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This tank preview was disaster. Tank was not able to hold agro of monsters for majority of the time. LEVEL CANNOT BE ISSUE, use GM power if needed and use the proper skills to showcase it. On this stream ironically we saw better preview of cleric and party gameplay rather tank preview. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN EVER AGAIN! What is worse, that we are told on youtube completely different footage is going to be uploaded.

How can you solve this that it never happens again and we are provided proper preview? It is simple.

Record strict 10-20min footage and put competent players behind to do preview of the classes. No voices from anyone who is participating in recording, JUST PURE FOOTAGE of the game.

And then you replay it with overall commentary/Steven's thought an commentary added here as well.

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Appreciate the feedback. I’ve re-recorded the video and have the new version uploading to YT now.

In the original recording I was trying to slowly use each skill in separate engagements, to progress into the full swing by the end of it while emulating the discovery experience of a player for new viewers. Based on this feedback and other feedback I’ve decided to take a more definitive developer’s approach to the demonstrations, so let me know if this new recording is the preferred style for the future.

As always, we endeavor to provide a monthly view of our development progress to keep our community informed and illicit feedback. Sometimes that means we will get things wrong and raw, but we will always iterate and act swiftly on our community’s thoughts.