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Servers close every day at around 4-5 AM (EU)

about 23 hours ago - /u/Braddock512 on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Lock3down221

u/PartWelsh u/Braddock512 Care to comment?

I’m guessing that around that time population drops therefore servers are refreshed back into the pool until more folks matchmake.

This is to help keep servers that are running full, rather than a 64p server having 12 folks in it.

02 Apr

Originally posted by BigWillfred

So, where is BCIW & EA PLAY 2019 Emblem Giveaways ?

Posted an update on this here -

If you have purchased him, you'll find that his Unique Assignment is missing and that his Voice Over is not complete. This cannot be addressed until our next update.

If you have him, he won't be removed from your account. He'll be updated next month to the final version.

Originally posted by Blothbather

Definitely a glitch, PS4 Aus servers are usually about 20 full matches at this time of night. Maybe DICE are canning our servers, too?

There's been no change to service in Australia. I'll ask the team if we're seeing any issues with filtering that would stop them being presented but there hasn't been a change to service, nor is there a plan to make changes, in the area.

01 Apr

Originally posted by volig

Guys, some progression unlocks for my characters remain locked even though i have passed the required level. How to fix it?

The team at EA Help should be able to verify and assist with those unlocks.

So I can escalate this internally, can you provide some examples of what’s missing?

Originally posted by Rudi-Brudi

Sorry, i don't understand this stamement. There already were XP Boosts you could buy with Boins in BF5. (source: i bought them)

Chapter XP boosts - not Soldier XP. The Chapter XP Boost just helps you earn more Chapter XP, but it doesn't rank up your soldier like previous titles.

That's where the issue is. I have escalated this to various teams and they're looking at the amount of dev work needed and timeline to see what can be done. When I have an update, I'll share it.

Originally posted by Beta1548

The tech isn't there? You get XP bonuses in booster packs.

Just be honest and say it is a decision made by the accountants.

You get Chapter XP boosts in the Booster Packs. It doesn't boost Soldier XP.

That's where the issue is. I have been chatting with the team since Monday regarding what work needs to be done to make it in the game - there is some dev work needed, so when I have an update on the status, I'll let y'all know.

Originally posted by hayzooos1

But...the tech is there. You literally sell an XP booster. You take the 20% XP that people would buy, change it to 50% or 100% (if we're really doing double XP) and you apply it to all players.

I'm not trying to shoot the messenger here, but that reasoning is completely false and a flat out lie.

Worst case is you put an announcement on the first page (which has been done before) that we can go 'buy' (make it 1CC or something if it HAS to cost something) this booster.

EDIT: If the current booster is only applicable to ToW rewards, fine, apply it towards that then. Little late in the Chapter for it to do anything, but at least we could get some boins out of it? That would be better than nothing

The 20% XP booster that's bundled in the Chapter Pack is for Chapter XP. It would actually require dev work to have an XP boost for Soldier XP - it's not a simple variable swap. And we'd also have to have it tested on INT and PROD to ensure it works. It's not a quick "flip switch".

That being said, I've escalated the feedback from the community as I agree it's something we should be doing for the players - especially right now.

Originally posted by salt_and_pepper-xx

Can we South Africans please get answers on news we have received regarding our servers being retired??. There was a post made by the community manager Adam Freeman stating this but alot of us aren't sure if this is real or fake. In addition to this we as South Africans love battlefield, our facebook group for Ps4 has a new post every single day sometimes more which proves theres an active player base in SA. Your data states that more SA players play on EU servers through your automatic matchmaking system which is complete BS. We have atleast 3 SOUTH AFRICAN servers running most nights,even more now during this lockdown period (this is just PS4). Your EU servers have 0 lenient latancy which is unplayable compared to every other online game out there why would we even think to play on EU servers. If you go and read the post made on facebook you'll see it has almost 400 comments on how we have been dealt an unfair hand. Yes we're a small community, we paid the money and most of us ...

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Hey /u/salt_and_pepper-xx

The message shared with the SA community was indeed posted by myself and I've verified that over on Answers HQ.

