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As above, I’m a top medic player from previous battlefields and love spending my time and lives running around reviving everyone. But the opportunities to revive in 2042 are non existent.

It comes down to the main issue is that THERE IS NO MEDIC INDICATOR, how did this not make it to the final game WTF. This single handedly changes the whole game. Less deaths, people get a second chance and get less pissed coz they don’t have to spawn ages away. Also more points for this reviving. You’d think with 128 players there would be heaps of opportunities for this but there are none.

This needs to changed for the sake of the game.

Also I should be able to ping INCOMING to down teammates revive icons like in past BFs, I cant ping in coming to sqaud or teammates and it’s the stupidest thing I’ve seen. They just died or no reason

BF5 had the best revive mechanics, tell people you coming - press a button to start - (and is visually clear your being revived) - get revived

Seriously DICE, dropped the ball

EDIT: the revive animation on 2042 is so bad I can’t even tell if I’m being revived unlike 5

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We're looking at adding this feature back in an upcoming update.

almost 2 years ago - /u/DRUNKKZ3 - Direct link

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I had no doubt. But is it possible to allow medics to inform players on the ground that we are coming to res them. Like pressing Q on a downed friendly giving them a dialogue of something like "I got you!".

Yes we are looking at adding this back as well.

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