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30 Jun

Originally posted by spidd124

Uhhh Adam Freeman is Dice's community manager? He isnt some random member of Dice's staff.

Also what does that even mean? What companies bring in voice actors specifically for an update overview? Every update overview I can think of has a member of the community team or a dev going over the details. There are plenty of reason to be critical (perferably constructively) of DICE/ EA's actions with BFV but this is just dumb.

Also, Brian Blessed was busy that day.

Originally posted by MuricanRay

Works gone on hold for the Summer while the teams take their vacations.

You guys are something else.

"We cant get shit done because of covid and home office."

"We wont do this and that because BLM."


We've continued to develop and release content and updates since transitioning to a WFH status because of the COVID outbreak. The only impact we experienced was combining 4.4. and 4.6 (minor updates) but otherwise haven't stopped working or extensively delayed anything because of it.

We otherwise stopped marketing the Summer Update because we acknowledge that there are more important things happening in our world and are completely unashamed of that.

Our development teams are otherwise made up of Human Beings, who take vacations. You're welcome to read up about how it is that Sweden as a nation approaches Vacation, and seperate to that, how Production Cycles are benefited from teams taking Vacation together, than independently at different times all throughout the year.

Originally posted by SpicyCheese91

Thanks for the detailed answer. Do you have any idea on what's going to happen to all of the unreleased full outfits and also the common rarity helmets that are in the files? We'd all love them to be added eventually and it could give us a lot of options to customize stuff with. Thanks again. Some examples are the plain German helmet with the gas mask, or the covered German helmet, or even the WW1 German and British helmets.

There are two types of content currently known to folks, unfinished and unreleased.

I can't publish a full list of where things sit, but unfinished content was never moved into the unreleased category because we ultimately deprioritised it - there may well be small items still in the files which are known to cause issues or we simply felt didnt add anything substantial to the experience and so will never release.

Unreleased content is just that, unreleased (yet). There's still plenty more rotation to come through the Armory. If the day comes where I'm giving the ability to publish a complete rotation calendar, I will.

Originally posted by Dragon_Hill_Farm

Hi /u/PartWelsh & /u/braddock512

I know you guys said "it's done when it's done" before but at this point the silence is hurting the community.

We have a rampant cheater problem in asia, the anti cheat mechanism seems to fail. We are happy with community servers though.

  1. When are the features for community games released?
  2. Will anti cheat get improvements?
  3. Is the team balancer active by now?
  4. Spawning in squad members is completly broken, and the animation is way too long. I gave up completly trying to spawn on squad members because of it.
  5. What is happening to AA? Braddock mentioned upcoming changes.

Thanks for answering these questions.

  1. Later in the year is the current expectation, date not set but we are still committed to expanding community games.
  2. These systems are continuously updated and improved and have been throughout the lifecycle of the game
  3. It's not live yet, but check through my comment history as someone else has asked recently on this topic. TLDR, we have a design and something in testing but I can't set a date for when or if we may activate it
  4. There was a change made a few patches back that alters the behaviour of this to protect against Spawn>Death. It has some minor known issues similar to the previous behaviour but it's overall change to limit how much you could potentially spawn and be shot in the back was by design. I appreciate the feedback from you on the current behaviour, I've not been told to expect any further changes
  5. There are no changes currently committed to adjust existing AA/Aircraft balance

29 Jun

Originally posted by RommelsRamrod

Perhaps a list or #s of bans being handed out, would show the community EA's progress on this issue. I would also suggest that the new title has proper anti-cheat on launch.


We used to have the counter - and/or name of the banned person - in the chat scroll. That didnโ€™t get implemented in BFV as the UI changed and it was deprioritized, but I definitely agree at least showing the number of bans per day or a scroll of those banned would help reduce the concern the community has that nothing is being done.

Originally posted by Grieswurst

I know that you're a cm and not part of anti-cheat team. But especially because you are a cm, you should know that nothing ever happened to cheaters. So no, why should I even bother to report one.

And you're still part of DICE, together with Freeman the only source of the already spare information we got about the debacle that BFV was. So of course we're going to adress our complaints to you, especially when you give funny answers like these. :-)

I actually see the cheat bans list daily, so the first part is 100% wrong.

If you refuse to report anyone, why tag me? I'm (as you already stated that you know I'm a CM - not the only one - so you know this) not able to do anything with these claims.

And I've never had a problem with sharing your frustration or complaints. EVER.
I take issue with you feeling it appropriate to insult or abuse.

Originally posted by The_James_Spader

To be honest Braddock, Dice has given us no reason to trust them with cheaters. You already know this Braddock. Have a little sympathy for what he is saying.

I didn't say it was perfect, and I totally understand the frustration. There's no doubt about that as it's in my reports I send to the studio team and leadership teams.

But being abusive/insulting to me (or Freeman) isn't something I have to be okay with, just as you wouldn't accept that from someone.

Wanna share your frustration? I'm here to listen (and if I have an answer to share, I will). Want to go beyond just sharing frustration to pointed attacks, snide insults, or outright abuse? No. Full stop.

Originally posted by Grieswurst

Reporting cheaters to you is the same as a tumbling over rice sack in China - nothing else will happen.

