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Ill have someone check out that spot in case there's a bit of collision sticking out, not sure what's going on actually but well look!

27 Sep

26 Sep


Originally posted by Mc7yson

Seriously? You're the best.

Seriously? You're the best.


Originally posted by FunnySoundMan

Weren't you the Neverwinter community manager way back when?

Wow, yeah, that was a while ago. But that was me!

25 Sep


Originally posted by JAMESTIK

Can the shades be part of the skin? Please???

I asked, no promises


Thank you! More to come!


Wow! Quite the collection. :)


Originally posted by CiosAzure

Soooo /u/CD_MeaganMarie is Black Widow's loot table fixed so that she can actually get Named Legendaries when she's supposed to instead of 6 trash purples? This is the fix I've been waiting to see so that I can go back to playing my main and get the items I'm looking for instead of dismantle fodder. Thank you!

I've gathered your reports along with a few others to get it in front of our designer who focuses on loot/rewards! Hard for me to comment on timelines, but want you to know it's being looked into. :)

24 Sep


Thanks for the report, we will look into it.


I'm going to ask some questions and have people look, saw the reports.

*edit* We believe we may have found an issue, just wanted to let you guys know we are on it.


Originally posted by Ancient-Rune

Hey Phil, it isn't just "less vocal', we need it to be less LOUD! I half suspect most people actively dislike how often Jarvis talks to us partially because he is so much louder than he needs to be.

There seems to be some sort of audio mix problem in the game, I suspect that the game audio is premixed for surround sound and offers no options to adjust for those of us without it, but Jarvis and any other NPC speaking "On Comms" or not actually visible on screen are about three times louder than anyone on screen or 'local' in the scene.

Get on a PC with no surround sound and two speakers in front of you and play the game to see this for yourselves, it's frustrating to play at night, and not wake up other people in your home.

It's very difficult to have JARVIS and Maria Hill screaming into my ears from the two speakers in front of me, when i can barely hear my own character banter with the people next to them in an elevator ride.

Why can't we set these...

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Understood! thank you for the additional details.

When do they post?

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