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22 Nov

21 Nov


Originally posted by SpookyBread1

Agreed. Would've been nice for this to talked about on reddit.

Paging /u/CD_PhilT

Could we know this is happening ahead of time next time?

Apologies if this seems rude just would've been nice to know this was happening

Frankly because there's no dates and while i am happy to discuss things we are actively working on (when i can) i don't want to type up a bunch of coming soon things either. Hopefully that makes sense.

20 Nov


Originally posted by chuwilliamson

He loves it so much at night he constantly yells “Power of the OWL-Father” and “Elehments ATWEND MEH!” Lol

I absolutely love that, that made my day:)


That is one mighty hero! As a Thor player and fan i fully understand why he goes by Liam, God of thunder!

19 Nov

When do they post?

(GMT +0)
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