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I CANNOT believe this. It’s nightmare after nightmare with their support group. All I asked was if there was a way to link my Xbox account to my Origin account. Then, without giving me time to respond to their disclaimer of how it would cause me to lose my EA persona and all that went with it (they asked but immediately, and without my confirmation) and went ahead and did it anyway. I sent in multiple reports to EA Help asking if they could somehow replace the content since I had not given my permission to erase it and I’ve come to a dead end around every corner. As far as I know, they haven’t even made an attempt to contact the developer team. Now I am back to square one after having spent 3 years with the game. I love the game to death but losing all of that progress over something I had no control over has left a sour taste. If anyone knows of a way to help resolve this, please let me know. I have copies of the transcripts of my conversations with EA Help and photos of my progress to verify my story.

Edit: Today I received an email from EA Help stating that they now have a team working on restoring what I’d lost. Thank you everyone for your support!

Edit: So my rank was boosted to level 50 and that was all that was changed. No star cards, no alternate skins, no progression toward any of my challenges. Thank you EA, you are a help as always.

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u/F8rge, I’d hate to bother you but I still haven’t gotten this problem sorted out. I’m not sure where else to try

Do you have the case number you can DM me?