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28 Nov



Sure kills matter in Breakthrough, Conquest etc - it depletes tickets, it gets the win. Assists matter just as much, you're contributing towards people getting those kills, and therefore depleting tickets and getting that win.

Battlefield is all about contribution, team work. Kills may be a driving factor, it's a shooting game afterall. But it's not the end factor. The win is, and that's through team work.

So if you decide to solely go the recon route of spotting constantly, or spotting vehicles to allow for someone to take them out, or running around reviving.

It's contributing. That's Battlefield.

And welcome to it too.

PS: There's never a "Right way to it" - You do you, but play the objective, always.


Originally posted by StormSwitch

Expected, the question is, why keep doing this of releasing op untested weapons lol

Think of it from a different angle.

Weapons are often introduced with a slight over-tune because this is a far better scenario from a balancing perspective than it is for something that is under-tuned.

It is not fair to play through progression tracks to then receive a weapon you're excited about and it's... ok. Weak, even. By that point, you will then have a far more distasteful opinion towards that weapon and you wouldn't be using it, right?

So, if you look at it from this angle. Weapons are often between 'Great!' and 'Overtuned/OP!' because not only will you have a better experience with it, it is far easier to bring something down from being too powerful than it is to bring something up when the opinion of a weapon can rarely change from 'it's... ok. Weak, even.'

Hope this might open the perspective a little :)


Correction, this is not a lie. You are referencing Update Notes from Season 4, we are now in Season 6. Things change frequently with a Live Service game, not only in reaction to balancing concerns but also to technical or just general feedback from players.

As of Season 4, it was indeed possible to remain within a lobby and it would place you on the opposing side of the conflict. This has been changed recently to allow for more matchmaking opportunities and to ultimately help in resolving the fact that players were not able to join at the end of a round. Which if kept the same, would have resulted in more AI in Round Two.

This change has for the most part been a healthier change for matches, despite not being able to play round two.

27 Nov


We're currently looking into this issue, thanks for raising it!

25 Nov

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Hey  @ArichAnpin AHQ is currently available in the following languages


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18 Nov


Hi @mrbandito86 


We have a rule to close any discussions related to cheating. This measure is in place because we cannot investigate cheating directly via forum. You can find more details here.


If you suspect any instances of cheating in our games, I highly suggest referring to our ...

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16 Nov


Hi @BackwoodsRaider 


Thanks for reaching out to the Battlefield community on Answers HQ!, To confirm we are unable to assist with player reports here on the forums. 


Please feel free to check out this thread for a bit more information regarding how we approach cheating. 


If you do come across someone else who may be breaking our terms of service be sure to check out our EA Help article on how to report them to the correct team! 



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08 Nov


Taking your feedback onboard, we have now made the decision to bring back Redacted Conquest as part of this weeks rotation. Appreciate the maturity shown and the constructive criticism folks. Thanks!

07 Nov


Nope, when it comes to gameplay impacting items such as Weapons and Vehicles there will always be a way to earn it outside of a Season Pass. Similar to how you can unlock some Specialists that you may have missed out on from previous Seasons.

Cosmetics within a Battle Pass become no longer obtainable.


Hey everyone,

I just wanted to drop a note here and not have this go unanswered.

I've taken the time to go through all of the feedback presented here about Redacted, as well as other platforms. It's all very valid feedback from you all, for or against, and I will take it all onboard and send it through internally for the team to assess.

Cannot promise any immediate action, and you'll know via BFComm if we reach one - but I do want to say that we'll absolutely learn from the comments.

Thanks for sharing it with us, will keep lurking!

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01 Nov


Originally posted by Abiolysis

kind of ambiguous wording (is this hotfix rolled out as of this post, or is it being rolled out in the coming days)

We have identified the issue and are now releasing a fix to resolve this. A restart of your game client will be required to benefit from this change. We will continue to assess things over the coming days

either way, thanks for getting onto this before the weekend. loading up the game now to see if it's fixed. will edit with updates

edit: it's fixed but man oh man the blackscreen bug's still there. also some stutters every now and then (never used to occur previously) but much more tolerable than the mouse input bug. game is now playable on PC.

Update is now live. :)


I appreciate you reporting this bug. We will investigate this.

Thanks for your support!


27 Oct


It's an issue we are fully aware of and are working to resolve as soon as we can. This is not a you issue, it's on us to resolve it. I appreciate your patience as we continue to work towards isolating the issue and resolving it.


These options are available for use if you wish to turn the EMKV90-TOR into a close-range aggressor. As with anything in Battlefield, it is up to you to decide how you wish to tackle and kit things out. Other weapons are not being removed, this is purely if you wish to select an alternate playstyle with this vehicle.


Hey there, this image is not appearing as it should be. Have you given the game a reload and checked it again? What platform are you on?


Originally posted by HypoTirePressure

Looks cool! Will there be a visual way to tell if the geists are spawned by your team or the enemies?

Good question! The eyes of the Geists change as well as the exposed internals where the skin layer is ripped dependent upon Enemy & Friendly. And I believe, but don't quote me on this bit - they may also be linked up to the colors selected within your options!

26 Oct


Originally posted by thebearjew_

There has to be deadly murderous synthetic Geist penguins, right???????

Is this what the Penguins have been tampering and stealing things for?!?!! Surely not! :O


Originally posted by HypoTirePressure

Same, just empty space in the post. I tried using the app and just using a browser but no luck

Try now, this should be resolved! :)


Originally posted by AdministrativeWin729

Here you go, just started the game to clip the bug and ALT + F4 this thing again

Around at the end, before moving down the stairs, the bug starts again. My Highlights are set at 1 minute each, video is 43 seconds long - that means, the bug appears around each minute for a few seconds. Doesnt sound that long, but it literally makes the game unplayable since it mostly happens mid-fight. Its not that noticeable in the video, but thats the best I could get without being forced to play for any longer.

Thank you! Every bit of insight helps, I'll get it sent through! Appreciated!

25 Oct


Originally posted by derfleischmann

Yup, its still happening for me at least unfortunately. Thanks for reaching out!

Possible to record some footage of it?