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7s [Music]
12s Marvel's fan favorite anti-hero the
14s Winter Soldier is joining The Avengers
17s roster the Winter Soldier is a force to
19s be reckoned with and has an all-new set
21s of moves and abilities and a custom
24s Mission chain you
26s the crystal Dynamics Dev team has taken
28s great care bringing Bucky Barnes to life
31s his look fighting abilities and
33s narrative have been crafted in a way
35s that is faithful to his comic Origins
37s yet unique to our game
40s [Applause]
42s Bucky Barnes made his comic debut all
44s the way back in Captain America Comics
46s number one in March of 1941 as caps teen
50s sidekick their legendary Nazi fighting
53s exploits continued in comics well into
55s the 1950s Bucky met a seemingly
58s permanent demise when a bomb on a plane
60s he and Rogers were attempting to defuse
62s exploded above frigid Arctic Waters
65s killing Bucky and freezing cap in the
67s wreckage Bucky was resurrected as the
70s Winter Soldier in the 2004 issue of
73s Captain America number one written by Ed
75s Brubaker thought long dead Bucky was
78s revived by the evil Department x a
81s covert Soviet agency responsible for
84s training Russian super soldiers and the
87s deadly assassins of the Red Room he
89s outfitted with a bionic arm and
91s brainwashed transforming him into a
93s ruthless secret assassin known as the
96s Winter Soldier
98s [Applause]
99s after the A-Day disaster Bucky is
102s distraught by the loss of Steve Rogers
104s Maria Hill reaches out to Bucky and
106s gives him new purpose finding and
109s rescuing missing Inhumans however he
112s still feels he needs answers for Cap's
114s death Monica uses this to set a trap
116s capturing and reactivating him as the
119s Winter Soldier trying to weaponize his
121s mind control protocols to harness
123s modoc's frightening powers
125s Bucky is rescued by The Avengers but he
128s is initially hesitant to join them
129s knowing that Monica's Protocols are
132s still out there and could be reactivated
134s at any time after Natasha uncovers the
137s possible location of the protocols Bucky
139s teams up with the Avengers to ensure he
142s will never be controlled again Bucky
145s Barnes is one of the oldest and most
147s compelling characters in Marvel history
148s the ultimate anti-hero his deadly skills
152s are the stuff of Legend and his
154s Redemptive rise as a true hero leaves a
157s story unlike any other now the Winter
159s Soldier has arrived in Marvel's Avengers
161s bringing exciting combat an all-new
164s Mission chain and awesome cosmetics
167s foreign
169s s and jump into Laurel's Avengers
172s activate the Winter Soldier and join the
174s fight when patch 2.7 drops on November
177s 29th

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