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Heya, thanks for the quality reply! I don’t post often and the tips are appreciated.

u/partwelsh u/legmek are you guys around? (Is that the stuff?)

I was hoping for final stand and airborne modes in CG as well. I did see their reply about why grind wasn’t included in CG but I did think we would at least see these modes again at some point. I was also pretty convinced we were gunna get the eastern front as well, so there’s that.

Still a great game and getting more excited for bf6 by the day.

Hello! I have no idea about what the answer to your questions are - In fact, maybe it actually doesn't even really make sense that I reply to this comment - I just felt kind of rude not doing it after I realized I'd been tagged (even if it is a literal month later lol + I don't actually work at DICE anymore).

Technically, the Grind and Fortress maps share a lot of similarities - there were a lot of mode settings tweaking that differ from the normal settings for those modes, which I suspect is what the great and ever-cool dude partwelsh was addressing in that post.


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holy s#!t you're from DICE :O, also i very much agree. it made this whole thing feel like how a real attack on an armored troop carrier would have happened (more or less)

Was from DICE. I left the beginning of the year. But I might have had something to do with this design direction. Maybe. Probably. It’s classified.


Moments like that are why I’m glad vehicle disable is a thing. You’d never get that drama if the thing just exploded on 1 hit.


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Do you guys take real photos for the cover art or is it just heavily edited?

It’s cover art. There will be artistic treatment. For example, In the Name of the Tsar for Battlefield 1 featured a female soldier with a shaved head. She’s actual a real person, a model who lives in Los Angeles.

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Originally posted by IG0156

His hand isn’t backwards. It’s literally the art treatment (the streaks of white) that make it look ... different. I’ve seen the untreated image (just the soldier without the logo or art treatment) and it’s a normal left hand. (I think we discussed this about a year ago.)

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