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Latest Patch NotesBattlefield V Weekly Debrief - June 7 - EA PLAY EDITION (11 days ago)

Originally posted by Pigeonp00p

I haven't gotten my stg-44 or shovel or pickaxe for assualt, my incendary grenade for medic, the 12 automatic and ammo crate for support. Sorry for not being clear :(

(Edit) my platform is PS4 and my username is Pigeonp00p2003 so you guys can check out the stats

It's cool.

Looking at your previous matches, there's a few that you quit - didn't complete the matches. Try leveling up a specific class - Assault or Medic or Support - go all the way to the EoR screen, then before the next match loads, exit and go to your Company.

Originally posted by Pigeonp00p

Nothing for me is unlocking, and yes, I have played to the EoR and i still haven't gotten anything I should've gotten by now

Can you be specific regarding “what you should’ve gotten”?

Originally posted by xXCatfishXx

It’s partly working, some things are unlocked, some aren’t

Can you clarify what's not unlocking? It can help us dig into the root cause. Thanks!

Originally posted by camelblizzard

I still can’t unlock my guns. My MP40 is still locked, and i can’t get it. Ps4: giulian11

Play a full round - don’t quite before the EoR, then exit and check again.

Originally posted by BenSolo12345

Weapon unlocks still bugged for me too...

Have you played a round to completion this morning? Once you get to the EoR, it should sync.

Originally posted by S7ORM_BR1NGR

This is the first time I received a proper feedback for the past 6 months, regarding this issue. I can’t believe I am saying this, but... Thank you!

One more thing, which I am not sure you know about - if DXR is enabled, the game freezes for 2sec. when you pick up an armor plate from the ground. This happens only with dxr, and only with the first armor plate you pick. Please let me know if you read this.

There’s quite a few things we’re looking at with DXR and Firestorm specifically.

Originally posted by S7ORM_BR1NGR

Any news regarding Firestorm crashes with DXR and DX12 enabled?

Team is still working on it. We’ve also reached out to Nvidia to see how we can improve this. As a workaround, run DX11 (I know you can’t use DXR with DX11, but it shouldn’t crash with DX11).

Originally posted by xXCatfishXx

I’m still having the same problem even though they said it was resolved (PS4) (One_Cat_Boi)

Have you played a round to completion this morning? What region are you in?

Originally posted by bluntsandroses

I want a direct and honest answer, the support for bf5 will stop in july 2020? Yes or No please.

Direct answer - What makes you think we will stop?

Originally posted by AdoniBaal

I know you guys probably get bombarded with negativity (I'm guilty of that as well), but please don't limit the feedback you gather to Reddit and Twitter, as both platforms are heavily populated by the most hardcore and dedicated fans and behave like a hivemind on many issues where it ends up making the game worse.

A lot of people have quit playing or are playing a lot less per session as I'm sure you have internal numbers on that, and they probably won't be seeing this to share their feedback to you, but it's mostly due to the hardcore lite nature of the game - which I know it can't be discussed so late in the game's life cycle but hopefully it's a point that gets raised for the future.

We genuinely don't. We solicit feedback from everywhere and myself and Jeff keep pretty active on a lot of platforms.

It's easy for Reddit to be presented as the centre of the Battlefield universe, owing to the ease of access and mass of folks that congregate here, but we measure these things as carefully as possible.

I try to talk to people in game where I can, and often just hang out in casual folks Twitch chats.

Also - late in the games life cycle? It's been just over 6 months. Don't be shy to voice your feelings :)

Originally posted by UniQue1992

Bug fixing & QoL changes. Those are very important.

We agree completely. We're finalizing the patch notes for next week, a lot of which is focused around QoL and Bug Fixes.

We know completely that it's one thing to feel excited for new content, but frustrated that x, y, z is still happening

Originally posted by The_Bearded_Wiz

Done, as usual. This is great by the way. I'd like to see comparisons aswell so say: Arras is king of the maps (which actually shocks me a bit actually), but next month it changes to Narvik (lol) or anything else, tell us that Arras has been knocked off the top spot. Only because people might not remember the previous results. Love this update though good one.

I think we rested the question this month (knowing that new maps were coming) so we'll possibly ask a similar question either next month or following the release of Marita.

By and large, it hasn't changed too much over the past 3 months. Arras has stood pretty strongly for a while now but the others can switch around depending on what modes we've featured that month that give highlight to certain maps.

