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All class weapons should get a 15% accuracy boost while using them, instead of random benefits that are different for each class. Recons should also get both marksman and sniper proficiency to balance the fact they aren't automatic weapons. I also feel like this will aid the engagement distance problem, and the fact that everyone runs the same meta attachments.

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I appreciate the feedback Stylistsin, however, this would actually incur a detrimental effect on the state of gunplay and engagements than what you were perhaps wanting to achieve.

While I am sure that 15% may be a bit overzealous, blanket improving the accuracy of weapons based on their role and class would be extremely detrimental and essentially make it so the meta is even more preset than what it is today.

Weapon Proficiencies were introduced to Battlefield 2042 as part of the feedback during our Player Councils and Core Feedback initiatives on bringing Classes back to 2042. Some of the proficiencies you see within the game are directly from discussions with those participants and are also a mix of things that we believe passively encourage the usage of specific weapons with specific classes without placing restrictions on you and allowing you to choose how you play.

Within our most recent survey, we do ask how players felt about Weapon Proficiencies and what can be done to improve them and we'll be sure to continuously send that stuff through to the team too.

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