Transcript (by Youtube)

12s [Music]
16s in my timeline
19s asgard has fallen
22s the god said the end of days would cast
24s the ten realms into ice and darkness
28s instead
29s it was fire
31s and blood
32s odinson never returned from earth and
35s without his son to protect asgard from
37s outside influence the all-father went
40s mad
43s mjolnir chose me to take up the mantle
46s but it was too late odin had locked the
49s all mother away and declared those loyal
51s to her as his enemy
53s and if he had to destroy asgard to root
56s out rebellion so be it
64s i was
65s used to fighting battles
69s i was used to facing down darkness
73s but this
76s even i had to admit
79s i needed help
84s so
85s i made a deal with the last person in
87s the ten realms i would ever turn to
94s [Music]
98s my father always said if a man can't
101s smile without making you uneasy
104s that man is rotten to the core
108s but sometimes you have to make
111s compromises
112s and compromises have a price
115s i didn't want to pay
117s but you can't trick the god of mischief
140s well
141s i guess that's one way to do it
147s avengers
148s follow me
157s you