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Hello, just to provide some clarity to this.

Season 4 is absolutely a part of Year 1. In terms of the future for Battlefield 2042, we have recently stated that we will continue to support the game in the form of Season 5 which takes place after the final season of Year 1.

References to Season 5 can be found here and here.

We look forward to chatting more about Season 5 as we move closer to that time, but for now - we've just launched Season 3 and we're now working towards Season 4. One step at a time! :)

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They’re probably saying that since they’re past a year since the release of the game. Year 1 pass will still include season 4.

Year 1 had indeed started when Season 1 was launched and consisted of four Seasons.

When Battlefield 2042 had launched, there was a time called pre-season and during that time we released Weekly Missions with rewards in the build-up towards the first Season.

Year 1 will come to a close at the end of Season 4, and after that, you can look forward to the recently revealed Season 5.

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