Originally posted by DinoKebab

Had a quick scan through the comments and didn't see anyone mention it but what's going on with this plane audio bug that has been around for weeks now. Sounds like a plane is flying solidly right on top of your head. It's especially noticable on Fjell and seriously impacts game play as you can't hear anything else going on around you....

Plane audio bug is fixed in the next update, as is the music bug.

Originally posted by Jesse_James_

O gosh im not at home at the moment but i do remember missing everything unlocked within the past two days or so class wise soldier rank wise etc.. i believe im medic 12 for example but still have the lv 10 gun locked sorry do wish i was home to give you more information ☹

It’s okay. Do me a favor, when you get home, hard reset your console (hold the power button on the console for like 35 seconds). Then boot up, login, launch BFV, play a round - all the way to the EoR report, and check again. We pushed a fixed that should fix missed rewards.

We are still working on the EoR bug issue, but the unlocks should work now.

Originally posted by Jesse_James_

Sure did sir just got off the game 30 minutes or so ago as of then still missing unlock rewards assignment unlocks CC currency for soldier unlocks etc....

What specific rank unlocks are you missing ? Medic class level 8 but didn’t get the rank 6 weapon, etc?

Originally posted by MonoRedBaron

I know I'm the 1747285739472th person to say this, but is there any news on planned tanker/pilot customization?

No, there’s no news. At this time, it’s not a priority for the team. If that changes or if they decide to add customization for pilots/tankers, we’ll definitely let you know.

Originally posted by Jesse_James_

u/Braddock512 Still missing rank weapon unlocks and class rank unlocks as well as CC for Player Rank unlocks. Platform: PS4 USERNAME: Jesse_James-574-

Have you played a round this morning to completion?

Originally posted by shasa995

Very interesting..I hope that our answer will be useful to the team!

Genuinely they are. Most importantly we hope that ultimately, as we process the feedback and decide what we can turn into action that it proves to be useful back to everyone else too.

Originally posted by Bob_Himself

I done did it

You're a good egg /u/Bob_Himself

Originally posted by Lock3down221

Just answered it.. Fjell really needs some rework.. In its current state, all it takes are 2-3 good pilots to rain hell on the other team and ruin the experience..

This very much seems to be the common trend in feedback, and I've certainly shared this with the team as a thought starter for them.

What's your personal view on this? Given the ability, what would you change on the map to address this? Delete planes? Add more AA? Change the flyzone?

Originally posted by IlPresidente995

What's wrong with hamada?

I'm a fan of it personally. I recognize that for some folks that the map doesn't suit their playstyles. There's a lot of open spaces that are great for vehicle players and pilots, but beyond some of the flags are said to feel quite empty for folks.

Would be keen for those who rate the map less favorably to reply below and share their thoughts for all to see.

Originally posted by GlintSteel

i've done it 3 times on survey and i will do this again, change your trashy fairfight to better anti-cheat, asia player really struggling, maybe u european or US player not because you got some morale that like "games will be more fun if you do it purely with your own skills" but not us asian we got some culture and its pretty ignorant one like "everything is allowed as long u not get caught" and sadly that culture come to gaming too :(

link video about it this 18 june 3 pm :

from what i've seen this, your anti-cheat (fairfight) clearly collecting the wrong stats if they aren't catching these guys with snap aim and damage mods and wallhacks that are so obvious from spectating.

ps : is it not possible using same anti-cheat like apex did and helping each other? u guys from same big company environment (EA), can share resources if needed, both same FPS genre....

I will share your comment above directly with the Anti-Cheat team. It won't generate a response from them, or myself on the topic as our policy is not to discuss our approaches to Anti Cheat (beyond what we've commented on publicly) - but I will 100% send your comment through to the team.

Originally posted by GlintSteel

U can actually mate, but not custom ones. I got the ea play emblem and setting it for my platoon and the sticker appear.

Yeah one of the things that currently sort of misbehaves is that if you're presently representing a platoon - it doesn't always show your own Emblem as selected in the menus. If you stop representing your platoon suddenly you find that all your vehicles and weapons and the like are all suddenly displayed.

Originally posted by FILLIP_KIRKOROV

when will the platoon emblems be returned? I've asked many times, but never got an answer :(

I don't believe that we presently have this in the plans anywhere. The current system wasn't designed to support them.

Edit - For clarification, this was in relation to custom Platoon Emblems that existed in past BF titles. You can select Platoon Emblems from the existing roster of Emblems in BFV, though they've been a tad broken recently. Fix for this should be coming next week.

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