will replace your
6824s friends can steal stuff from you it is
6828s true um and of course of course the next
6831s one is from lashing and they want to
6832s know about NPC levels will Mob level
6836s keep scaling past player max level as an
6840s indicator for power level I think this
6841s is more in regards to uh at high level
6844s will there still be challenging combat
6846s for me beyond
6849s that wait so what's the
6851s question will Mob level keep scaling
6854s past the max player level yes yes uh
6857s when the game both in Alpha 2 and when
6859s the game launches
6860s there will be monsters whose technical
6862s level is above that of the cap um and
6865s the intent there is obviously again to
6867s provide um some level of of challenge um
6871s that exceeds uh a comparable level uh
6874s challenge rating um yes that is expected
6878s all right and then neurotoxin wants to
6880s know about crafting agency what
6882s percentage of an items specifically like
6885s a weapon that hits corruption Target or
6887s corrupted targets harder will be defined
6890s specifically by blueprint material
6893s character skill the station and region
6895s where it was crafted and by the player's
6897s own selective inputs so I think this is
6899s a pretty meaty question but just I guess
6901s kind of breaking it up what where do the
6904s power elements come from percentage wise
6906s per uh the different elements of
6909s crafting well a big chunk of it going to
6912s come from the static recipe value right
6915s um that's going to drive a lot of the
6916s stat block and then as we saw here you
6919s will be able to influence the the
6922s quality of the recipe and the
6924s distribution of stats within the stat
6926s block uh based on the components uh that
6929s are dedicated to the craft um so that
6933s that presents a wide variety of
6935s potential output from a single recipe um
6938s recipes have the ability to to gain
6942s recipes themselves can gain experience
6944s you can unlock um uh different results
6948s through different compositional
6951s contributions of resources and that in
6954s and of itself is kind of an exploration
6956s progression that Crafters will have
6958s access
6962s to and our next one is about crafting
6965s Innovation from old cat a um and they
6968s want to know will players have the
6970s ability to innovate within the crafting
6973s system creating unique items or designs
6976s if so how much customization can players
6978s expect when it comes to crafting their
6980s own gear or
6981s items yeah I think this is pretty much
6984s the same kind of answer that I just gave
6986s um which is that obviously there are
6988s statically defined
6992s um there are statically defined an an
6995s array of results that can come out of a
6997s particular recipe and your ability to
6999s unlock those results is predicated on
7002s what composition of resources you
7004s contribute to crafting that particular
7006s weapon type um and so in that sense yes
7009s uh craft will have the ability to to um
7014s uniquely create certain types of the
7018s recipes results based on how they're
7020s contributing resources to it yeah I
7022s think this
7023s question just manifest yeah manifesting
7026s their own yeah that you yeah exactly uh
7030s the the the result has to have a
7032s corresponding recipe definition and so
7035s in that sense it isn't completely
7037s customizable to the point where the play
7040s gets to uniquely create these uh
7043s particular items uh but rather they are
7045s discovering what Creations are possible
7047s with each recipe type okay and then uh
7052s I'm sorry if I I say your name wrong
7053s just DM me on Discord or something and
7056s nor forums and let me know how to
7057s actually pronounce it uh M Mo molu molu
7064s to uh they want to know about crafting
7066s recipes will the recipe book be account
7070s bound or player character bound will
7072s there be account wide sharing recipes so
7075s can I share my recipes with my other
7076s characters or do I have to do them per
7078s character this brings us back to the alt
7082s question and the alt question was you
7086s know how do we feel about people making
7087s alts in order to kind of corner the um
7091s uh the Mastery professions um if you
7094s learn a recipe it stays on that
7096s character and if you want another
7098s character to have access to the those
7100s recipes they have to achieve those
7102s recipes in order to do so um and so in
7104s that sense we're not making it easier
7106s for alts right it is an equitable amount
7108s of effort required in order to achieve
7111s uh the type of payoff you want from
7113s these old
7114s characters all right and then roon
7117s scoponi I always love that name uh they
7119s wanted know about Gathering skills do
7121s gatherers need to spec into group-based
7123s gathering at the expense of solo
7127s Gathering uh do they need to
7130s no no I do not believe so so they can
7132s spec into they can do both equally
7135s correct okay and then tiger blue eyes
7138s wants to know about crafting materials
7139s are crafting materials going cross tiers
