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I want to preface this by saying that I think the current way Intrepid is showcasing the archtypes isnt ideal. I would like a 2-3 minute summary of what the abilities do, and see them used in an uncluttered area. A good example of this is the way SkinSpotlights showcases new League of Legend champions and skins. https://youtu.be/-1lKMEbo2Dw

On to the actual abilities:

The 2 strike ability (I dont know the actual names of the abilities, because as I said, they werent showcased very clearly): I think the animation for this ability is solid, and I could see it used as a DPS and aggro ability.

The charge ability + the roar ability: Again, the animations seemed really good, and I liked the combination between the two. My only complaint might be that the charge got stopped by some geometry. I really hope this gets tested a lot, because having your engage stopped because theres a branch on the ground probably wont feel good.

The grit ability: The aura that this ability emits is great, and the functionality it provides to tanks is very needed.

The pull ability: I was pretty disappointing by this one, as someone who really enjoyed Javelin in alpha 1. Right now, if I want to engage on an enemy, I can either use the charge + roar ability, or I can pull them. Charge + roar has an AOE stun, so its great to use for hordes, whereas the javelin is single target. So when would I want to use the javelin? On a strong single target. However, if those strong single targets are more likely to resist the javelin, then Im left with just a bad engage. I also thought the visuals of the pull ability were very underwhelming. Hook abilities are very fun, and should have visuals that match. Idk if it was just a visual bug or a twitch bitrate issue, but the javelin looked invisible.

The cone shield ability: I think having a shield ability is very important for the tank fantasy, however, I didnt think the vfx (the shape) of the shield was very appealing. The conal shape looked like it was mostly protecting the tank themselves, rather than the people around or behind them. I also think think the shape of the sheild itself was very weird, and would prefer a shield thats either flatter, or a bubble. I also dont think the indication to teammates that they were protected was good enough.

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Good feedback. Took another stab at my recording and it is uploading now 💪. Let me know ur thoughts.