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Heroes Versus Villains Update


The dead speak! The team behind Instant Action Improvements is extremely excited to share the hard work they've put into this mod. The upcoming update will contain a new hero, six new reinforcements, new ways to play coming to Instant Action, and a preview of what’s to come. Let's take a closer look!


Ahsoka Tano

"Maybe, but I have to sort this out on my own, without the council, and without you."

  • Padawan Ahsoka Tano to Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, The Clone Wars

Betrayed, abandoned, alone; all had turned their backs on Ahsoka Tano. Whether it was the brutal conviction of a false sentence from the Council that raised her or the dark fate of her Master, Anakin Skywalker, she was left with a choice: Continue in faith that she would be rewarded for her suffering... or leave. Choose herself and a future that she would control.

From youth a wayward spitfire, it was a surprise to none that Tano paved her own path. Trained by legends such as Plo Koon and Anakin Skywalker, her double-saber fighting style reflected her vehement and impulsive spirit. Despite the reckless nature of this inferno, she never let it burn those close to her- Ahsoka Tano defended her own and would never back down from the morals she stood for.

Ahsoka Tano can throw her lightsaber forward, damaging enemies within it's path. As it travels, she is able to still use her second lightsaber to block incoming enemy attacks. Using both lightsabers to deal high damage, she can utilize her agility to lunge forward towards a targeted hostile. Leading the charge, Ahsoka can increase her movement speed to close the gap between her and an enemy.


Combat Magnaguard

Fighting alongside Count Dooku and General Grievous, the combat variant of the Magnaguard focuses on close quarters combat; wielding an Electro Staff to pick off troopers or duel with Jedi. The ability set of this reinforcement is the most unique to date. While damaging opponents, the Magnaguard will charge up a power cell that can be utilized to support itself in different scenarios. Every time the combat variant uses one of their abilities, it's power cell drains until it needs to deal more damage to enemies before activating any abilities again.

The Magnaguard excels in closing the distance between opponents and taking them head on. If you have enough power stored, the Magnaguard can boost it's strength, increasing it's Electro Staff's damage from 120 to 150. You must be quick though, the boost only lasts 12 seconds.

Along with boosting the Magnaguard's strength before charging into a fight; You can also convert it's power into shield, granting the Magnaguard 150 shield. The shield will start depleting after 12 seconds, but this ability can be stacked multiple times if you have enough power charged up.

During a losing battle; the Magnaguard can repair itself using power for 100 health. Repair can also be activated multiple times to quickly get back into the fight. The cell has a cap of 600 damage that can be stored at once, and each ability will cost 200 power. Make sure to use each wisely!


Ranged Magnaguard

The Ranged Magnaguard, also known as the IG-100 Magnaguard, is an enhanced battlefront battle droid used during the Clone Wars. Standing his ground using a modified burst version of the E-5C, the Magnaguard is designed to kill Jedi at all costs.

This Magnaguard variant can equip the Bulldog RLR, an anti-personnel rocket launcher rifle that's making it's return to the Battlefront franchise. Similar to the original weapon from Pandemic's Star Wars Battlefront II, the bulldog fires explosive rockets that pack a powerful punch, capable of dealing high damage in exchange for a long overheat period.

Instead of targeting infantry using the Bulldog RLR, the E-60R missile launcher is returning which can be used to take out enemy vehicles. The E-60R fires a singular missile that tracks hostiles within it's targeting distance and explodes on impact.

To scan and hunt down enemies, the Magnaguard can deploy the DRK-1 Probe Turret, also known as the Sith probe droid. The probe patrols the surrounding area, pinging the area for hostiles; A similar situation to Darth Maul utilizing the droids to seek out Queen Padme Amidala on Tatooine.


Aqua Guard

Developed by the Techno Union, Aqua Droids are an amphibious mode of battle droid. They were used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems to attack planets such as Mon Cala and Kamino during the Clone Wars. Designed to excel at swimming, it's aquatic combat potential cannot be paralleled.

Overcharging it's arm blaster, the Aqua Droid can fire with increased strength and speed for a short time. It can track enemies using Sonar Scan tech, pinging troopers and marking their location. In brutal situations, the droid can repair itself, gaining health and some temporary armor.

Republic Gunner

Loyal to the Grand Army of the Republic, the Republic Gunner supports his brothers. The gunner wields the z6 rotary cannon; Mirroring CT-782, also nicknamed "Hevy", before he sacrificed himself on the Rishi moon to save the rest of Domino Squad.

