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I still cant even begin to comprehend the thought process behind the beach balls update. Like ok, they dont want to add ahsoka or ventress to the game but why the f**k do the pick the balls, there is so much missing. We could have had mace and bane or any other f**king character but nooooo we get the f**king bouncy balls.

"don't want to add..." is a pretty big statement for a team that loves Star Wars.

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FWIW, there are some of us who really like the BB droids! Not only do I think they diversify gameplay in such a unique way, but I also just think they're fun to play with. BB9E is great as a support hero in trooper modes. BB-8 is just a tank on any tight-quarters map. I'm really glad they're in the game and think you guys did a great job with them.

Star Wars is a big galaxy, there is something for everyone.