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After the latest showcase i am 100% this game won't be for me, the video actually gave me a headache, the sound, the spammy nature of the combat and the insane amount of effects just was too over the top for me. Imagine having 100 playes on the screen with this insane amount of gfx and try to make sense of it?

I get it, some of you may love that, but to me it totally ruins the immersion when everyone is over the top flying all over the place, it just ruins my immersion for whatever reason.

That being said, if you enjoy this type of a game where its fast, spammy and flashy then this game will probably be right up your alley, it just aint for me, i am from the old school mmorpg scene and i definitely couldn't stand playing this for more than half an hour before getting some kind of seizure

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As part of our continued development with Ashes, our art will continually improve. We will also have scalability settings that can be tuned by the player to adjust the amount of vfx that are culled when out of the players primary focus or visual distance.

The sound was an issue that unfortunately occurred during recording. A new video is uploading shortly that more concisely shows off the tank’s abilities and design.

Your feedback is important and appreciated. 🙏