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Enemies that we're required to kill to advance missions get stuck outside of the currently-playable area constantly in this game. Whether it's under the floor, on the other side of a wall, or through a door that can't be opened without killing the enemies that have somehow made their way onto the other side, it happens absolutely constantly in this game. I'm writing this after playing to wave 9 out of 10 in a Harm Room challenge and then being unable to progress because the final enemy looks to be about a mile under the floor.

Now, sometimes players can work around this problem themselves. For anybody who doesn't know, some attacks and abilities will deal damage through doors and terrain as long as the enemy is still within your area of attack. Thor, for example, can still hit people with God Blast, Odinforce lightning, and his power attacks, even on the other side of a door. However, sometimes the enemy is so far away that this isn't possible, and sometimes you can't hit them frequently enough to keep modifiers from outhealing the damage that you're dealing with your one hit every few seconds. In these instances, you're simply entirely unable to progress and will have to restart the game entirely.

So, how is this problem "solved" without actually fixing what seems to be a complicated issue? By just having those enemies automatically die after a set amount of time. Plenty of other games already do this. I'm not sure 100% how to achieve it, or what actually triggers their death, but I know I've encountered the same issue in other games, and after searching around for a bit hoping to find the enemy and kill them, you'll suddenly just hear a groan from somewhere nearby and will be able to progress.

This game, more than any game I've ever played, needs a feature like this. I'm not sure how this is usually measured, but it seems to have something to do with whether the enemy has taken or dealt damage within a certain period of time after the objective has started. I know this isn't exact, but I'm sure it's a component. The game also already measures out-of-bounds areas to trigger player deaths, and will kill enemies that are thrown over the side of a cliff and such, so adding out-of-bounds deaths to larger/unplayable areas seems like another way to measure this. Whatever the mechanism ends up being, we need it at the launch of the game, but since it's too late for that the next best time would be immediately.

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We have people actively working on some of these issues, what you are suggesting makes a lot of sense and in fact we do employ some of these methods but one of the hard to figure out bugs we are tracking involves these failsafes not functioning as expected.