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Originally posted by ScarletBegonias1965

Any word on our stats coming to the game? I thought they mentioned in the last update it was coming in July, but didn't see it mentioned in the patch notes.

Wont be this update but it is definitely on its way!


Originally posted by byrons_22

Is there actual mass vehicle matches in portal now? Did I read that right?


Originally posted by amberlMps-

“You'll no longer see Unassigned or Not Set text in menus when using an alternate controller scheme”

Thank god for that.

Thanks for putting up with us on that particular bugbear!!


Originally posted by MrTheOneShotty

Performance increases??? Nope

There won't be a singular update that explicitly states a massive performance increase, this is something that takes place not only on client-side patches (updates) but also via server-side changes.

For many players, they felt as though 0.4.0/0.4.1 territory had given them a performance increase and stated they felt a difference, and while the team continues to work on this I do want to highlight that there have been improvements since launch - and we'll continue to work on it.


The only one that will go away is the Bonus Mission, which is set to a weekly time limit. Everything else you can store up and smash out near the end of a season if you'd like, or, whenever you have time :)


This is speaking to locomotion animations when you are looking at friendlies or enemy players sprinting, basically, it's to help provide better visual context when you come across other players while they're sprinting.

It does not mean the first person perspective of peek/leaning, but we absolutely know that it's a much-requested feature and it's something we continue to highlight with the team :)

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Hey, @SeraMakiChan


This is working as intended, special edition content does not sync between devices. Please see our website for more information:

"While there are a few limitations to cross-progression we want to make you aware of, such as Special Edition cosmetics (this includes the Gold/Ultimate Edition content), the Digital Artbook & Soundtrack, unspent Premium Currency and pre-order items ...

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We had some issues on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One but servers are back up.

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