So I guess we can assume your answer is a joke? :)

You can assume whatever you want.

Fact of the matter is, Iโ€™m not part of anti-cheat nor do I have the ability to ban folks. So you can follow the process and report them properly, or you can continue to be abusive and I wonโ€™t see any of your comments going forward.

Originally posted by r1v0p

Any update on team balance?

Works gone on hold for the Summer while the teams take their vacations.

We had the option of deploying it but there was an issue where all Squad leaders would be ejected from the game when the systems activated. That's counter productive, so we rejected the update.

What we had otherwise developed so far is working as we want it too, but not wanting to release something that would completely ruin the experience for the summer we've put it on hold until we can pick up the work once the teams are back from their annual vacations.

Belief is that we can still develop a change as we know where the faults are, it's just subject to more testing and more engineering work to get us to a place where we're comfortable releasing it.

We'll evaluate and share more when we can.

Originally posted by IlPresidente995

u/Braddock512 u/PartWelsh

These were wallhacking and speedhacking. TWO of them.

Originally posted by SpicyCheese91

Thanks for the update on the trailer but is there any chance you could clarify what kind of "new cosmetics" you guys added in the new update? (7.1) are they completely new or were they already in the files last update?

It was a few final facepaints and I think a haircut that will get used as potential login rewards. They were likely already in the files for a number of months but carried bugs that prevented them from ever being used.

Originally posted by IlPresidente995

Upvote because I always like explaination (and i'm curious)

But guys... I hope for everyone that the next BF and everything around will be much in order than how it happens now...

For sure, and I'll volunteer that in a normal world, this was set to be a very straight forward affair in the world of communications, and we were originally working towards a cool moment where things happened in a manner where we'd reflect differently on the topic today.

Here's more dull and dry explanations/rambling if you're interested

The trailer originally would have gone out on the Wednesday before the update (the following Tuesday), patch notes would have followed on the Thursday, and the update out the following week. EA Play would originally have then been on the following week where we would have talked about the whole Battlefield franchise coming to Steam.

That's a plan that for a campaign team (not talking development or production here) gets produced as early as 4-6 months before at a high level, associated work gets mapped out, folks get to task, and then pulled together over the course of that project's timeline. The work itself all ...

Read more

Originally posted by Grieswurst

Thank you very much. :)

Originally posted by DANNYonPC

In Classic BF5 fashion..

The trailer has been delayed

A true classic, one final swing (and miss).

To add in what else I shared (and why we simply didn't straight away change it and release it), we produce our trailers in different formats, languages, and in different crops for different platforms and storefronts. That's some 20GB worth of renders and a further stack of Projects and their source files that need reopening and the like.

So it stacks up as a big task to solve a small (and it's 12pt font small) problem.

We were very much considering a world where we never released this trailer, we revisited that late last week to ask what we did want to do and its simply a tiny detail thats easy to miss. We caught it and asked ourselves if we were happy with it and decided no, so we're changing it

Will still be this week - and I'll keep folks updated.

27 Jun

26 Jun

Originally posted by iCappy_

Legmek designed the flow of some of the best maps we've played. Very talented.

Also helps that he's very cute.


25 Jun

Originally posted by JoshTonkin

u/Braddock512 not sure if youโ€™re aware of this?

Sent it up to the team.

Originally posted by OGSCRUFF

Exactly, it's a video game. People play video games to escape reality, not have politics shoved down their throats.

Equality, fair treatment, and access to Justice isn't Political.

24 Jun

Originally posted by DANNYonPC

Will the K31 deal damage now too?

Those issues should be resolved

Hey Folks,โ€โ€โ€Ž โ€Žโ€โ€โ€Ž โ€Ž

Tomorrow we'll be updating Battlefield V to address some issues introduced in the 7.0 Update.โ€โ€โ€Ž โ€Ž

This is a small patch focused solely on resolving these issues, and delivering a handful of new cosmetics that missed our last Update Sprint. We'll be releasing this update at the times detailed at the foot of the post, and we'll have no downtime during this maintenance. You'll be able to grab the update as soon as it's released and hop back into matchmaking once you have it.โ€โ€โ€Ž โ€Žโ€โ€โ€Ž โ€Ž

Estimated Update Sizes:

  • Xbox - 2.13 GB
  • PS4 - 1.26 GB
  • PC - 3.65 GB

Freeman // @PartWelsh...

Read more External link โ†’

It's not an intended change and will be fixed.

23 Jun

We're in the process of pushing an update here that will correct the bundle so that the proper items are delivered. If you already purchased the bundle, we are looking to retroactively award you with the correct item. The incorrect item won't be removed from your accounts.

19 Jun

Originally posted by Jay_Fuzz

Hey Jeff, I sent an email to you regarding the points I made in this comment, just to make sure you saw it. I hope that's alright with you.

Saw it, read it, appreciated the feedback you shared and am sharing it with the team.

Thanks, Jay.

Originally posted by SpicyCheese91

What about the idea of continuing the current currency we have for BFV but for BF 2021 that you talked a little bit about a month or two ago? Also if I have any suggestions as well will this work?

Shoot me an email.

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