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I've been playing the 2042 beta for sometime now and I've really enjoyed it, grappling around, demolishing squads with the new m5a3. It's been great so far for the beta. Although I have a couple things I wanna talk on and the first is the lack of a jumping penalty. Just about every battlefield (and some CODs) had you jump less and less as you spammed spacebar which honestly make sense as you don't want players being able to gain a sh*t ton of momentum and b-hop with MAWs and a K30 around the map, I've seen it happen already. You could say "Oh well that'll slow the movement gameplay and take me longer to get to points." and to that I say you can literally spawn a recon truck with an laptop anytime you want. Second thing is for the return of picking squad-mates up like in BFV or to make the defib unit its own gadget that uses mouse1 to activate rather than E which is used to also pick up that downed players gun that the player could be laying on leading to a frustrating situation. Lastly faction specific specialists or the removal of them entirely.

n' maybe shorter ttk but HC will exists so idk

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Happy to announce that jump spam is already being addressed.