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Skill experience vs Max level (items, level, gear, etc)

A player with a lot of experience using a character's ability but with a low level, should he beat a player who has the maximum levels in his character but has little experience using his abilities?

What decides which player is better?

We know that there are several factors that are for and against the two types of players but within them there is one in common that is interesting, time.

Time is a fundamental factor for a video game player, especially for an MMO player, if he manages his time well he can become a great PVE and PVP player or in general a great MMO player.

So , what makes us feel really powerful?

If we understand that an MMO has a beginning of basic skills that everyone has (depending on the class / race / etc), then we know the levels at which we will have the improved skills (level 20/25/30/35 / etc).
At what point do we have a skill difference based on our effort / time? , because sooner or later everyone who strives will achieve the same improved skills, will know the rotations, movements, etc, (according to class / race / etc). Then the time that was a fundamental factor ends up being a secondary factor, replaced by the level, gear, etc.
Everything is highly conditioned to certain levels already stipulated, so the opportunity to differentiate yourself from another player is lost.

What if the same skills had to be improved by use, training, or they are affected by the load of use, they can lose experience if they are used in a bad way or they can even share experience with the level of the player?

If want to give diversity to the leveling content, could take into account that skills are not just something static that is obtained at a certain level ,But rather that skills are a mandatory improvement factor so that players can take advantage of 100%.

For instance:

  • The skills have their own level of growth depending on their use.
  • The good or bad use that can affect their growth.
  • The improvements that can be given to skills depending on how you buy them, create them, obtain them, their rareness, their affinity, etc.
  • The training you give him (skills training content).
  • Evolution of skills depending on how they are trained, improved, used, stimulated, fused, studied, etc.
  • The player can decide whether to grant level experience to their skills or to their own player level.
  • etc

In this way, by giving diversity to the abilities, there would be a more logical sense regarding the feeling of power with "x" character in both PVP and PVE.
If the level makes you more powerful than another player, if the playing time makes you more powerful than another player, then if the skills are diversified, the panorama of possibilities would be widening so that the players can differentiate themselves, be better for having improved a certain skill against another character or have improved certain abilities for certain situations.

Obviously the balance of the characters is one of the biggest obstacles there is but that does not prevent trying to find ideas for better content.

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you got a source for that last statement?

While it doesn't look like augments have been mentioned in regards to boss drops specifically, we've noted plans for augments that would come from progression within religious or social organizations - so these might include quests/rep in a sense!