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I've seen recent videos that shows a white skull when a kill has been achieved. In earlier builds, it was a red skull. I've always like the red cross bones indicator in Battlefield 1 giving me a clear indication that I have eliminated my target.

I know I might be the minority, but the option would be nice to re-enable it

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Originally posted by BleedingUranium

Thanks for this, it's the little things like this that make all the difference!


Is there any chance we could get a colour selection tool other than the BF1-style colour-picker tool? It's virtually impossible to set a specific colour, especially on console.

Setting the three RGB values from 0 to 255 like BF4, or simply imputing a Hex value would be amazing. Dice plz? :3

I'll have a look at the RGB values and see what we can do about that. Not saying it'll happen for launch but I can at least put it on my TODO list :)

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Originally posted by [deleted]

Can we turn the skulls off though, along with the sound effect?

The skulls will probably not be removed. When it comes to audio and sound I can't really answer since it's not my area, sorry!

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Originally posted by SixelAlexiS

It's cool having options... but why don't have 2 different color selection for those? I really want the red skull but NOT the red hitmark... I want the red one only for kill confirmation.

So, there will be color hitmark customization like BF4? (headshot, arm, kill confirmation etc.)

Atm, we're going for consistency in the middle of the screen... It should be easy to connect the colors to a specific type of kill :) By doing this you'll instantly know what kind of kill it was even if you only noticed the color (and didn't see the icon/scoring/text).

We currently offer options for the following (planned default color) :

  1. Hit indicator - hit (white)
  2. Hit indicator - normal kill (soft red)
  3. Hit indicator - HS (bright red)
  4. Hit indicator - assist (yellow)

Then you can modify it however you like :)