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Hey Everyone,

As things head towards the weekend, we wanted to provide you with an update on where our focus is in regards to your feedback from Update 7.0 on Battlefield 2042.

More details below🐧

Visual Weapon Recoil

We continue to treat this as a high priority and are working towards placing some of these fixes that you're reporting in either the upcoming Hotfix (April 2nd) or within the next Game Update.

Thank you for the continued feedback regarding Visual Weapon Recoil, keep highlighting it to us as we continue to work towards improving this for you.

Win Rates for Haven CQ

We're constantly assessing a lot of data and feedback to ensure you have a great round of Conquest.

At Midnight UTC today, we'll be making a change to the Ticket Count on Haven CQ from 900 to 1300.

While we're seeing positive signs that the win rates are quite equal for both teams on this map.

We are seeing feedback that it is often difficult for each team to take and control objectives throughout a match, with the start of the round being the most crucial part.

This is an area of improvement, as having the ability to fight back in Conquest is extremely important to the intrinsic nature of that mode.

With an increase in tickets, we anticipate that each team will still have an equal chance at winning.

However, it should also lead to more opportunities to gather your squad and work towards a fight-back moment.


We'll follow up next week with any further alterations or signs of improvement to this data and your feedback.

Keep it coming!

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