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It's especially bad when then foes are humanoid beings.

You know what I mean - you're leveling in the open world, and you come across a bandit camp. And they're all walking in circles in the same spot, wandering aimlessly, doing absolutely nothing.

If you want to make AOC 100x better than others MMOs, please invest time and give your foes a purpose or an activity. Have your beasts hunt in pack, have them run around the fields.

Have your humans characters have a (no audio) conversation with each other, with hand gestures and all. One could be sleeping under a tree. They could be practicing their swordplay. Or they could be patrolling.

Point is: don't make it like WoW, where every open world monster just stands around doing absolutely nothing.

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I think powerful monster patrols are an easy way to make questing more dynamic. Old MMOs used to do this. If you accidentally aggro'd a patrol while fighting something, it could mean certain death.

On that topic, I just really hope they make the open world dangerous in general. It seems like every game now is a total face roll, where it is impossible to lose. I played the New World beta recently, and that game had the same problem. Not once was I challenged during solo PvE. Quite boring.

What are some of your other favorite ways to feel "danger" in the open world? Whether it be mobs, other players, environmental factors, or something else entirely?

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Dev owned evil npc node event!

We're not evil, we just...came down with a little case of corruption 😈