We're collecting all feedback on the topic here, at the link below.

31 Mar

Originally posted by RitziLauda

Does that include community games?

It does yes. These will continue to be available, and will be hosted via EU servers.

Originally posted by RitziLauda

u/PartWelsh does that include all platforms?

It does yes.

For full clarity - players who would usually connect to servers in Dubai or South Africa, on all platforms, will no longer find that these are hosted for Battlefield V.

When looking in the server browser, or using quickmatch players will instead be routed to servers in EU.

Originally posted by Phroggo

Hey u/Braddock512, thanks for the update! I was wondering if the uniform change will also take into account the texture of the clothing, as I found it to look quite more like a woven cloth than the wool that was actually used. Although I don't know a lot about these uniforms on a more technical level, I've noticed from photos that the real uniforms are much smoother than in game, and I think it hurts the overall "believably" of the outfits.

To illustrate this, I created a short Imgur album comparing this detail in material. I'd appreciate it if you could take a quick look, thanks!

Cool. Thanks. I’ll share that with the team.

Originally posted by junkerz88

When you say, “it doesn’t work for BFV” what do you mean specifically? Like the technology isn’t there to make it work or that DICE doesn’t want it to work that way?

From what I’ve been told, the tech isn’t there for it. They’re looking at options, but I don’t have any further details yet.

Originally posted by Blothbather

That's a good point. I personally think a good solution would be to add Outpost, Grind, Rush & Frontlines to the game for the remainder of Chapter 6. That won't take any effort from developers but will keep players happy & content will feel fresh.

u/Braddock512 is this possible?

You’re gonna hate this answer, and I’m sorry: The UI is limited by the number of playlists that can be in the UI. Therefore, if we added those 4 modes, we’d have to remove 4 things - and honestly, the team isn’t moving in that direction. Check my above reply on more playlists - it’s definitely something we’re exploring.

Originally posted by Beta1548

I'm talking more about the lack of any sort of events or anything to get people to log on while we're all stuck at home

The team is working on it - we had something planned for last week but after testing the user flow, it didn’t work correctly (meaning you couldn’t tell if you got the thing or not). There’s talks going on about more playlists, login rewards - but we want it to work.

As soon as it’s locked, tested, and tested again and ready to roll, we’ll let you know. I definitely understand what you mean and totally agree.

Re: 2XP, it just doesn’t work for BFV (even though we had it for the last 4 BF games). If that changes, I’m one of the first folks to say “Let’s have some crazy XP boost.” I mean, we do have 500 ranks, right?

30 Mar

Let’s see what’s going on this week.

(This is the current schedule for this week. Please note, items could shift, be added, or be moved around, so check back daily for updates on the calendar, links, etc.)

Monday, March 30, 2...

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28 Mar

Originally posted by veekay45

u/PartWelsh you might have seen a lot of players requesting Elites to be restricted to their respective factions. As you know, there are boins-only cosmetics which can only be used with a certain faction (e.g. the Sturmwolf can only be used with the Germans and not with the Japanese), and people understand that when buying.

Shouldn't the same idea apply to Elites? Surely you'd expect to be able to use the Japanese girl on the Japanese side. Moreover, there's at least 4 maps for each charater to be used on without going international exchange programme. Can we have a discussion about this with the devs? Cheers.

Discussions been had, it won't change. Recognise it's not the answer folks want, but it's the answer.

Originally posted by DoerteMaulwurf

really? i haven't noticed. do they just get added?

So long as you complete the weeks activity, yup.

Originally posted by JBEEZi3

Also on discussion of planes, they are experiencing a auto pitch up bug and is really severe when using nitrous, especially on the spitfire. r/PilotsofBattlefield

Yeah its realted to deadzones. We're intending to resolve this in the next update. Will let you know through April how that's progressing.

Originally posted by boozerino

Damn that really sounds like a heartbreaker as a developer.

It can be. A lot of great work, including superb art went into producing it. It's a staple of the game so to not have it is a shame.

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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