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Trigger warning: In this post, I will be criticizing a UI element in a video game. Proceed with caution if you are easily offended.

I know it is subject to change, but in all the gameplay footage we've seen, the hitmarkers are BELOW the reticle/crosshair. They aren't in the middle of the screen like normal and it feels wrong.

To me it almost looks like the bullets are hitting below where you're aiming. Probably just a mental thing for me but it looks off.

Also the hitmarkers themselves are huge and kinda messy.

Ok, I'm done with my criticism you can downvote me and call me a whiney idiot in the comments now.

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13 days ago - /u/DRUNKKZ3 - Direct link

Hit indicators are very Work In Progress in the footage you saw, they're going to change for the Open Beta and will change again even more at launch since those are the elements we save time for iterating on usually at the end. Same applies to kill-feed and the similar hit / kill feedback elements.


The issue with hitmarkers showing below reticle / crosshair was a bug as well which has been addressed since.


Options to customize crosshair / hit indicators / kill indicators will be available and we can potentially add more heavily requested options! :)

13 days ago - /u/DRUNKKZ3 - Direct link

Originally posted by ThickNeckMegaTrapped

The Battlefield 5 skulls were the best kill indicator, no doubt. And everyone loves the BF1 sound, but I preferred BFV kill sound.

There are a lot of different tastes about hit/kill indicators as well as sounds - Hope you'll like what you'll see (and hear) when we launch! :)