Within the heat of the battle, the Republic Gunner can shield an ally in need. Activating your projected shield ability while looking at a teammate will send out a shield to protect them from enemy fire. Unlike the Specialist's personal shield, troopers can still fire their blasters while the shield is up.

Focusing on tearing through the waves of battledroids, the gunner can switch to his modified z6 rotary cannon that specializes in taking down infantry; the blaster's rate of fire increases and adds splash damage. Make sure every bullet counts, heat builds up quicker with the anti-infantry mode.

Fighting on the frontlines, the Republic Gunner can shield himself to absorb incoming fire. Make sure to work as a team, the shield upgrades from a combat to a personal shield while staying near his brothers, and similar to the projected shield, the Gunner can still fire his z6 rotary cannon.

Honor Guard

Moving onto the age of Rebellion, the Honor Guard is a defected Blue Guard that used to serve and protect Chancellor Palpatine during the Old Republic, refusing to join the new Galactic Empire; They are now tasked to guard Princess Leia Organa. After modifying the DH-16, Honor Guards now presses the attack using an automatic firing variant.

During the installment of the ion pulse device within the Naboo Palace, the Rebel Alliance also miniaturized the tech for Honor Guards to use during battle. Honorable Discharge is a hand held device that discharges the surrounding area, neutralizing all explosive devices.

During long range gun fights, the Honor Guard can take out a A280-CFE that can quickly take out troopers with it's fast burst fire. The Rebels have also designed Ion Disrupters that can help destroy the arsenal of vehicles the Empire have at their disposal.

Shock Trooper

Elite members of the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps, Shock Troopers used new ways to hunt down and take out the puny Rebels. They had markings to denote their rank and heavy plated armor to be distinguished from normal storm troopers. The DLT-19 is most known to be used during combat.

The Shock Trooper can fire canisters that administer an electric shock, dealing damage over time, with the Shock Launcher. Ideal for close-quarter combat, the SE-44C blaster pistol fires 5-round bursts to take out infantry.


Obi-Wan Kenobi is getting his Mandalorian disguise appearance that was used to infiltrate Mandalore when it was under Darth Maul's rule. In addition, Ewok's will now have six appearances to select from. Ranging from scarfs or skeleton helmets.




With the release of Instant Action Missions and the positive response it received, we've decided to add another option to offline play.

The fan favorite mode Extraction, released during the Solo season, will be arriving to Instant Action. In this gamemode both teams fight for control over a payload. The attacking team must escort the payload across the battlefront to reach the extraction zone, while the defending team must stop them before the timer runs out. Extraction will have players fighting across the treacherous spice mines of Kessel and inside the palace of Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine.

Players have the option to join their preferred faction; the Galactic Empire or the traitorous Rebels. The selected faction will decide if you are assisting on pushing or defending the payload. Your teammates and opponents will consist of AI players that can appear as infantry or reinforcements.

Heroes Versus Villains

The most requested feature to date, we're happy to announce Heroes Versus Villains will be brought to Instant Action. Duel with iconic villains like General Grievous or Darth Vader, and getting aid from heroes such as Ahsoka Tano and Luke Skywalker. Heroes Versus Villains spans across multiple battlefronts including Administrators Palace, Death Star II, Geonosis, Yavin IV, and more.

Bringing this mode to Instant Action warranted customization; you have full control of the heroes or villains that spawn, and how many of each spawn. With up to eleven AI on each side, this is the ultimate Battlefront experience. Fulfill your dreams by fighting against a full team of Lando's, with all of them being responsible these days.


What's coming next

Even after six new reinforcements, a new hero and two new gamemodes coming to Instant Action are being added to Star Wars Battlefront II, this is just the beginning. Strike will be arriving to Instant Action, battling throughout the three eras with objective based combat. More reinforcements will be coming to the Original and Sequel Trilogies, such as the Rebel Commando and New Republic Security Droid.

Further Information will be revealed soon.


Punch it

As much as this community has made me want to smash my head into my keyboard, I would be completely different if Battlefront and the community weren't here. Frosty, modding, star wars and battlefront have played a huge part of my life for the past 4 years. From dramafrontmodding to all of the cade memes, I'm so thankful to be here.

I don't want to be all sappy, but I am going through a bit of a rough period in my life. Some people might already know, but I was diagnosed with depression earlier this year. It's been very difficult to get through, but I'm happy I've had modding to keep me distracted and doing something I love. Didn't originally want to bring this up, but some people have been asking in so I'll just say it here. It's completely optional, but if anyone wants to donate to me and the work I do, you can here: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/CadeGriffin

I want to say thank you to this community, you all are amazing and I'm excited to continue modding.

- Cade

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