7143s for example using highle material in
7145s low-l recipes or lowlevel materials in a
7148s higher level recipe is that allowed yes
7151s MH and then Phantom MX or Phantom X
7155s wants to know about uh crafting skill as
7158s character artisanship skills improve
7161s will RNG in the process go
7164s down that is a good question as I level
7167s up am I more likely to succeed to to a
7171s degree um
7174s well right now we don't really have a
7178s failure chance when it comes to
7181s crafting the the RNG chances that we
7184s place on itemization live more within
7187s the enchant realm and and within the uh
7191s deconstruction realm
7195s um uh and socketing like that's where
7199s RNG comes into play the recipe is a
7203s relatively um uh High degree of
7206s certainty when inputting things um you
7210s may not know what the outcome of that
7211s input's going to look like but I
7213s wouldn't call that necessarily RNG BEC
7215s RNG for failure because you can't
7217s necessarily fail that um so yeah
7221s hopefully that answers your question
7223s yeah uh and then drunk ninja wants to
7225s know about crafting consumables will
7227s every crafting profession be able to
7228s make some form of a
7232s consumable no not every crafting
7234s profession will be able to make a form
7236s of
7237s consumable all right that wraps up our
7241s Q&A wo we made it through it all um and
7246s of course uh we do have um you know some
7249s reminders again for you all uh just head
7252s on over to our forums we would love your
7253s feedback forums. ashesofcreation
7263s docomo long stream it was a long this is
7266s a long stream uh the video for the um
7270s the 4K version of the artisanship
7272s segment it will be up on YouTube right
7274s when this is over so you can go watch
7276s that pause it look back so you can
7278s really give us feedback on what your
7280s thoughts are um and of course our team
7282s is going to be creating a report for the
7283s dev team which is always uh something
7285s that is is beneficial for us um again
7289s thank you all so much for helping us
7290s with extra life there's also a ton of
7292s other Dove discussions and things of
7294s that sort that are over there we're
7295s going to have a delicious one that's
7297s coming up uh with recipes and maybe
7299s we'll do uh some bonus uh Alpha 2 keys
7302s for anybody who actually creates the
7304s recipe and sends us a photo or something
7306s so it's like a bonus just fun um but
7308s yeah definitely definitely keep your eye
7310s out for some fun things that are coming
7311s along the way uh the Unseen order
7313s Cosmetics will be ending on January 17th
7315s at 11:00 a.m. Pacific reminder that this
7317s is the last uh pre-order pack that will
7320s be available and you can check out all
7321s the information on our FAQ on our site
7324s um and of course thank you so much to
7326s all of you for tuning in this was a long
7327s one so we appreciate you sticking it
7330s through with us um and of course um to
7333s Corey Mike Alex and Nathan for helping
7335s us with the artisanship Showcase they
7338s all did an amazing job I know it is not
7340s an easy feat to come and talk in front
7342s of a bajillion people um I know people
7345s can make fun of folks so be kind
7348s developers that's not our main thing to
7350s do we're making a game man we're and
7351s we're just trying to help explain things
7353s at the same time um and of course to
7355s Stephen for all of your time I know that
7357s it is precious we always appreciate all
7359s of it and with that we hope that you all
7361s stay healthy and safe um like I said the
7364s VOD will be up on Twitch as well right
7365s away so you can watch the whole thing if
7367s you want to rewatch any of the FAQ SE
7370s um the videos up on YouTube leave us a
7372s comment and next on next month's or on
7374s this Dev development update so when the
7376s full one goes up on Friday um and we
7379s will be picking a lucky winner to be
7381s spotlighted again like we did in this
7383s one for next month in December uh also
7385s follow us on all the places we are ashes
7387s of creation everywhere we post stuff
7388s almost like you know multiple times a
7390s week it is we try not to spam you too
7392s much but we also try to make lots of fun
7394s engaging posts also sharing you sharing
7396s with you like lots of cool things from
7398s the game sometimes you get some unique
7399s stuff that doesn't get shown on the live
7401s stream so definitely uh follow us in all
7403s of the places so that we can keep you
7405s informed on what's going on and with
7407s that we will see you all next month for
7410s the final live stream of
7412s 2023 yeah is it like two weeks away
7414s three weeks away yeah two two or three
7416s weeks away it's not very far because uh
7418s we wrap up on the 22nd here like no
7420s one's working on the 22nd at Intrepid so
7423s hopefully not that's right all right all
7427s right everyone thank you for joining us
7428s we had a lot fun we'll see you
7432s [Music]
7442s soon

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