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20 Jan


Servers are now back online - apologies that we needed to extend the maintenance beyond the planned window.

19 Jan

14 Jan


We've been tracking this since it was first brought to our attention late last night - not an intended change by any standard. The teams have been investigating all day and we're working to get it back online as soon as we can.

07 Jan


Danny already mentioned it but I can confirm that's me and the map you see in the editor is the first mission from Under No Flag in SP. It's one of the levels I showed behind the scenes footage of when I had the DICE twitter account a little bit more than 2 years ago :D

23 Dec

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08 Dec


Originally posted by PartWelsh

This is the Blue/Gold Dress all over again isn't it?

I mean... now that they mention it... 🤔

07 Dec


Originally posted by Tech-52

What did you see back then, blue or white/gold?

Originally, Black and Blue. Spent the whole day listening to people bang on about this White/Gold dress and had no idea what on earth they were talking about until someone showed me the same picture I saw that morning.

Couldn't and have never since ever seen that dress as anything other than White/Gold.


Originally posted by FirstRanger18

No he doesn’t! Have you looked at the original picture? Here it is To prove it.

This is the Blue/Gold Dress all over again isn't it?

02 Dec

01 Dec


Originally posted by AuroraSpectre

That's what I was trying to say. Currently, there's no reason not to slide, since it gives you a way to close in the gap between yourself and cover/the enemy, all the while making you harder to hit. There's no actual downside to it.

So, instead of being universally useful, the slide would be set up in a way that the player would have to think where and when to apply it for maximum effect.

Got it


Originally posted by Bart_J_Sampson

I like sliding as a mechanic to move into cover so in a gunfight you take your opponent head on or slide/run for cover

In the systems current implementation you can basically do both at the same time with the added benefits of reducing your shape and moving your head out of the way of those with good headshot discipline

My suggestion to improve the system is to have it as more inaccurate hipfire only and a slight delay on ADS after sliding or jumping to discourage people from using them as an offensive move and keep them as an evasive tactic for taking cover

I think this makes sense, add some kind of penalty so that it requires more of a conscious decision to pull off a useful slide.


Originally posted by AuroraSpectre

If I were to redesign it in any way, I'd like to make it more of a commitment thing, be it a longer starting/ending period, or any way to make its use require more thought regarding where and when to use it. The skillgap would come from knowing when to apply the movement options the game has, instead of who can pull off the most maneuvers in the shortest time.

As it stands, it's a bit jarring, hard to follow, and gives short ranged weapons even more of an edge in situations they already dominate.

I'm all for giving players freedom of movement - things like sliding and crouch running open up a lot of interesting possibilities - but these "special maneuvers" need to have downsides as well, so the skill comes from knowing when and how to use the possibilities the game allows for maximum effect.

Alright thanks, looks like you want a more dynamic implementation instead of something that feels the same every time.


Originally posted by tikhonjelvis

Great question.

I have a better feel for the problem than the solution: jumping gives you a boost of speed with no real downside, to the point where my first instinct when I'm getting shot is to jump and zig-zag. I've had ideas on how to fix this—changing how much you accelerate or how much momentum you lose when you land—but I'm not confident in these ideas because I worry they would make movement feel "sticky" and unpleasant.

Making jumps commit sounds like a fundamentally better approach. Jumping would have a cost in a way that feels natural. Elegant :). It's hard to say more without trying it, especially in comparison to tweaking acceleration/height/length/etc numbers.

One thing I've noticed is that jumping in CoD:MW does not feel or work like BF4. I still occasionally jump when getting shot—over 1000 hours in BF4 has built some hard-to-shake habits :P—but it doesn't really work. (I am also not very good at CoD.) I'm not sure exactly what the di...

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Thanks, we'll keep this in mind.

30 Nov


Originally posted by copetherope8

Found it it's 68445634

Check your PMs.

When do they post?

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