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Transcript (by Youtube)

2s foreign
10s [Music]
17s there was a theory that one agent at the
20s right place at the right time with the
23s right skills could be more effective
26s than an army that agent
30s was the Winter Soldier that agent was me
36s my military career began as Captain
38s America's psychic
40s Steve was four years my senior and
42s everything I wanted to be a warhead of
45s the plans
49s they gave me a metal arm and took away
51s everything I was
54s mad
56s she made me remember when it was to feel
58s human
59s we knew it was forbidden
62s but I loved her more than anything
64s when they found out they put me back on
67s Ice I lived only in waking nightmares as
71s the Winter Soldier
73s [Music]
74s between years of sleep
77s it was hard waking up alone to a new
80s world even worse after a day
83s I couldn't find that
86s Steve was gone
88s I just wanted to do good
90s for him
92s I failed
94s Monica rapachini reactivated the Winter
97s Soldier
98s two years I spent being experimented on
102s assassinating people abducting Inhumans
105s for aims research
111s sometimes I think I should have never
113s woken up
114s but I'm really glad I did
119s Avengers
120s move out
126s [Music]

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