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Originally posted by diceluds_

Hello! I'm Ludvig and work as a VO Designer on the project.

Actually this is by design. If you're between 15 and 60 meters away from Finn when he performs this ability you'll hear him over "radio". If you're within 15 meters you'll hear him positioned in world.

Hope it make sense :)

Mods, can confirm that Ludvig is on the team. Feel free to flair up appropriately with the DICE logo.

Fix Iden's "Droid Batteries" star card

about 1 hour ago - /u/F8RGE on Reddit - Thread - Direct

We're on it, being looked at right now.

Originally posted by R181Ben

Did you buy the bundles for those three? If so, when?

Remove precise radar from HvV.

about 6 hours ago - /u/F8RGE on Reddit - Thread - Direct

To confirm, in case you missed it, this is something we are looking at doing.

Originally posted by R181Ben

EA Help has proven to be useless so I'm resorting to shouting into the void. I purchased the skin bundles for the 41st, 91st, and 104th with Credits all when they were released, and I noticed that after coming back from a hiatus a few days ago, I had automatically unlocked all Officer skins for every other Clone Legion I own except for the 41st, 91st, and 104th. I really don't want to shell out 30 bucks or 60,000 Credits for skins that should already be in my collection.

Can you make a bug report about this on Answers HQ and then send me a link?


Originally posted by busyrumble

Alright maybe it is and I’m just stupid my bad guys

It happens.

Talking with the team about this.

  • Radar - working on this
  • AFK - will follow up on this
  • Inactive timer - we are looking at this
  • Matchmaking- Nothing on this right now
  • Squad spawn - In discussion

Heroes vs Villains Tweaks

1 day ago - /u/F8RGE on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hello there,

Just a short heads up to let you know that we're going to make some tweaks to Heroes vs Villains. The eliminations limit will now be set to 50, up from 25 and the respawn timer will be set to 6 seconds.

As we move forward we'll continue to monitor feedback and adjust as required. Please do keep the feedback coming!

These changes will come become active at 00:01 Friday 24th May, CEST.


External link →

Originally posted by GG_Piggy_101

Sorry to disappoint but dice, I believe ben, has said that CS is going to be a CW exclusive gamemode

We know there's a big desire to have some kind of Supremacy style gameplay on original and new trilogy maps.

Insert B1 doing the Travolta meme.

We have plans to further tweak the mode over time. We do believe the removal of the targeting system was in the better long term interest of the mode.

Thanks. I’ve raised this to the team.

22 May

This was changed since the Rebel and Resistance aerial troopers actually used the same face.

Originally posted by ZaleckDahn

Someone said they tested it in Arcade and that he still only has 150 regen.

EDIT: Here’s the post-

Thanks. I’ll flag it to the team.

Originally posted by ZaleckDahn

Obviously, this particular comment didn’t age too well.

Is it not present?

Arcade feels WAY more different.

2 days ago - /u/F8RGE on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Different = good, right?

Let's see

21 May

Originally posted by scallywaggs

When does this go live?

10am CET.

Additional release note for Boba Fett:

  • Increased health regeneration from 150 to 200.

We're looking at this sort of thing, actually.

Originally posted by WhoahCanada

Would you be able to expand on that? I find that stuff fascinating.

I'm far from an expert on the matter. This one has even puzzled Developer Steve, and I thought he knew all.

Originally posted by Heavyweighsthecrown

By chance, is removing Retribution one of those changes? Because that's really the bare minimum to put him in the same league as all the other characters.


Originally posted by ifoundyourtoad

I believe they said they were tweaking him more and it may have not made this update.


Sorry to tag you guys, but I feel like it may need to be addressed and that way I know I'm giving away correct info.

Correct. We have some changes coming, they just missed this update.

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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